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News : The Surname Interests Table (SIT), the Database for Special Interests Groups (DBSIG) and Ancestral Anniversaries
are now "mobile friendlier" more here ...
This project is still under development. The Help-Pages may change, as the development progresses.

Database for Special Interest Groups (DBSIG)

Help Page

Warning: There may be some detail differences for different DBSIG-groups in the images shown here.

Click on an item below for Help-Information.
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Others with my Interests :

(1) Click on [Others with my Interests].
A table of all your research interests will be shown, including other researchers who are also researching these names.

(2) Click on 'HIDE my unique Research Interests' to concentrate on other researchers.

(3) Click on 'SHOW my unique Research Interests' to re-show them.

Example: The user here is Berlin-Bob
Records 1692 and 1694 are also being researched by others. So when "Berlin Bob" clicks on "HIDE my unique Research Interests' only these two records will be shown.

The default setting is 'SHOW' (1st. image)
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