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Record #2842
Name :
: William STUBBS (1875 - )

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 1875

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
Abode (1) : Place of BirthEngland, Norfolk
Abode (2) : Place of Death / Burial
Sailing Information
Date of Arrival
: 23 Jun 1889
: Canada

: Vancouver

Placement Family
Homes / Agencys
Institution (GB)

: Church of England
NotesWilliam was one of four boys (including my BHC) sent to Canada from Wicklewood Workhouse in Norfolk, England. He was 14 years old. It was arranged through the church and "good Christian homes" were found for the boys, at least that's what the church claimed. Let's hope that was true and someone can claim William as their BHC.

William Stubbs sent from Forehoe Home, Kent, placed c/o Rev H Watts, Emmerson,

January 23 1890

Sir, in accordance with instructions received dated 4th December re inspection of pauper children I beg to report that I proceeded to Emerson on the 21st inst for the purpose of inquiring into the condition of a pauper lad named William Stubbs. I found from the Rev H Watts that the lad was placed with a farmer named Mr John Bullis who lives six miles distant from Emerson. .......... Mr Watts very kindly drove me. Mr Bullis, not being at home, I learned the particulars from Mrs Bullis, who said the lad did good work in the summer, herding, but in the winter although apparently healthy, he suffered from chillblains on both hands and feet, also from ear-ache. Mrs Bullis said further that the lad was willing and helpful in doors, but was not truthful and promised that she would write from time to time as to the lads condition, at the the same time was pleased know someone was interested in them. The lad appeared cheerful and happy and promised to do his best for those who were kindly interested in and did so much for him.

I have the honour to be your obedient servant

T Bennett
Dom Government Imm Agent

(H G Small????, Dept Agriculture, Ottawa, Ontario)

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2842 STUBBS, William1875ENG, NFK Jun 1889 : Vancouver CAN Church of England