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Record #5415
Name :
: David HILL (1946 - )

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 20 Jun 1946

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
Abode (1) : Place of BirthEngland
Abode (2) : Place of Death / Burial
Sailing Information
Date of Arrival
: May 1959
: Australia

: Strathaird

Placement Family
Homes / Agencys
Institution (GB)

: Fairbridge Homes
NotesIn 1959 David Hill's mother, Kathleen, a poverty-stricken single mother who tried to raise four boys on a domestic servant's income, reluctantly decided to send her three sons, Malcolm, Richard and David, to Fairbridge Farm School in New South Wales where, she was led to believe, they would have a good education and a better life.

Hill and his twin brother, Richard, were the last of Kathleen Hill's five boys. The twins were born in 1946. They never knew for sure the identity of their father and were living in poverty with their mum and half-brother Dudley on a council estate outside Eastbourne when two "ladies from the Fairbridge Society" came calling one day in 1959.

Kathleen decided to make the sacrifice of surrendering her boys to a better future and soon the trio was on the P&O luxury liner Strathaird bound for Pyrmont's pier 13.

"Unlike a lot of the other children, I'm not the victim," Hill says. "I'm like a kid who went to a tough boarding school. Because I came from a mum and went home to a mum. I'm not typical of Fairbridge. Fairbridge was a tough school and I did it bloody hard. ..."

David was deemed bright enough to attend Orange High School during his time in Molong; however, these few boys were refused school uniforms.

"Our grey coats stood out like sore thumbs amid the black-and-gold uniforms at Orange High," he said.

We had short pants and all the other boys had long trousers. We felt like second-class citizens.

I had great mates and great adventures at Molong but it was a nearly self-sufficient farm run on child slave-labour and we worked very hard.

There was nothing like a family structure and there was no love or affection. Some of the cottage mothers were brutally sadistic."

Getting up at 3 a.m. to milk cows or look after pigs was, he recalled, a very tough life, for the dairy work ended at 7 p.m. "and all the day you had only had two slices of bread to eat."

David's mother arrived in Australia two years later and in late 1961 her boys left Molong to join her in Sydney. "Mum was horrified by Fairbridge. She lived until the 1980s, long enough to see her boys do good. And I'm really grateful for that."

David graduated from the University of Sydney with an economics degree in 1968, one of the few Fairbridge children to achieve tertiary qualifications.

During his remarkable career, David Hill has been Chairman, then Managing Director of the ABC, Chairman of the Australian Football Association, Chief Executive and Director of the State Rail Authority NSW and Chairman of Sydney Water Coporation and Chairman of CREATE - a national organisation responsible for representing the interests of young people and children in institutional care. He is the author of two books, the bestselling THE FORGOTTEN CHILDREN (Random House, 2007), and 1788, the story of the migration of convicts to Australia.

The Forgotten Children, a semi-autobiographical book, came about because Hill visited Molong in 2005 to undertake a "dig" as a skills test, having just completed a diploma of classical archeology at the University of Sydney. The place was in ruins so he and others formed the Fairbridge Heritage Association. He has recorded the oral histories of about 60 former residents. A television documentary has been produced and an exhibition is in the wings.

