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Record #12617
Name :
: David BALL (1879 - )

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 1879

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
Abode (1) : Place of BirthEngland
Abode (2) : Place of Death / Burial
Sailing Information
Date of Arrival
: 17 Oct 1896
: Canada

: Scotsman

Placement Family
Homes / Agencys
Institution (GB)

: Barnardos
NotesUPS and DOWNS
VOL. III OCTOBER 1st 1897 No. 1
Published under the Auspices of Dr Barnardo's Homes

The grim reaper has not been idle during the last month as relates to the lads of the colony, and one of the saddest occurrences which has been reported to the Farm Home office for many a day, took place near Beausejour on the Port Arthur section of the Canadian Pacific Railway on the morning of August 4th, when David Ball, Scotsman, October 1896, was instantly killed by falling under a moving work train. The awful news came to us through the medium of the Daily Free Press of Aug 5th, the news item simply stating the facts given above, adding, by way of detail, that the remains were horribly mutilated and were taken in
charge by the Attorney-General's Department and interred in a Winnipeg cemetery. Poor Ball had only been placed out in a situation a few days, and becoming lonesome, he appears to have decided to make his way back to England at any cost, and met his untimely end in the manner above described. The neews came as a terrible shock to the young man's many friends at the Farm Home, where he was highly esteemed as a bright, honest lad, and will no doubt prove a blow to the relatives in
England. On Ball's person was found some eighteen dollars in Canadian money, and the address of a brother, Richard Ball, 236 Park Road, St. Helens, Lancashire, England. 
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IDNameDOBPlace of birthArrivals & ShipsDest.AgencyFamily links
3423 BALL, Albert Victor1902ENG, WAR, Aston Jun 1912 : Carthaginian CAN Middlemore  
19553 BALL, Alice1892ENG,     May 1895 : Parisian CAN Annie Macpherson Homes  
3422 BALL, Amelia1900ENG, WAR, Birmingham Jun 1911 : Carthaginian CAN Middlemore  
6235 BALL, Amelia1879ENG,     May 1892 : Mongolian CAN Maria Rye  
22760 BALL, Arthur James1913ENG,     May 1924 : Franconia CAN Middlemore  
24070 BALL, Daisy1909ENG,     Jun 1915 : Carthaginian CAN Middlemore  
12617 BALL, David1879ENG,     Oct 1896 : Scotsman CAN Barnardos  
4038 BALL, Edward1901ENG, WAR, Aston Jun 1912 : Carthaginian CAN Middlemore  
6278 BALL, Elizabeth1899ENG,     May 1910 : Corsican CAN Louisa Birt  
9242 BALL, Elizabeth1907ENG,     Jun 1920 : Scotian CAN Barnardos  
23925 BALL, Frank1909ENG,     May 1920 : Minnedosa CAN Middlemore  
14741 BALL, Frederick Phillip1878ENG, MDX, London May 1892 : Numidian CAN Childrens Aid Society  
24071 BALL, George1907ENG,     Jun 1915 : Carthaginian CAN Middlemore  
3696 BALL, George Alfred1891ENG, NTH, Northampton Jun 1906 : Siberian CAN Middlemore  
17945 BALL, George D1896ENG,     Mar 1907 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
10456 BALL, George Ogilvie1911ENG,     Jul 1923 : Minnedosa CAN Barnardos  
8192 BALL, Harold1914ENG,    , Cambourne Sep 1928 : Antonia CAN National Childrens Home  
23372 BALL, Herbert1907ENG,     May 1920 : Minnedosa CAN Middlemore  
23673 BALL, Irene1912ENG,     Sep 1923 : Minnedosa CAN Barnardos  
3324 BALL, Isabella1896ENG,     Aug 1910 : Corsican CAN Church of England  
16076 BALL, James Arthur1905ENG, NTT, Sneinton  Apr 1922 : Canopic CAN Dakeyne Boys Farm  
8193 BALL, John A1913IRL, ANT, Belfast Sep 1928 : Antonia CAN National Childrens Home  
24293 BALL, Lucy1895 Apr 1906 : Friesland CAN Barnardos  
10910 BALL, R1872ENG,     Apr 1886 : Parisian CAN Barnardos  
23926 BALL, Sidney1911ENG,     May 1920 : Minnedosa CAN Middlemore  
21931 BALL, Thomas Arthur1891ENG,     Oct 1904 : Corinthian CAN Quarriers  
19593 BALL, William1891ENG,     May 1895 : Parisian CAN Annie Macpherson Homes  
22836 BALL, William Charles1908ENG,     May 1923 : Canada CAN Waifs & Strays  
17319 BALL, William D 1895ENG,     Mar 1907 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
IDNameDOBPlace of birthArrivals & ShipsDest.AgencyFamily links
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