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Record #3117
Name :
: George Richard ACKLEY (1884 - 1918)

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 11 Oct 1884

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: 22 Sep 1918   Notes : Wounds from Battle
Abode (1) : Place of BirthEngland, Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent
Abode (2) : Place of Death / BurialFrance
Sailing Information
Date of Arrival
: 11 May 1888
: Canada

: Polynesian

Placement Family
Homes / Agencys
Institution (GB)

: Liverpool Catholic Childrens Protective Society (now Nugent Care)
Notes*NOTE* George's name is incorrectly spelled "Ackerley" on the ship's manifest.

A birth record was found for George Ackley: Year of Registration: 1884; Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec; District: Stoke Upon Trent; County: Staffordshire; Volume: 6b; Page: 283.

In 1888, George Ackerley, 3, arrived with 117 children from the Catholic Protection Society of Liverpool en route to Knowlton, Quebec, Canada. Mrs. Lacy in charge. Males 13 and over listed as "labourer"; females 13 and older listed as "domestic"; those 12 and under listed as "child".

On May 18, 1914, a marriage was recorded for George Ackley and Amelia Florence Knight, 26, (daughter of George Knight and Sarah Victor), both of Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada. George declared that he was 29 years of age; that he was born in Loughton, Staffordshire, England; that he was a labourer; that his father's name was Richard Ackley and that he did not know his mother's name.

On March 29, 1915, George Richard Ackley enlisted in the 8th C.M.R. (Canadian Mounted Rifles) at Ottawa, Ontario on 29 March 1915. He declared that his birthdate was October 11, 1884; that he was a labourer; that he was married; that his next of kin was Mrs. A. F. Ackley; and that his next of kin resided at 52 Chatham Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

An extract from the Ottawa Evening Citizen newspaper, dated Tuesday 25 May 1915, states, "The 8th Canadian Mounted Rifles leave Lansdowne Park at 7:30 o?clock tonight, and will march by Bank Street, McLeod, Metcalfe and Sparks to Central Station where the battalion entrains at 8:30 o?clock for Barriefield Camp, Kingston. The G. G. F. G. regiment will turnout and accompany the Canadian Mounted Rifles to the station. The Guards band will head the parade." Presumably Private G. R. Ackley left for Barriefield at that time. [Source: The Carmody Genealogist - 38th Battalion Newspaper Articles]

Private G.R. Ackley died on 22 September 1918, from wounds received the previous day, and was buried at Queant Communal Cemetery British Extension, Pas de Calais (Grave Ref. B.3).

(Sidenote: Between 1871 and 1900, there is listed only one Richard Ackley, or any variant of the surname thereof, in Staffordshire. Richard Ackley, born c. 1841, in Longton, Staffordshire, England, was a housepainter married in 1861 Martha Elizabeth Colclough, born in America c. 1845. They had numerous children. Richard Ackley died in 1892 in Staffordshire, and Martha Elizabeth remarried either a Mr. Jones or a Mr. Carter in 1901. There is no definite documentation that this is the correct Ackley family, and does seem somewhat odd that the children wouldn't know their mother's name, however, this information is presented as a research possibility.) 
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IDNameDOBPlace of birthArrivals & ShipsDest.AgencyFamily links
3117 ACKLEY, George Richard1884ENG, STS, Stoke on Trent May 1888 : Polynesian CAN Liverpool Catholic Childrens Protective Society (now Nugent Care)  
3118 ACKLEY, Jane1875ENG, STS, Stoke on Trent May 1888 : Polynesian CAN Liverpool Catholic Childrens Protective Society (now Nugent Care)  
3119 ACKLEY, Margaret1881ENG, STS, Stoke on Trent May 1888 : Polynesian CAN Liverpool Catholic Childrens Protective Society (now Nugent Care)  
13111 ALLSOP, Ernest1885ENG, STS, Stoke on Trent Jun 1896 : Sardinian CAN Catholic Protection Society  
3698 ANSON, Kate1887ENG, STS, Stoke on Trent Jun 1902 : Siberian CAN Middlemore  
13719 BETTS, Arthur1881ENG, STS, Stoke on Trent Sep 1887 : Circassian CAN Liverpool Catholic Childrens Protective Society (now Nugent Care)  
11602 CONLIFFE, John1931ENG, STS, Stoke on Trent Sep 1947 : Asturias AUS Christian Brothers  
7968 HUGHES, Edward 1913ENG,    , Stoke on Trent Apr 1930 : Letitia CAN Church Army  
14930 TUNSTALL, Annie1874ENG, STS, Stoke on Trent Jun 1883 : Sardinian CAN Maria Rye  
14929 TUNSTALL, Mary Ellen1873ENG, STS, Stoke on Trent Jun 1883 : Sardinian CAN Maria Rye