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Record #487
Name :
: Johann Friedrich KRÄMER (1842 - 1927)
  aka : John Frederick KRAMER (anglicised name)

: Michael
BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 1842

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: 1927
Abode (1) : Country of Origin / NotesGermany, Baden-Württemberg, Kocherstetten
Abode (2)England, Yorkshire, Bradford

13 Wakefield Road - 1871 UK Census (assisting Christian Friedrich PFEIFFER)
Abode (3)England, Durham, Sunderland

122 Church Street, Monk Wearmouth - 1881 UK Census
98 Roker Avenue, Monk Wearmouth - 1891 UK Census
2 Gillside Grove, Roker - 1927 Will Probate
Abode (4)
NotesDOB: Nov 2, 1842 Source: Kocherstetten Church Records
DOD: Sep 19, 1927 Source: UK Will Probate
Marriage: Oct 30, 1871 to Sophie HILKER at Darlington, Durham (father - Christopher HILKER)
Children: Frederick Henry, Charles Frederick
Naturalisation: Sworn Dec 30, 1872

PB Links:
1881 Census Employees: Laig DIETZ, Pauline EGNER 
SourcesSource: Kocherstetten Church Records, Kocherstetten I/42
ContributorsCreated : Histres

Additional Editors : arky101

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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
52 BAYER, Christine  D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
53 BAYER, Elisabetha Magdalena  D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
1681 BEYER, Johann Karl Beyer 1866 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, YKS, Bradford SOUTHYORKIE  
63 BEYER, MagdalenaANDRASSY (NEE BEYER) 1854 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, YKS, Keighley and Oxenhope  
98 BRÜCK, Georg FriedrichBRIGGS 1844 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
1649 BRUECK, Johann GeorgBRIGGS 1850 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, YKS, Kimberworth
USA, IA_, Burlington, Des Moines 
100 BRÜCK, JohnBRIGGS 1850 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
1700 BRUECK, Margaretha 1842 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, YKS, Rotherham SwissGill  
101 BRÜCK, MargarethePFISTERER (NEE BRUCK) 1842 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
135 DIETZ, Friedrich Michael 1861 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
137 DIETZ, Johann  D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
233 GÖHLER, Friedrich Ludwig Karl  D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
265 GRUND, JohnGRUND 1856 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Chorlton-upon-Medlock
ENG, LAN, Salford
ENG, CHS, Altrincham 
322 HEINZMANN, FriedrichHEINZMAN 1867 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
352 HOFMANN, Georg Michael 1829 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
390 JAAG, BarbaraDIMLER (NEE JAAG) 1849 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Liverpool  
2249 JAAG, Catharina ChristianeSTEEG (NEE JAAG) 1841 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, YKS, Bradford  
391 JAAG, ChristianYAAG AND YATES 1862 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Liverpool Bazy  
392 JAAG, FriedrichYAAG 1859 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Liverpool  
393 JAAG, Georg FriedrichYAAG 1847 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, YKS, Bradford
ENG, CUL, Whitehaven
ENG, LAN, Liverpool 
394 JAAG, Johann MichaelYAAG OR TAAG 1857 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Liverpool
ENG, LAN, Liverpool
ENG, LAN, Liverpool 
395 JAAG, Katharina BarbaraBAIER (NEE JAAG) 1845 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Liverpool  
396 JAAG, Magdalena HeleneHIRSCHER (NEE JAAG) 1852 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Liverpool  
2318 JAAG, MagdelenaMÖGERLE (NEE JAAG) 1839 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, YKS, Bradford
ENG, WES, Kendal 
397 JAAG, MargarethaMÜLLERSCHÖN (NEE JAAG) 1855 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Liverpool  
421 KANTENWEIN, Rosina Katharina  D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
457 KNOBLAUCH, Margarete (Schürle) 1829 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten  WoodElf  
487 KRÄMER, Johann FriedrichKRAMER 1842 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, YKS, Bradford
ENG, DUR, Sunderland 
647 REISS  D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
1863 REISS, August 1877 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG,     , Ashton in Makerfield, nr. Wigan, Lancs.  SwissGill  
586 REISS, KarlCHARLES 1860 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Earlestown  
648 REISS, Marie née?  D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
1865 REISS, PaulineHOWARD 1871 D__,     , Kocherstetten   
869 TRÜBENDÖRFER, Katharina  D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
883 VOGT, Georg 1845 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Barrow-in-Furness
ENG, LAN, Liverpool 
884 VOGT, Johann FriedrichVOGT 1853 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Barrow-in-Furness
ENG, LAN, West Derby 
2428 VOGT, Louisa 1856 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Barrow In Furness
ENG, NBL, St Andrew 
885 VOGT, MagdaleneHAPPOLD (NEE VOGT) 1844 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Barrow-in-Furness  
886 VOGT, SophiaHAPPOLD (NEE VOGT) 1856 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten ENG, LAN, Barrow-in-Furness  
895 WAGNER, Christian 1877 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
900 WAGNER, Georg Eberhard 1827 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten   
27687 WAGNER, Katherine 1830 D__, BWU, Kunzelsau, Kocherstetten ENG, YKS, Yorkshire-West Riding, Bradford, 498, Bradford Central  
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