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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
1035 BULLINGER, Johann Friedrich Emil 1875 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, YKS, Attercliffe cum Darnall
ENG, YKS, Sheffield 
28736 BULLINGER, Margaretha Magdalena 1869 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, YKS, Keighley
ENG, YKS, Keighley
ENG, YKS, Morton 
1763 KOEBERER, Georg FriedrichKOBERER, 1839 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, NBL, Newcastle
ENG, LND, Finsbury East , St. Luke
ENG, LND, Edmonton, St. Luke 
2599 LIMBACH, Johann Wilhelm 1844 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, LND
ENG, LND, West Ham 
28585 ROGER, John 1866 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, DUR, Jarrow
ENG, DUR, Gateshead
ENG, DUR, Jarrow 
1498 SCHROFF, Frederick 1835 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, NBL, Newcastle upon Tyne
ENG, DUR, Sunderland
ENG, DUR, Sunderland 
1499 SCHROFF, Fredericke MarieROGER (NEE SCHROFF) 1841 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, DUR, Sunderland  
1500 SCHROFF, Katharina CharlotteROTH (NEE SCHROFF) 1837 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, DUR, Sunderland
ENG, DUR, Middlesbrough
ENG, YKS, Ormesby 
28041 SCHROFF, Sophie MargarethaZELLER (NEE SCHROFF) 1850 D__, BWU, Ilshofen SCT, MLN, Newington
SCT, STI, Stirling
SCT, STI, Stirling 
28441 SCHROFF, Wilhelmine CarolineSCHLEUNING (NEE SCHROFF) 1845 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, DOR, Bishop Wearmouth  
28902 STROBEL, Anna Catharina 1880 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, CHS, Coppenhall Monks  
28842 STROBEL, George 1871 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, YKS, Rotherham
USA, IL_, Chatsworth 
28900 STROBEL, LeneREISS (NEE STROBEL) 1876 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, LAN, Warrington
ENG, LAN, Withington 
28860 STROBEL, LouiseTHIER (NEE STROBEL) 1884 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, STS, Burslem
ENG, STS, Wolstanton
ENG, STS, Wolstanton 
28861 STROBEL, Ludwig 1890 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, STS, Burslem  
859 STROBEL, MarieREISS (NEE STRÖBEL) 1884 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, LAN, Warrington
ENG, STS, Burslem
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
28843 STROBEL, Sophia 1872 D__, BWU, Ilshofen ENG, YKS, Rotherham
USA, AL_, Jefferson 
925 WEIDNER, Johann Andreas  D__, BWU, Ilshofen