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Record #3547
Name :
: Frederick MASON (1893 - 1979)

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 30 Apr 1893

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: 27 Jul 1979
Abode (1) : Place of BirthEngland, Cheshire, Chester
Abode (2) : Place of Death / BurialCanada, London
Sailing Information
Date of Arrival
: 8 Apr 1900
: Canada

: Cambroman

Placement Family
Homes / Agencys
Institution (GB)

: Barnardos
NotesThis is a complicated and complex family situation:

Father: John George Williams a/k/a George John Mason a/k/a George Wrench Mason. (Parents names: William Wrench & Mary Mason.)

John George Williams married Mary Emma Bright on February 12 1878 in Devonport, Devon, England.

A birth registration was found for Frederick Mason; Year of Registration: 1893; Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun; District: Chester; County: Cheshire, Flintshire; Volume: 8a; Page: 439.

In 1891, George Mason, 46, store keeper for factory, and his wife, Mary E. Mason, 36, were residing at 33 Cross Street, Chester Castle, Chester, Cheshire, England, with their children Arthur Mason, 3; Albert Mason, 6; Eliza A. Mason, 5; Florence B. Mason, 7/12; George Mason, 46, Jno H. Mason, 8; and Willm Mason, 10. (Source: 1891 Census of England; Class: RG12; Piece: 2862; Folio 61; Page 40; GSU roll: 6097972.) (EDITORS NOTE: Eliza Mason is shown as being born in County Cork, Ireland, in this census.)

A death registration was found for Mary Ellen Mason; Estimated Birth Year: abt 1854; Year of Registration: 1898; Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec; Age at Death: 44; District: Chester; County: Cheshire, Flintshire; Volume: 8a; Page: 258.

Doris Hefkey found the following newspaper article reporting the inquest into the death of Mary Emma Williams in a metal box th at belonged to her Dad:

"Sudden Death of Chester Woman (headline)

Mr. Frank Turner, Death Coroner, held an inquest at the Chester Sheaf, on Thursday afternoon, touching the death of Mary Emma Williams, wife of George John Williams [EDITORS NOTE: Reversal of given names and Williams as surname], army pensioner, of 33 Cross St., Chester. The evidence adduced was to the effect that deceased who was 44 years of age, was employed at Spencer's Clothing Factory, in Northgate St. On Wednesday afternoon, while she was at work, she suddenly fell back into a companion's arms and became unconscious. Dr. Parry was sent for and he discovered the symptoms of an apoplectic seizure. As deceased did not get any better he advised her removal home. Here Dr. Gillen was called in, but death occured the same night.

Deceased was a weakly woman, but had not been complaining of ill health. A verdict to the effect that deceased died from apoplexy was returned."

Doris Hefkey notes that her medical dictionary indicates an "apoplectic seizure" is another way of saying she had a stroke.

A few days after the death of their mother, the eldest brother, George Wrench Williams, must have written a letter to one of his aunts in the USA. The following is the text of the reply from his aunt Emily, possibly the second wife of their mother's brother:

"Warren, Jan. 12, 1899

My Dear Nephew,

Your letter of the 29 reached here just 12 days after it was Posted, and we were very sorry indeed to learn of your sad Bereavement, in the loss of your beloved Mother, and coming so sudden and unexpectedly to you makes it very hard, I often thought of your dear Mother although I am a stranger in the family, and wished you lived where we might help you, as one might have done in so many ways had you been nearer, with your growing children, and ours grown.

We could have helped clothed your sisters and younger brothers without much expense, and taken a great large a family, but as it was we could not do much, one that has large families of their own can't always have money to send, for money does not grow on bushes here, as one Irishman made another believe, that all he had to do, if he came to America was to pick the money from the bushes like fruit, but people work very hard here for what they have but wages are better here I think than in England.

And now my dear boy, my heart goes out to you to night for I realize what a responsibility is resting on your young shoulders being the eldest of so many Brothers and sisters, and I would like you to write by return mail and tell me how many children there are, how many girls, and their ages, the age of the youngest child, and whether a boy or girl the name and age of your eldest sister, and our Lizzie when at your house said you had an Aunt that had been very kind to you all, when you were burned out that time. If she is there now will you ask her to write me and tell me what she thinks might be done for your dear sisters, they ought to be in school, and I do hope you and your other Brothers will be very kind to them for the dear Mother sake, and your friends will try and do what they can for you.
From your Aunt Emily"

John George William (aka George John Mason) died July 6, 1899, in Chester, Cheshire, England.

In 1900, Frederick Mason, 7, arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, along with a group of 74 boys en route to Russell, Manitoba, Canada.

Violet Maskell obtained the following information from Barnardos:

"When Arthur and Frederick were admitted to Dr. Barnardos on the 5th October, 1899 it is recorded that Arthur had been born on the 10th March,1888 and Frederick had been born on the 30th April, 1893, both in Chester and they had been baptised.

When Frederick was admitted to Barnardos, he stayed at our Sheppard House in the East End of London prior to sailing to Canada on the 31st March, 1900 on the S.S. Cambroman arriving in Portland on the 11th April that year. There were 254 boys in that particular party. He was boarded out with a Mr. Briese at Bardsville and his sister, Lizzie Mason enquired after him. He then went to a Mr. Dores at Scottsville, and a Mr. Edgar Walker at Laurel, Ontario and also a Mr. Thomas Menary at Laurel. In 1915 he was in the 1st. Battalion of the Princes Patrician Regiment on active service and in 1917 was in the Military Hospital having been severly wounded and was awarded a medal for bravery."

In 1901, Frederick Mason, 8, was shown as help / Homeboy to Ferdinand Briese and family in Monck, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. His date of birth was left blank and his immigration was shown as 1890.

In 1911, Fred Mason, 18, was shown as a domestic / labour to John Menary and family in Amaranth, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada. His date of birth is shown as April 1893 and his immigration year as 1893.

March 18, 1915, Frederick Mason enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces. He declared that he was born in Chester, England; that his next of kin was his sister, Mrs. A. R. Bond (Eliza Ann Mason, also known as Dolly, married Allan Ray Bond), who resided in Drumbo, Ontario, Canada; that his date of birth was April 30, 1893; that he was a farmer; that he was not married; and that he had previously served in the 22nd Oxford Rifles. He was described as 5 foot 4 inches in height; ruddy complexion; brown eyes; and brown hair. He was a member of the Presbyterian faith. He had distinguishing marks of a small scar above his right knee; a scar at right upper corner of left eye; and scar at third joint of index finger on left hand.

On July 9, 1924, in London, Middlesex, Canada, a marriage was registered between Frederick Mason, 31, electrical contractor, residing at 190 Waterloo Street, London, Middlesex, Ontario, born in Chester, England, son of George Mason and Mary Bright; and Nancy Marguerite Rebecca Ford, 23, bookkeeper, residing at 310 Ottaway Avenue, London, Middlesex, Canada, born in Ontario, Canada, daughter of James H. Ford and Nancy Jagger.

Frederick and Nancy Mason had one child, Joyce Mason, 1923.

Nancy Marguerite Mason died in 1955, and Frederick Mason died July 27, 1979, in London, Ontario, Canada. He was buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, London, Ontario, Canada. 
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