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30 Oct 1877  Birth BARHAM, Elizabeth ENG, SRY1st cousin 2R  nanny jan
6 Apr 1758  Marriage BERRYMAN, John ENG, SRY, Chertseyhusband of aunt of 4 greats grandmother  stonechat
31 Jan 1594  Marriage BICKNOLD, George ENG, SRY, Bramley9 x great grandfather - yeoman  stonechat
23 Apr 1854  Death BOYCE, George ENG, SRY, Eghamgreat great great granfather  stonechat
29 Nov 1850  Birth BRAND, Elizabeth Martha ENG, SRY, Christchurch, Southwarkmy g.g.aunt  LizzieW
24 Jun 1852  Death BRAND, Elizabeth Martha ENG, SRY, South Soutwark - Christchurchg.g.aunt  LizzieW
25 Feb 1821  Baptism BROWN, Ellen ENG, SRY, East GrinsteadMy grandchildrens' 4 x Great grandmother, born in Horne, Surrey  Pejic
29 May 1888  Death CARTER, Edward ENG, SRY, Kingston4xGreat Uncle  Marmalady
30 Jan 1697  Marriage CHITTY, Mary ENG, SRY, Guildford - St Mary's6 x great granmother - of Godalming  stonechat
11 Apr 1664  Marriage CHITTY, William ENG, SRY, Thursley7 X great grandfather  stonechat
3 Mar 1697  Marriage CHITTY, William ENG, SRY, Godalming6 x g.grandfather  stonechat
10 Sep 1519  Death COLET, John ENG, SRY, Richmond1st cousin 14 times removed  LizzieW
22 Aug 1830  Baptism CONQUEST, Athalia Susan ENG, SRY, St Giles CamberwellG.g. Aunt  quest40
22 Aug 1869  Death CONQUEST, Athalia Susan ENG, SRY, CamberwellG.g. Aunt  quest40
4 Aug 1870  Birth CONQUEST, Edwin Arthur ENG, SRY, LambethGreat uncle  quest40
25 Dec 1892  Marriage CONQUEST, Edwin Arthur ENG, SRY, Newington St MaryGreat uncle  quest40
2 Feb 1902  Birth CONQUEST, Henry John ENG, SRY, ClaphamMy first cousin 1 x removed  quest40
28 Jun 1829  Marriage CONQUEST, James ENG, SRY, Camberwell St GilesGreat grandfather, married Susan Crisp  quest40
27 Dec 1884  Marriage CONQUEST, James ENG, SRY, Camberwell My g.g uncle, married Martha Thomason  quest40
25 Dec 1889  Marriage CONQUEST, James ENG, SRY, Denmark HillMy g.g uncle, married Lydia Ada Elton  quest40
18 Nov 1883  Birth CONQUEST, Katharine Susan ENG, SRY, Camberwell My great aunt  quest40
18 May 1872  Birth CONQUEST, Louise Maud Mary ENG, SRY, LambethMaternal grandmother  quest40
26 Jul 1890  Marriage CONQUEST, Louise Maud Mary ENG, SRY, Newington St MaryMaternal grandmother married to Samuel Robert Marshall  quest40
18 Nov 1895  Birth CONQUEST, Maud Alice ENG, SRY, WalworthMy first cousin 1 x removed  quest40
23 Sep 1840  Birth CONQUEST, William ENG, SRY, CamberwellGreat grandfather  quest40
26 Dec 1908  Death CONQUEST, William ENG, SRY, WandsworthGreat grandfather  quest40
28 Jun 1829  Marriage CRISP, Susan ENG, SRY, Camberwell St GilesGreat grandmother, married James Conquest  quest40
3 Mar 1697  Marriage DENYER, Jane ENG, SRY, Godalming6 x g.grandmother  stonechat
10 May 1835  Baptism DONALDSON, Elizabeth Boyce ENG, SRY, Eghamgreat great aunt  stonechat
20 May 1761  Marriage DOUGLAS, James ENG, SRY, Godalming4x great grandfather  stonechat
9 Feb 1806  Birth DOUGLAS, James ENG, SRY, Chertseygreat great grandfather  stonechat
25 Dec 1889  Marriage ELTON, Lydia Ada ENG, SRY, Denmark Hill2nd wife of g.g uncle James Conquest  quest40
29 Sep 1855  Marriage GIOVANNELLI, Mary ENG, SRY, Richmond My 2x great aunt, married Robert Williams  quest40
26 Jan 1840  Marriage GIOVANNELLI, Therese ENG, SRY, Newington St MaryGreat great aunt, married to William Kelly  quest40
26 Jun 1627  Marriage HAMMOND, Alice ENG, SRY, Godalming8 x great granmother  stonechat
7 Feb 1596  Marriage HAMOND, John ENG, SRY, Godalming9 X great grandfather  stonechat
7 Feb 1596  Marriage HARDING, Alice ENG, SRY, Godalming9 X great grandmother  stonechat
28 Feb 1613  Marriage HEATH, Mary ENG, SRY, Thursley8 X great grandmother  stonechat
21 Jan 1807  Birth HOARE, Maria Elizabeth ENG, SRY, Reigategreat x 2 grandmother  groom
30 Jan 1697  Marriage JOYCE, Joshua ENG, SRY, Guildford - St Mary's6 x great granfather - of Godalming  stonechat
20 May 1761  Marriage JOYCE, Letitia ENG, SRY, Godalming4x great grandmother  stonechat
26 Jun 1627  Marriage JOYCE, Richard ENG, SRY, Godalming8 x great granfather  stonechat
26 Jan 1840  Marriage KELLY, William ENG, SRY, Newington St MaryHusband of g.g. aunt Therese Giovannelli  quest40
13 May 1822  Birth KINGSMAN, Eliza Matilda ENG, SRY, Newington1st cousin 5R  nanny jan
17 Nov 1845  Birth KINGSMAN, Richard Charles ENG, SRY, WalworthMy 2xgt. grandfather  nanny jan
30 Dec 1828  Birth KINGSMAN, Thomas William ENG, SRY, Newington1st cousin 5 x removed  nanny jan
10 Dec 1868  Birth MARSHALL, Samuel Robert ENG, SRY, HorsleydownMaternal grandfather  quest40
26 Jul 1890  Marriage MARSHALL, Samuel Robert ENG, SRY, Newington St MaryMaternal Grandfather, married to Louise Maud Mary Conquest  quest40
6 Apr 1758  Marriage PENYCOD, Ann ENG, SRY, Chertseyaunt of 4 greats grandmother  stonechat
31 Jan 1594  Marriage STEDMAN, Jane ENG, SRY, Bramley9 x great grandmother  stonechat
11 Apr 1664  Marriage STILWELL, Jane ENG, SRY, Thursley7 X great grandmother  stonechat
28 Feb 1613  Marriage STILWELL, John ENG, SRY, Thursley8 X great grandfather  stonechat
21 Nov 1876  Birth TATHAM, Christopher ENG, SRY, Clapham ParkChristopher Sr was the brother of my 2xgt grandfather.  Deb D
27 Dec 1884  Marriage THOMASON, Martha ENG, SRY, Camberwell My g.g aunt, married her cousin James Conquest  quest40
30 Apr 1795  Death VARNDEN, William ENG, SRY, Chertsey4 x great grandfather  stonechat
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