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News : The Surname Interests Table (SIT), the Database for Special Interests Groups (DBSIG) and Ancestral Anniversaries
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Ancestral Anniversaries

Help Page

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Edit a Record:
1) Click on [Edit Record].
A table of all your submitted records will be shown.

All blue texts are selection links to select all records with this value.
However, the selection will now only be within your own submitted entries.

  • Click on any surname for a table of all these names

  • The countries are displayed as codes to save space.

  • The counties (or states) are displayed as codes, to save space (GB: Chapman County Codes).
    Hovering with the mouse over county code links causes a tooltip with the county name to appear.
    Click on a county for a table of all entries from this county.

  • Click on any place name for a table of all entries from this place name.

  • 2) Click on the Edit-icon to edit select a record for editing.

The following data can be edited;
Name Surname, Forename
Event Day:
Event Month:
Event Year: At least 110 years ago for births and baptisms,
At least  80 years ago for marriages,
At least  10 years ago for deaths and burials.
Event: Choose from pull-down menu
  • (1) Click on 'drop-down' list.
  • (2) Select a country.
  • (3) Confirm your selection ! This is important - see next entry: Region
Note that until a country has been selected, no regions are available.
Region: State, County, Territory, etc.
If you have selected and confirmed a country, then, for many countries,
you will now be able to select a region.
  • (4) Click on 'drop-down' list.
  • (5) Select a country.
Place: City, Town, Village, ...
Relationship: Enter your relationship to this person.
[SAVE Record]
Data will be checked before saving.
Web-Links or the characters '<', '>', '@', in input text are not allowed.
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