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Record #16704
Name :
: Joseph ALLIBON (1879 - 1926)

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 16 Jul 1879

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: 28 Dec 1926   Notes : Myocardial Disease and Heart Failure
Abode (1) : Place of BirthEngland, London, Shoreditch
Abode (2) : Place of Death / BurialCanada, Timiskaming, Earlton
Sailing Information
Date of Arrival
: 4 Jul 1892
: Canada

: Mongolian

Placement Family
: Watson; Johnson; Kirkpatrick
Homes / Agencys
Institution (GB)

: Barnardos
NotesA birth registration was found for Joseph Allibon: Date: Jul-Aug-Sep 1879; District: Shoreditch; County: London; Volume: 1c; Page: 54.Samuel Allibon and Jane Mary Bennett, married November 1, 1855, at St. Marks, Clerkenwell, London, England.

Jane Mary Allibon died at the age of 47 on March 10, 1888, at 63 Kingsland Road, Shoredich, London, England, of bronchitis and dropsy. She was buried in Abney Park Cemetery.

Joseph and Ada Allibon were admitted to Barnardo Homes on April 3, 1891.

Joseph & Ada Case Notes

-the father, formerly carried on an extensive business as carman and contractor in Kingsland Road, but through drink and misfortune, became greatly reduced. In March, 1888, the mother died from dropsy, at Kingsland. Since then the father's business has entirely collapsed, and he was reduced to the position of casual carman. A short time ago whilst carrying a sack of flour, he fell and broke his ankle, and was removed to the London Hospital. These two children, left in a miserable backroom, utterly neglected, - the boy sometimes going to a neighbouring dustyard for cinders, and selling them at 1/2d per pail-full. They have been mainly supported by applicant (this would be Samuel, the oldest of Samuel Allibon's children, who at the time was 33, and listed as a corn dealer. He had four children of his own). He however, can do no more for the children, but would undertake to support his father. Agreement C with Canada Clauses signed by the father.

On April 4, 1891, Joseph was transferred to Leopold House, 199 Burdett Road, London, England.

In 1892, Joseph Allibon, 13, arrived at Quebec, Canada, in a group of Barnardo boys: 160 to Toronto, Ontario, and 35 to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

On July 7, 1892, Joseph was placed with Mr John Watson, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.

Joseph ran away from John Watson's home in 1895, and went to work for Mr. L. Johnson in Uffingham, Ontario, Canada. He was visited by Barnardo's staff in November, 1895 who were not impressed with his placement.

In August 1896, Joseph left Mr. Johnson and went to work for Mr. Kirkpatrick in Uffingham, Ontario, Canada.

In 1901 he went to work for Mr. Albert Fawcett.

In 1902 he was working in a machine shop in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada.

On March 14, 1906, at Brunel, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, a marriage was registered between Joseph Alibon, 25, laborer, born in England to Samuel and Annie Alibon; and Sarah Eliza Knight, 18, born in Midland, Ontario, Canada, to William G. Knight and Mary Ann Capps. [EDITORS NOTE: Sarah Knight's sister, Ucila Merle Knight, was married at the same time in a double wedding with Sarah.]

At least 6 children were born of this marriage: Eleanor Irene Allibon, born June 8, 1906, Huntsville, Ontario Canada, died January 4, 1987; Mary Alice Allibon, born February 7, 1908, Huntsville, Ontario Canada, died November 3, 1990, Huntsville, Ontario Canada; Mildred Doris Allibon, born June 20, 1912, Earlton, Ontario, Canada, died December 27, 2005, Huntsville, Ontario Canada; Alfred George Allibon, born March 22, 1914, Earlton, Ontario, Canada, died April 14, 1977, North Bay, Ontario, Canada; Edith Allibon, born January 11, 1916, Earlton, Ontario, Canada, died December 10, 1998, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada; and Joseph Allibon, born and died February 4, 1921, New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada.

On June 14, 1916, at Earlton, Ontario, Canada, Joseph Allibon, 33, enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces. He declared that he resided at Earlton, Ontario, Canada; that he was born in London, England; that his next of kin was his wife, Sarah Allibon, who resided in Earlton, Ontario, Canada; that his date of birth was July 16, 1883; and that he was a farmer. He was described as healthy complexion; blue eyes; fair hair; He was a member of the Methodist faith; he had a scar on his left shin.

On December 28, 1926, at Earlton, Timiskaming, Ontario, Canada, Joseph Allibon, 47, farmer, died of Myocardial Disease and Heart Failure. He was buried in Thornloe Cemetery.

