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Record #22107
Name :
: George ALTRIDGE (1917 - 2006)

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 1917 (approx.)

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: 2006
Abode (1) : Place of BirthIreland
Abode (2) : Place of Death / Burial
Sailing Information
Date of Arrival
: 23 Apr 1932
: Canada

: Duchess of Richmond

Placement Family
Homes / Agencys
Institution (GB)

: Unknown
NotesOn 23rd April 1932, George Altridge, 15, arrived in Canada on board SS Duchess of Richmond, he declared his birthplace as Limerick, Ireland, that his passage was paid by Fegan Homes, he had been in Farming in Ireland and planned to follow the same occupation in Canada, his destination was Fegan Distributing Home, 295 George St, Toronto. His next of kin was his Aunt-Mary Ging, 57 Dame St, Dublin.

a reference to George's obituary is shown on the site below-


His full obituary can be found on -

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IDNameDOBPlace of birthArrivals & ShipsDest.AgencyFamily links
22107 ALTRIDGE, George1917IRL,     Apr 1932 : Duchess of Richmond CAN Unknown