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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
1455 SAMET, Marie 1877 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
1454 SAMET, Pauline 1877 D__, BWU, Hößlinsülz ENG, LAN, Manchester  
1453 SAMET, Wilhelmina 1885 D__, BWU, Hößlinsülz ENG, LAN, Manchester  
1449 SAMMET, ChristianSUMNER 1874 D__, BWU, Hößlinsülz ENG, LAN, Manchester RichardFunk  
2364 SCHUMM, Karl 1883 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
2363 SCHUMM, Karl Heinrich 1873 D__,      ENG, YKS, Hull
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
25162 SCHWEND, Henry FrederickSCHWIND 1869 ENG, LND, Whitechapel ENG, YKS, Dewsbury, Idle
ENG, CHS, Crewe
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
2054 STIER, Elie 1896 D__, BWU ENG, LAN, Manchester  
2053 STIER, Katharina Wilhelmina 1886 D__, BWU, Gaisbach? ENG, LAN, Manchester Stier  
2052 STIER, Magdalena 1880 D__, BWU, Gaisbach? ENG, LAN, Manchester  
24755 STIMPFIG, Johann Friedrich 1886 D__, BWU, Gröningen ENG, LAN, Manchester  
24659 STIMPFIG, William 1883 D__, BWU, Gröningen ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, CHS, Stockport 
1562 TITTENBACH, Katharina 1881 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
1583 WAGNER, August  D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester  
2055 WAGNER, Friedrich 1860 D__, BWU ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, YKS, Pontefract 
1801 WEIDNER, Georg Michael 1867 D__, BWU, Enslingen ENG, LAN, Salford
ENG, LAN, Salford
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
1773 WENNINGER, Gustav Thomas 1863 D__, BWU, Rappach ENG, LND, Hackney
ENG, YKS, Middlesborough
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
28085 WITTMANN, Gottlieb 1860 D__, BWU, Unterregenbach ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, YKS, Sheffield 
27870 WOLFARTH, KatharinaLIMBACH (NEE WOLFARTH) 1861 D__, BWU, Niedernhall ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, YKS, Rotherham 
28126 WOLZ, KatharineZELTNER (NEE WOLZ) 1863 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, LAN, Pres 
1622 ZELTNER, Charles AugustSEDDON 1858 D__, BWU, Willsbach ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, LAN, Prestwich 
1623 ZELTNER, FriedaSEDDON 1881 D__,      ENG, LAN, Manchester