At 52, David Hill married his long-time girlfriend, Stergitsa Zamagias, 28. She had been his personal assistant at the ABC. Their son was born three years later. He and his family reside in Sydney, Australia. 
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25580 HILL, Ada1900ENG,     May 1909 : Corsican CAN Barnardos  
16296 HILL, Albert1888ENG,     Apr 1904 : Southwark CAN Barnardos  
8113 HILL, Alexander1911SCT, LKS, Glasgow Apr 1927 : Athenia CAN Quarriers  
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6172 HILL, Alice1880ENG,     May 1892 : Mongolian CAN Maria Rye  
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17631 HILL, Bertha1899ENG,     May 1909 : Corsican CAN Barnardos  
26160 HILL, C1893ENG,     Mar 1903 : Canada CAN Barnardos  
4230 HILL, Charles1873ENG, WAR, Birmingham May 1884 : Austrian CAN Shaftesbury / Ragged Schools  
18384 HILL, Charles 1891ENG,     Jul 1902 : Tunisian CAN Unknown  
24682 HILL, Charles William1895 Jun 1895 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
25267 HILL, Charles William1895 Jun 1906 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
26338 HILL, Daisy1889ENG,     May 1902 : Dominion CAN Marchmont Homes (now Barnardos)  
5415 HILL, David1946ENG,     May 1959 : Strathaird AUS Fairbridge Homes  
25577 HILL, Dora1900ENG,     May 1909 : Corsican CAN Barnardos  
17632 HILL, Dorothy1896ENG,     Jun 1910 : Sicilian CAN Barnardos  
5417 HILL, Dudley1944ENG,     May 1959 : Strathaird AUS Fairbridge Homes  
14502 HILL, Edward1912ENG,     Oct 1927 : Montclare CAN Barnardos  
26339 HILL, Elsie1891ENG,     May 1902 : Dominion CAN Marchmont Homes (now Barnardos)  
6977 HILL, Emma1861ENG,     Aug 1871 : Prussian CAN Maria Rye  
11690 HILL, Ernest1890ENG,     May 1902 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
6094 HILL, Florence1885ENG,     Aug 1895 : Numidian CAN Maria Rye  
6284 HILL, Frances1898ENG,     May 1910 : Corsican CAN Louisa Birt  
16299 HILL, Francis H.1903ENG,     Jul 1911 : Sicilian CAN Barnardos  
16300 HILL, Frederick1892ENG,     Jul 1903 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
12105 HILL, Frederick Charles1918ENG,     May 1928 : Ballarat AUS Fairbridge Homes  
4231 HILL, George1868ENG, WAR, Birmingham May 1884 : Austrian CAN Shaftesbury / Ragged Schools  
9384 HILL, George1896ENG,     Sep 1907 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
19683 HILL, George1884ENG,     Jun 1897 : Labrador CAN Barnardos  
23131 HILL, George1898ENG,     Apr 1912 : Empress of Ireland CAN Fegan Homes for Boys  
27454 HILL, George1861 Aug 1872 : Sarmatian CAN Macpherson Homes  
24030 HILL, George J1895ENG,     Jun 1909 : Carthaginian CAN Middlemore  
12049 HILL, George T1909ENG,     Jan 1927 : Ballarat AUS Barnardos  
17630 HILL, Gertrude1890ENG,     Oct 1902 : Colonian CAN Barnardos  
19943 HILL, Harold1883ENG,     Apr 1897 : Labrador CAN Fegan Homes for Boys  
22883 HILL, Harold B.1891ENG,     Apr 1904 : Kensington CAN Fegan Homes for Boys  
6687 HILL, Jack1914ENG, STS, Wolverhampton Mar 1927 : Montrose CAN Barnardos  
23588 HILL, James1910ENG,     May 1924 : Demosthenes AUS Barnardos  
16567 HILL, John Edward1903ENG, SRY, Bermondsey Apr 1912 : Corinthian CAN Barnardos  
12316 HILL, John Henry1929ENG,     Aug 1938 : Strathaird AUS Christian Brothers  
23917 HILL, Joseph William1907ENG,     May 1921 : Minnedosa CAN Middlemore  
12155 HILL, Margherita1916ENG, LND, Pancras May 1928 : Ballarat AUS Fairbridge Homes  
6212 HILL, Martha1877ENG,     May 1892 : Mongolian CAN Maria Rye  
26161 HILL, P1896ENG,     Mar 1903 : Canada CAN Barnardos  
12050 HILL, Reginald W1908ENG,     Jan 1927 : Ballarat AUS Barnardos  
5416 HILL, Richard1946ENG,     May 1959 : Strathaird AUS Fairbridge Homes  
14583 HILL, Rowland1874ENG,     Jul 1887 : - Unknown - CAN Middlemore  
3209 HILL, Thomas1890ENG,     Mar 1901 : Tunisian CAN Barnardos  
19588 HILL, Thomas1887ENG,     May 1895 : Parisian CAN Annie Macpherson Homes  
15431 HILL, Victor1898ENG,     May 1908 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
20255 HILL, Violet ENG,     May 1911 : Corsican CAN Louisa Birt  
26350 HILL, Violet Mabel1920 Aug 1932 : Oronsay AUS Fairbridge Homes  
16297 HILL, Walter1897ENG,     Oct 1908 : Dominion CAN Barnardos  
3306 HILL, Walter Marshall1871ENG, YKS, Deighton Jul 1888 : Circassian CAN Barnardos  
6384 HILL, William1889ENG,     Apr 1900 : Cambroman CAN Barnardos  
20838 HILL, William ENG,     May 1894 : Sardinian CAN Rev. William J. Pady  
27106 HILL, William Ernest1916ENG, HAM, Isle of Wight Jul 1930 : Balranald AUS Fairbridge Homes  
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