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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
75 BIERMANN, Friedrich Christian  ENG, YKS, Bradford   
24915 BREUNINGER, William EdwardBREUNINGER 1878 ENG, YKS, Bradford ENG, YKS, Bradford
ENG, YKS, Bingley 
24809 DEHNER, Albert Wilhelm GotliebDEHNER, DEHNE 1887 ENG, YKS, Bradford ENG, YKS, Manningham
ENG, YKS, Hebdon Bridge
ENG, YKS, Sheffield 
358 HOFFMANN, Georg HeinrichHOFFMAN 1866 ENG, YKS, Bradford ENG, YKS, Bradford
ENG, DUR, Jarrow 
613 OHR, GeorgOHR 1878 ENG, YKS, Bradford   
616 OHR, Johann GeorgOHR 1880 ENG, YKS, Bradford   
620 PFEIFFER, Anna MargarethaPFEIFFER 1865 ENG, YKS, Bradford ENG, YKS, Bradford  
625 PFEIFFER, Rosa  ENG, YKS, Bradford   
762 SCHÜSSLER, Albert  ENG, YKS, Bradford   
761 SCHÜSSLER, George FrederickSCHUSSLER 1857 ENG, YKS, Bradford ENG, YKS, Bradford
ENG, YKS, Botham, York 
763 SCHÜSSLER, Willy  ENG, YKS, Bradford   
1747 STEEGE, Charles Otto 1863 ENG, YKS, Bradford  SwissGill  
1745 STEEGE, George Frederick 1862 ENG, YKS, Bradford  SwissGill  
1744 STEEGE, George Henry 1858 ENG, YKS, Bradford  SwissGill  
1746 STEEGE, John Frederick 1883 ENG, YKS, Bradford  SwissGill  
1748 STEEGE, Louis Robert 1864 ENG, YKS, Bradford  SwissGill  
25304 STEINBRENNER, MaryYUNG (NEE STEINBRENNER) 1867 ENG, YKS, Bradford ENG, DUR, Middlesborough
ENG, DUR, Sunderland