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Record #13840
Name :
: Thomas CARTER (1882 - 1945)

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 24 May 1882

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: 8 May 1945   Notes : Cardiac Arrest (heart attack)
Abode (1) : Place of BirthEngland, Berkshire, Watchfield
Abode (2) : Place of Death / BurialCanada, Oxford, Burgessville
Sailing Information
Date of Arrival
: 4 May 1895
: Canada

: Labrador

Placement Family
Homes / Agencys
Institution (GB)

: Fegan Homes for Boys
NotesThomas Carter was born in Worton Hamlet, Berkshire, England around 1882 to a "cowman" and agricultural labourer, John Carter, and his first wife Elizabeth Ann Thatcher.
John and Elizabeth lived around Longcott and then Goosey, Berkshire and had five children Elizabeth Annie(1873), Clara Ann(1875), Elizabeth Louisa( 1877-1878--who died in infancy), and Thomas (c.1882). They moved to Watchfield shortly after, to the place of John's birth, and had a final child together William Henry (circa.1884).

In 1887 tragedy struck the family! Elizabeth Ann died from a fall down stairs while heavily pregnant. Though found accidental a coroner's inquest had been performed and suspicion lay on John regarding his wife's sudden death. John remarried that very year to another Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ann Alder, who worked as a barmaid in a local Public House. In early 1888 the couple gave birth to a son (not 6 months after the marriage), John Nelson Carter (1888), whom they referred to as Nelson.

Mysteriously, in 1889 John's second wife, Elizabeth Ann Alder,disappeared. John claimed she had run away perhaps with another man and though the air laden with suspicion most believed him and some said they may have thought they had seen her in Swindon.

This time John waited to remarry. Perhaps he was required to considering everyone thought his second wife to be still living. But in 1893 John wed another barmaid, a Rhoda Ann Titcombe, who 3 months later was discovered murdered! John Carter had killed Rhoda, strangled her and tried to burn the body but failed in his attempt to hide his crime!

During the trial of 1993 his son,my great-grandfather, Thomas Carter testified against his father describing what he saw and heard the night of the murder and explaining how he had been sent the next day early for extra coal, later discovered to aid in burning the body. John was hanged for his crime but before he died also confessed to killing his second wife and told authorities where she was buried. The newpapers covered the story profusly and Thomas was thought to be younger than he was. Perhaps it made a better story, perhaps there was confusion. He was quite small and it may have been for this reason that he was mistaken for a younger child.

Thomas and his younger brother William were said to have been taken into custody by the Faringdon Union Workhouse Guardians. There was no mention of Nelson. The sisters were older, one married the other in service but neither appeared to take on their brothers.

I do not know how long they stayed in the workhouse but they were later taken in by the Fegan Home for what looks like approximately one year. Thomas and William were emmigrated to Canada in May 1895 by Fegan's. Nelson was sent later to Fegan's in 1899 by a Mr. Proctor, listed as a friend.

Thomas was said to be a sturdy, useful, affectionate, and honest boy. Thomas was first engaged to a C.E. Thompson of Burgessville,Ontario in May of 1895 as a farm labourer. The terms were 7 years--which was when Thomas was thought to turn 16. In reality thomas was several years older than they were aware. Thomas worked for Thompson for many years until 1900 when he became unhappy with his terms and wanted to make more money.

Thomas continued to work for farmers in the Burgessville/Holbrook, Ontario area. He worked for William Manson and appears in the 1901 Canadian census living with the manson family. He then worked for Mr. E. Gill, Mr. Andrew Frane, and later a Mr and Mrs. Thomas. All his employers were satisfied with his work and spoke very highly of him.

In December of 1905 Thomas was married to my great-grandmother Miss Margaret Isabell Sloane, daughter of James Sloane and Isabella Pike. Isabella Pike had remarried a James Thompson so perhaps they met through the Thompson family. Thomas continued to work as a farm labourer for a Mr Syple in Holbrook.

Thomas and Margaret had three sons. Merle Wilfred (1908-1980), my grandfather Harold Thomas (1909-1987) and Donald George(1917-1992). Prior to having Donald however Thomas Carter enlisted in 1916 as the First World War geared up. Thomas trained at Camp Borden but never made it overseas. He was discharged found medically unfit due to severe arthritis in the joints of his hands and in his legs. Labouring all his life had done it's damage!

