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Record #3861
Name :
: James ZEBEDEE (1859 - )

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 1859

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
Abode (1) : Place of BirthEngland, Hampshire, Fordingbridge
Abode (2) : Place of Death / Burial
Sailing Information
Date of Arrival
: 15 May 1871
: Canada

: Prussian

Placement Family
Homes / Agencys
Institution (GB)

: MacPherson Homes
NotesA birth registration was found for James Zebedee: Year of Registration: 1859; Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar; District: Fordingbridge; County: Hampshire, Wiltshire; Volume: 2b; Page: 546. (Parents: John Zebedee and Fanny Dale, married September quarter, 1855, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England.)

In 1861, James Zebedee, 2 years of age, was residing with his maternal grandparents, James Dale, 63, bricklayers labourer, and Hannah Dale, 55, at Shaftsbury Street, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England. Other family members included: Caroline Dale, 15; George Dale, 2; Mary Dale, 6; Fanny Zebedee, 25; and John Zebedee, 38, bricklayers labourer. (Source: 1861 Census of England; Class: RG9; Piece: 669; Folio: 13; Page: 19; GSU roll: 542681.)

According to descendants, Fanny's parents along with two of her sisters, succumbed to smallpox early in the year 1868. John Zebedee died January 21, 1868, as a result of falling from a scaffold. Fanny was now 31 years old with little family, no husband and no means to provide for herself and her two sons. Fanny died from erysipelas in the Southampton Poor House several months later on September 28, 1868. This tragedy left Henry (James' older brother) and James orphans. They became wards of Southampton Board of Guardians.

In 1871, James Zebedee, 12, arrived at Quebec, Canada, along with a group of 148 children, en route to Belleville, Ontario, Canada. His brother, Henry Dell, left Liverpool on July 27, 1871, on the Prussian under Miss MacPherson's care and arrived at the Port of Quebec on August 7, 1871.

On June 20, 1878, a marriage was registered in Sidney Township, Ontario, Canada, between James Zebedee and Margaret Burton, daughter of John Burton and Eliza Unknown. (Registration Number: 37227; Archives of Ontario Microfilm: 27.)

James and Margaret Burton Zebedee had seven children: Beatrice Alonia Zebedee, born 21 Aug 1879; Ellen Agnes Zebedee, born 24 Sep 1881; James Henry Zebedee, born 20 May 1884; Baby Zebedee who was born and died 27 Jul 1886; Gilbert Wellington Zebedee, born 7 Feb 1890; Lily May Zebedee, born 18 Sep 1892; and Ethel Maud Zebedee, born 22 Sep 1896.

On May 1, 1897, Margaret Zebedee, wife of James Zebedee, died in Belleville, Hastings, Ontario, Canada, of tuberculosis (duration 8 months). Their daughter, Ethel Maud Zebedee, 1 year of age, also died of tuberculosis (duration 8 weeks) on September 3, 1897.

On October 4, 1900, at Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, a marriage was registered between James Zebedee, 43, and Phoebe Ann Jones, 50.

In 1901, James Zebedee, 44, contractor, born in England, is shown residing at Hastings West, Ontario, Canada, along with his wife, A. Pheobe Zebedee, 45; son H. James Zebedee, 16; W. Gilbert Zebedee, 11; and daughter, M. Lilly Zebedee, 8. His date of birth is shown as February 4, 1857, and no immigration year is shown. (1901 Census of Canada; District: Hastings (West/Ouest); District Number: 72; Sub-District: Belleville (City/Cit?); Sub-District Number: A-7; Family Number: 266; Page: 24.)

In 1911, James Zebedee, 54, farmer, born in England, is shown residing in Township 34, Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada, along with his wife, Phoebe Ann Zebedee, 50, and son Gilbert Wellington Zebedee, 21. His date of birth is shown as February 1857, and his immigration year as 1871. (1911 Census of Canada; Saskatchewan; Humboldt; 41 Township 34 in ranges 22; page 4.)

On April 13, 1920, at 4 Wilkins Street, Belleville, Hastings, Ontario, Canada, Phoebe Ann Zebedee, housekeeper, wife of James Zebedee, and daughter of Thomas James and Rachel Yerex, 70, died of diabetes and cardiac failure. She was buried in Belleville Cemetery.

On December 22, 1920, in Belleville, Hastings, Ontario, Canada, a marriage was registered between James Zebedee, 61, widower, express driver, born in England, son of John Zebedee and Fanny Dale; and Emma V. Emmons, 60, widow, housekeeper, born in Prince Edward County, Hastings, Ontario, Canada, daughter of William Yerex and Maria Williams. 
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