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Record #1739
Name :
: Barbara BRUECK (1871 - )
  aka : (anglicised name)

BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 1871

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
Abode (1) : Country of Origin / NotesGermany, Baden-Württemberg, Morsbach
Abode (2)England, Durham, South Shields

29 1/2 King Street, Westoe
1891 Census
Working for John Cook (Koch?) *1849, wife Mary
and children (all assistants in shop)
George Dederick (Diederich?)
Abode (3)England, Northumberland, Elswick

168 Elswick Road
1901 Census
Married to George Lysser *1841
Frederick Lysser, brother, Pork Butcher
Michael Lysser, father
John Hayes, *1855 widower, Pork Butcher
Sophie Grasser *1884
Abode (4)
NotesMarried George Lysser of Dörzbach
Census 1911, 38 Stanhope Street 
ContributorsCreated : SwissGill

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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
1272 ???, Margaret Maria Barbara  D__,     , Gütbach/ Gerabronn ENG, NBL, Newcastle
ENG, DUR, Sunderland 
983 ABEL, Friedrich 1874 D__,      ENG, DUR, Hartlepool  
2638 ABEL, John Heinrich 1878 D__, BWU, Crispenhofen ENG, DUR, Jarrow
ENG,     , Sunderland
ENG, DUR, Jarrow 
27742 ABENDSCHEIN, Johann Jakob 1832 D__, BWU, Neiderstetton ENG, DUR, Newcastle, Big Market
ENG,     , North Shields, 1 Little Bedford street
996 BALBACH, Andreas 1873 D__, BWU, Oberndorf ENG, DUR, Bishop Wearmouth
ENG, DUR, South Shields
ENG, DUR, South Shields 
997 BALBACH, Hermann 1875 D__,      ENG, NBL, Tynemouth
ENG, DUR, Sunderland 
24360 BAMMAN, Anthony 1866 D__,      ENG, DUR, Crook  
3523 BAR, CatherineBRAUNINGER (NEE BAR) 1837 D__,      ENG, DUR, South Shields
ENG, DUR, South Shields 
999 BARTELMEH, Johann Caspar Leonhard 1860 D__, BWU, Gütbach ENG, DUR, Sunderland
ENG, DUR, Gateshead 
1000 BARTELMEH, Johann Conrad Caspar 1857 D__, BWU, Gütbach ENG, DUR, Sunderland
   ,     , California 
27864 BAUER, Friedrich Hermann 1880 D__, BWU, Döttingen ENG, DUR, Sunderland
ENG, DUR, Sunderland 
1007 BAUMANN, Friedrich 1891 D__,      ENG, DUR, Gateshead  
24777 BAUZHAF, EliseDIRR (NEE BAUZHAF) 1877 D__,      ENG, DUR, Sunderland  
2511 BIRKERT, Christian 1846 D__,      ENG, DUR, Bishopwearmouth  
2389 BIRKERT, Johann GeorgBIRKERT 1840 D__, BWU, Gaisbach - Künzelsau ENG, DUR, South Shields  
1021 BLUEMEIN, Johann 1882 D__,      ENG, DUR, South Shields  
24456 BÖHM, CarolineHOLCH (NEE BÖHM) 1882 D__, BWU ENG, DUR, Hartlepool  
24702 BOHM, SophiaRUPP (NEE BOHM) 1855 D__,      ENG, DUR, Jarrow
ENG, DUR, Jarrow
ENG, DUR, East Boldon 
3518 BOWER, Christian 1855 D__,      ENG, DUR, Chester le Street
ENG, LAN, Warrington
ENG, CHS, Appleton 
3522 BRAUNINGER, George 1834 D__,      ENG, DUR, South Shields  
27768 BRUCH, MaryCOOK 1846 D__,      ENG, DUR, South Shields 8, Holy Trinity
ENG, DUR, Westoe, Westoe
ENG, DUR, South Shields, St Thomas 
1739 BRUECK, Barbara 1871 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, DUR, South Shields
ENG, NBL, Elswick 
2280 BRüCK, Georg FriedrichBRUK 1843 D__, BWU, Morsbach, Künzelsau ENG, DUR, Bishop Wearmouth SwissGill  
2292 BRÜCK, Georg FriedrichBRUK 1869 ENG, DUR, Bishop Wearmouth ENG, DUR, Sunderland
2234 BRÜCK, GeorgeBRUK OR BRUKE 1844 D__, BWU ENG, DUR, Sunderland  
2393 BURKHARD, JohannBURKHARD 1846 D__, BWU ENG, DUR, Sunderland  
1652 CUTTS, HenryCUTTS 1872 D__,      ENG, YKS, Scarborough
ENG, CUL, Carlisle
ENG, DUR, Bishop Auckland 
bongo ali  
2563 DAGENBACH, John WilliamDAGENBACH 1876 ENG, YKS, Eston ENG, DUR, Auckland and Coundon Grange
ENG, DUR, Brandon and New Brancepath 
1930 DIETRICH, George 1841 D__,     , Blaufelden ENG, DUR, South Shields
ENG, DUR, South Shields
ENG, DUR, South Shields 
1055 DIETZ, Johann 1848 D__,      ENG, DUR, Durham area  
IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
Page: [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 222 Entries        
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