Thomas died in 1945 of a heart attack while walking to work. He would have been in his year 60s (though he had years earlier lied about his date of birth or was unsure of it and was thought to be several years younger). Thomas is buried in the Burgessville Baptist Churchyard cemetery in Burgessville, Ontario. His wife Margaret was laid to rest with him in 1972.

It is my fond wish that my great-grandfather enjoyed his latter years happy ones after the tramatic childhood he endured! 
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IDNameDOBPlace of birthArrivals & ShipsDest.AgencyFamily links
23107 CARTER, Albert1898ENG,     Apr 1909 : Empress of Britain CAN Fegan Homes for Boys  
22617 CARTER, Alice1896ENG,     May 1903 : Kensington CAN Barnardos  
21166 CARTER, Arthur Ernest1913ENG, LND, Marylebone May 1922 : Orsova AUS Fairbridge Homes  
20994 CARTER, Charles1887ENG,     Apr 1898 : Labrador CAN Barnardos  
4797 CARTER, Charles Arthur1914ENG, LDN, London Apr 1925 : Montclare CAN Barnardos  
20014 CARTER, Charles Edward1871ENG,     Jun 1886 : Lake Superior CAN Barnardos  
19981 CARTER, Charles N.1913ENG,     Mar 1930 : Albertic CAN British Immigration and Colonisation Association  
7604 CARTER, Christina1856ENG,     Nov 1870 : Peruvian CAN Maria Rye  
23479 CARTER, Clifford1896ENG, LAN, Swinton Mar 1910 : Canada CAN National Childrens Home  
24004 CARTER, Daisey1911ENG,     Jun 1916 : Scandinavian CAN Middlemore  
18696 CARTER, Dora1895ENG,     Jun 1912 : Empress of Britain CAN Salvation Army  
18930 CARTER, Dorothy1897ENG,     May 1905 : Bavarian CAN MacPherson Homes  
19137 CARTER, Dorothy1894ENG,     Aug 1901 : Parisian CAN Barnardos  
10473 CARTER, Edwin Victor1907ENG, LDN, London Mar 1920 : Sicilian CAN Barnardos  
4176 CARTER, Ellen1883ENG, MDX, Paddington, London Sep 1894 : Numidian CAN Maria Rye  
11686 CARTER, Emily1891ENG,     May 1902 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
14876 CARTER, Ernest1912ENG,     May 1921 : Minnedosa CAN Middlemore  
4177 CARTER, Florence1879ENG,     Sep 1894 : Numidian CAN Maria Rye  
18252 CARTER, Francis Lawrence1909ENG,     Mar 1920 : Sicilian CAN Barnardos  
5055 CARTER, Frank1914ENG,     Mar 1930 : Duchess of Richmond CAN Barnardos  
9309 CARTER, Fred1892ENG,     Oct 1903 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
19859 CARTER, George1919ENG,     Aug 1926 : Ascania CAN   
24005 CARTER, Gladys1908ENG,     Jun 1916 : Scandinavian CAN Middlemore  
18945 CARTER, Harold1898ENG,     May 1905 : Bavarian CAN MacPherson Homes  
18642 CARTER, Harriet1889ENG,     Apr 1895 : Sardinian CAN Liverpool Sheltering Home  
15649 CARTER, Harry1910ENG,     Jul 1926 : Montroyal CAN Unknown  
23658 CARTER, Harry1909ENG,     Oct 1925 : Benalla AUS Barnardos  
18946 CARTER, Helen1893ENG,     May 1905 : Bavarian CAN MacPherson Homes  
15038 CARTER, Henry1883ENG,     Sep 1897 : Numidian CAN Unknown Catholic Group  
12721 CARTER, Henry G1900ENG, LND, Fulham Jun 1910 : Sicilian CAN Barnardos  
18260 CARTER, Herbert Kenneth1908ENG,     Mar 1920 : Sicilian CAN Barnardos  
18292 CARTER, Horatio1879ENG,     Apr 1895 : Numidian CAN Barnardos  
18261 CARTER, Hubert Stanley1909ENG,     Mar 1920 : Sicilian CAN Barnardos  
17294 CARTER, James1892ENG,     Jul 1899 : Laurentian CAN Louisa Birt  
18387 CARTER, James1887ENG,     Jul 1902 : Tunisian CAN Unknown  
19429 CARTER, James1867 Apr 1883 : Sarmatian CAN MacPherson Homes  
