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Surname Interests Table (SIT)

Help Page

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Add a Record:
Click on [Add Record].
An empty input form will shown.

The following data can be entered:
Surname Interest: You must enter a name here, all other fields are optional.
Please enter only one surname per entry. Variations can be entered in separate entries.

Only alphabetic characters are allowed !!

There are three exceptions to this rule:
  • the apostrophe ' is allowed (O'Crikey, D'Atsustold, L'Otsofus, etc)

  • If you enter a space, you will be asked if this is a valid name.
    (These are usually names of foreign origin: De Licious, Van Ity, etc)
    If it's a forename, please enter it in the Comments field.

  • If you enter a hyphen, you will be asked if this is a double-barrelled name.
    If it is, that's fine, carry on.

In your own interest, please don't abuse these exceptions.

If you include a forename or enter more than one surname
  • none of them will show up in a simple search !!
  • you will be the only person searching for these combinations of names.
  • even if they are searching for the same surnames, nobody else will find your surnames.
    E.g. anybody searching for the surname "SOAP" will not find your "JOE SOAP" !!
Note that until a country has been selected, no regions are available.
  • (1) Click on 'drop-down' list.
  • (2) Select a country.
  • (3) Confirm your selection ! This is important - see next entry: Region
Region: State, County, Territory, etc.
If you have selected and confirmed a country, then, for many countries,
you will now be able to select a region.
  • (4) Click on 'drop-down' list.
  • (5) Select a country.
If your ancestors lived in more than one county, please enter separately for each county.
Place: City, Town, Village, ...
Special Interest Groups Select from drop-down list.
SIG: One xxx Study: One Name Studies (ONS), One Place Studies (OPS).

An ONS is a study of ALL occurrences of a particular SURNAME.
Please do not confuse this with a study about one PERSON.
An OPS is a study of all people from a particular place.
Occupation Select from drop-down list ...
Occupation Enter any other occupation
(an occupation selected from the list will have priority)
Comments Enter anything you like here, that could help others when searching.
Web-Links or the characters '<', '>', '@', in input text are not allowed.

[SAVE Record]
Data will be checked before saving.
Web-Links or the characters '<', '>', '@', in input text are not allowed.
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