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Record #27607
Name :
: Esther VIOLET HUMPHREY (1906 - )

: Henry Humphrey
: Blanche Annie Spiers
BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: Q4 1906   Notes : bpt 19 Apr 1908 Gloucester Union Workhouse

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
Abode (1) : Place of BirthEngland, Gloucestershire, Gloucester

6 Barnes Passage, Gloucester
Abode (2) : Place of Death / Burial
Sailing Information
Date of Arrival
: 6 Jun 1914   Notes : ship left Liverpool 29 May 1914
: Canada

: Empress of Britain

Placement Family
: Mr W McMillan, Owen Sound
Homes / Agencys
Institution (GB)
: Gloucester Union Workhouse

: Salvation Army
Notes1894 October 22 Henry Humphrey married Blanche Annie Spiers
1903 Lily May bpt 02 Feb 1908 Gloucester Workhouse
1904 2nd qtr 01 May 1904 Henry HAROLD Humphrey
1906 4th qtr Esther VIOLET bpt 19 Apr 1908 Gloucester Workhouse
1908 1st qtr Rose bpt 27 January 1908 Gloucester Workhouse
1908 January Gloucester Echo and Gloucester Chronicle Newspapers report:
“Henry Humphrey 6 Barnes Passage was summoned for willfully neglecting his children in a manner likely to cause them unnecessary suffering and injury to their health…. Inspector Thomas Marshall NSPCC stated on December 17th he visited the defendant’s dwelling and saw the wife and three children, the eldest five years and the baby fourteen months. They were emaciated and the infant weighing only 11 lbs whereas the normal weight of a child that age was 22 lbs. ….” “Mr Washburn of Gloucester described the condition of the two older children as thin and starved whilst the infant was in a miserable state and considered seriously ill. Their clothing was sufficient and clean. He saw the defendant’s wife who was suffering from mental delusions. She was on the border of insanity and he ordered that the children should be conveyed to the workhouse…..”
1908 February 12 Blanch Annie Humphrey entered the Gloucester Lunatic Asylum… she remained there until her death 07 December 1946.
1911 census all of the children are either in the Scattered Homes or the Gloucestershire Union Workhouse.
26 May 1914 medical performed in the Gloucester Union Workhouse (Salvation Army notes)
29 May 1914 Salvation Army list of children going to SA, 105 Indian Road, Toronto on "Empress of Britain"
06 June 1914 ship arrived in Quebec
According to Salvation Army and Boards of Guardians records:
Violet Humphrey
1916 September W. R. McMillan Owen Sound Grey … Violet stays with the McMillan family through all inspections up until 16 April 1925 … there is a note 02 November 1921 that she is adopted by the family.
Notes: 1925 Out of work but expects to be reengaged at the “Circle Bar” factory. Has a bad cough – receiving medical attention – resides with good, kind people 
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4146 HUMPHREY, Albert Verdie1900ENG, KEN, Plumstead Mar 1910 : Tunisian CAN Barnardos  
21263 HUMPHREY, Amy1902ENG,     Jun 1913 : Corinthian CAN Barnardos  
20995 HUMPHREY, Charles1888ENG,     Apr 1898 : Labrador CAN Barnardos  
27607 HUMPHREY, Esther VIOLET1906ENG, GLS, Gloucester Jun 1914 : Empress of Britain CAN Salvation Army  
27608 HUMPHREY, Henry HAROLD1904ENG, GLS, Gloucester Jun 1914 : Empress of Britain CAN Salvation Army  
26688 HUMPHREY, Marnie1901 Oct 1910 : Sicilian CAN Barnardos