23029 CARTER, James H1898ENG,     Apr 1910 : Empress of Ireland CAN Fegan Homes for Boys  
19380 CARTER, Jane1864 May 1882 : Polynesian CAN   
14001 CARTER, Jane Ann1887ENG,     May 1901 : Tunisian CAN Catholic Emigration Society  
19428 CARTER, Jane D1888ENG,     Sep 1904 : Bavarian CAN Church of England Waifs and Strays Association  
12141 CARTER, Joan Vera1919ENG, WAR, Birmingham May 1928 : Ballarat AUS Fairbridge Homes  
19477 CARTER, John1871ENG,     Aug 1885 : Sardinian CAN MacPherson Homes  
19576 CARTER, John1878ENG,     May 1895 : Parisian CAN Annie Macpherson Homes  
19720 CARTER, John1877ENG,     May 1893 : Sardinian CAN Catholic Emigration Society  
19763 CARTER, John1887ENG,     Jun 1897 : Labrador CAN Barnardos  
20816 CARTER, John1888ENG,     May 1904 : Dominion CAN Unknown  
25437 CARTER, John1913ENG,     Feb 1924 : Euripides AUS Fairbridge Homes  
21694 CARTER, John Nelson1888ENG, BRK, Watchfield Apr 1900 : Dominion CAN Fegan Homes for Boys  
19536 CARTER, John William1910ENG,     Jul 1926 : Celtic CAN Canadian Government Scheme  
19954 CARTER, Joseph1882ENG,     Apr 1897 : Labrador CAN Fegan Homes for Boys  
22007 CARTER, Joseph1893ENG,     Oct 1903 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
15645 CARTER, Joseph Harry ENG,     - Unknown - CAN Unknown  
17465 CARTER, Joseph Henry1894ENG,     Jul 1909 : Sicilian CAN Barnardos  
8978 CARTER, Leonard1896ENG,     Jul 1909 : Sicilian CAN Barnardos  
19074 CARTER, Leonard1896ENG,     Nov 1912 : Empress of Ireland CAN Unknown  
19861 CARTER, Leslie1919ENG,     Aug 1926 : Ascania CAN   
20669 CARTER, Lillian1902ENG,     Oct 1913 : Corinthian CAN Barnardos  
8648 CARTER, Linda Bertha1910ENG, DBY, West Derby Jul 1925 : Athenia CAN Marchmont Homes (now Barnardos)  
20819 CARTER, Lizzie1889ENG,     May 1904 : Dominion CAN Unknown  
21364 CARTER, Louisa1902ENG,     Jun 1913 : Corinthian CAN Barnardos  
20132 CARTER, Lucy1894ENG,     Jul 1910 : Virginian CAN Maria Rye  
19197 CARTER, Marion1895ENG,     Sep 1912 : Victorian CAN MacPherson Homes  
15626 CARTER, Marjorie1912ENG,     Jun 1924 : Ausonia CAN MacPherson Homes  
19075 CARTER, Mary 1855ENG,     Oct 1873 : Hibernian CAN Unknown  
12142 CARTER, Myra Isobel1915ENG, WAR, Birmingham May 1928 : Ballarat AUS Fairbridge Homes  
12143 CARTER, Olive Irene1919ENG, WAR, Birmingham May 1928 : Ballarat AUS Fairbridge Homes  
14960 CARTER, Robert1884ENG,     Aug 1899 : Laurentian CAN Canadian Catholic Emigration Committee  
12234 CARTER, Roy1925ENG, SOM, Bath Nov 1932 : Balranald AUS Fairbridge Homes  
3648 CARTER, Samuel1898ENG, WAR, Birmingham Aug 1906 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
13840 CARTER, Thomas1882ENG, BRK, Watchfield May 1895 : Labrador CAN Fegan Homes for Boys  
25001 CARTER, Thomas1899 Mar 1910 : Tunisian CAN Barnardos  
8880 CARTER, Valentine1896ENG,    , Hendon Mar 1907 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
18167 CARTER, Walter Albert William 1876ENG,     Apr 1888 : Sardinian CAN Waifs & Strays  
11525 CARTER, William1880ENG,     Oct 1896 : Scotsman CAN Barnardos  
18586 CARTER, William1886ENG,     Aug 1904 : Bavarian CAN Unknown  
21693 CARTER, William Henry1886ENG, BRK, Watchfield May 1895 : Labrador CAN Fegan Homes for Boys  
9550 CARTER, William Parker1889ENG,     Jul 1901 : Numidian CAN Barnardos  
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