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To search the SIT at least one of the fields must be filled
To use the 'Region' field, you must choose a country first.

Surname search:
Exact search
Starting with
within name

Surname Interest

e.g. Smith

(County, State, Territory, etc)
[No regions available for this country]

(Max. 40 Chars.)

e.g. Town, Village or Parish

Special Interest Groups:

SIG: One xxx Study:

(select from list) Or ...

(Max. 40 Chars.)

(Max. 50 Chars.)

e.g. Arthur, after 1891,
or before 1850, etc.

Wild cards are allowed in the Place, Occupation and Comments fields

'_' is used for single characters, '*' for several characters

e.g. - jon* will show JONES, JONSON, JONQUIL etc.
       - *one* will show any name with 'ONE' somewhere within the name
       - _ones will show JONES, BONES et
       - *ones will show any names ending in ONES, e.g. JONES, CALHONES, etc

If you are interested in a particular county,
just enter that county and click on "Search.."
You can then narrow it down using a surname or place search.

In Versions 1 and 2 of the SIT you could only enter a Surname and a Comments text. So any additional information was always in the Comments text.

Any older entries, which haven't been edited to take advantage of the new features can only be searched on the Surname and Comment fields

So you will probably need to search for any name at least twice, using:
1) just the Surname and/or Comment field,
2) at least one of any of the fields.

The Surname Interests Table SIT is a RootsChat Reference Library project.

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