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News : The Surname Interests Table (SIT), the Database for Special Interests Groups (DBSIG) and Ancestral Anniversaries
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Surname Interests Table (SIT)

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:
"My postings are not showing my SIT names"

The Surname Interests Table (SIT) and RootsChat are two different sites.
You can change your profile on RootsChat and enter your surname interests, so they will show up on any postings, but they will not automatically be entered in the SIT.

Similarly, you can enter your surname interests in the SIT, but they will not automatically be inserted into your profile.

The idea of the SIT is that it is searchable, i.e. you can search for others with your interests, whereas your profile will only be seen by those who read your posts.
. . . oh, and they will also be "seen" by search engines.
So the best thing is to put all your interests in the SIT and your main interests in your profile, too !

"I can't access my names, I get 'chatter_id or chatter_name is wrong' "

Fed up with being "Jo Schmo" and want to change your name to "Daffodil" (or something) ??

No problems, you just go to your RootsChat profile information and change it there ....


If you have already entered your names in the Surname Interests Table (SIT) as "Jo Schmo",
then please send me a PM and tell me your new name.

When you join RootsChat you receive a user-ID (hover the mouse-cursor over your name and you will see a line in the bottom of your browser with your ID-number).

The SIT "knows" you as a combination of your RootsChat profile-name and your User-ID.

If you change your profile name, then the next time you try to edit your names you will get error messages, saying that this ID is alread in use (by someone called "Jo Schmo"), or similar, so "Daffodil" can't access the SIT

i.e.: Either the chatter-name or chatter_id is wrong

It's easy enough to change your SIT-name to "Daffodil" too, as long as you send me a PM to tell me !!
This is not done automatically, through your profile change

"Can't enter SIT, 'please log in' "

This is usually a cookie problem.
You may need to delete your cookies and try again.
But make sure you know all your passwords before you do that, in case you have any sites where you always stay logged in.

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