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News : The Surname Interests Table (SIT), the Database for Special Interests Groups (DBSIG) and Ancestral Anniversaries
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Ancestral Anniversaries

Help Page

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General information :
The person who enters the data in the database.

The names of Submitters are displayed in
the following format: forum-name

  • Click on a submitter's name for a table of all their interests.

  • Click on the icon in the 'Pr.' (Profile) column to got to the submitter's RootsChat profile.

    There you can click on the links
    • Show the last posts of this RootsChatter to find out more about them, or
    • Send this RootsChatter a personal message to get in touch with them directly.

Table View:
Records will be shown in table form, one record per line.

  • Click on any surname for a table of all these names

  • The countries are displayed as codes to save space.

  • The counties (or states) are displayed as codes, to save space (GB: Chapman County Codes).
    Hovering with the mouse over county code links causes a tooltip with the county name to appear.
    Click on a county for a table of all entries from this county.

  • Click on any place name for a table of all entries from this place name.

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