Sarah Eliza Alibon remarried Frederick Quinn. She died on April 6, 1983, at Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.

A letter from Barnardo's regarding this family:
Dear Mr Mander, Further to our telephone conversation of 22nd May 1989, I am pleased to tell you that I have now completed the research of our records about your uncle, Joseph Allibon and his sister Ada Allibon. Thank you for returning the questionnaire and confirming that you are the nearest living relative to Joseph Allibon. All our old records are now on microfilm and I hope the following will help you to understand the circumstances surrounding Joseph and Ada's admission to Barnardo's. Joseph Allibon was aged 12 years when he and his sister, Ada Allibon, aged 14 years, came into care. The records state that both Joseph and Ada were born in Kingsland Road, East London, but their dates of birth were not recorded. Their parents' religion was Church of England and Joseph and Ada were baptised. Their mother, Jane Allibon, died from bronchitis and dropsey on 10th March 1888, aged 54 years, at 63 Kingsland Road. Joseph and Ada's father, Samuel Allibon, (65 years) had an accident on 10th March 1891. He was carrying a sack of flour and slipped on a frozen step, breaking his ankle. As a result of this he went into Devonshire Ward, London Hospital, Mile End Road, East London. When Joseph and Ada came into Barnardo's he was still in hospital, unlikely to be discharged for another month and it was thought that he would be disabled and unable to work. Originally Samuel Allibon had a good business as a carman and contractor but over the years it had gone down, and when his wife died, Samuel's business rapidly declined until the only work he could do was an occasional job as a carman. His eldest son, also named Samuel, had done his best to help his father, e.g. by paying his rent. Samuel was aged 33 years, he had a corn dealing business and lived at Green Street, Bethnal Green with his family of four children. He had also been helping his sister, Ellen, for a year before her death from consumption. Following the accident to his father, Samuel, who had been finding it a great struggle to help his relatives because his business was only a small one, applied to Barnardo's for help in maintaining Joseph and Ada. They were living on their own in a single room with hardly any furniture, they were not attending school and relied on neighbours and their brothers for meals. Joseph and Ada's other relatives did not offer to have them as they were too poor to support them. Their brother Samuel thought admission to Barnardo's would be the best thing for the children in the circumstances and their father agreed. When Joseph and Ada came into Barnardo's, their other relatives mentioned in the records were their brothers, George Allibon, aged 25 years, crippled from rheumatism, and Alfred Allibon, aged 23 years, both cab drivers of Hoxton, East London, and sister, Alice Allibon, aged 27, who worked in domestic service in Stratford, East London. When Ada came into Barnardo's care on 3rd April 1891 she stayed at first at our Receiving House, Stepney Causeway, Stepney, East London, and then on 24th April 1891 she was placed in our Rescue Home in the East End of London where she would have been taught housework and sewing. On 20th January 1892 Ada went to The Beehive, at 273 Mare Street, Hackney, another Barnardo home for older girls. On 28th April 1893 Ada went into Barnardo's Infirmary at Stepney Causeway, Stepney. The reason for this is not recorded no is it stated why on 1st November 1893 she was transferred from Barnardo's care to the Workhouse. Joseph also came into the Receiving House at Barnardo's on 3rd April 1891 but the next day on 4th April 1891 he was placed at our Leopold House, 199 Burdett Road, East London. Joseph stayed there until on 23rd June 1892 he sailed for Canada. Barnardo's, like many other child care agencies of the day, believed there were better opportunities for youngsters in Canada than in England at that time. Joseph sailed aboard the S.S. Mongolian arriving in Quebec on 4th July 1892. On arrival in Canada Joseph was placed with Mr John Watson at Bracebridge on 7th July 1892. Barnardo's staff visited the youngsters in their homes to see how they were getting on and to make sure they were being looked after and on 11th November 1892 it is recorded that Joseph was in good health and strong. He was treated as one of the family and seemed to be very happily situated and thoroughly at home. In November 1893 Joseph was strong, sturdy and in good health. conduct was good, although he was sometimes forgetful. His conduct was good, although he was sometimes forgetful. The Barnardo visitor was not favourably impressed with the situation in February 1895 where Joseph was placed but before further action could be decided upon, Joseph ran away and went to work for Mr L Johnson at Uffingham, where he was reported to be doing well. By August 1896 Joseph had left the Johnsons and gone to work for Mr Kirkpatrick at Uffingham, and in March 1899 he had moved again to Mr Albert Fawcett at Uffingham. He was still with Mr Fawcett in August 1900. In June 1902 he was working in a machine shop at Gravenhurst and said to be "a strongly built, likely looking young fellow". 
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