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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
27988 BURKERT, Johann Leonhard Andreas 1872 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, YKS, Bradford
ENG, YKS, Halifax
ENG, YKS, Halifax 
27991 BURKERT, Katharina BarbaraGREINER (NEE BURKERT) 1874 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, YKS, Bradford  
2028 DILL, John George 1778 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, SOM, Bath Raymond Dill  
207 FRIEDERICH, Georg HeinrichFREDERICK 1795 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, YKS, Kingston upon Hull  
208 FRIEDERICH, Johann Andreas LeonhardFREDERICK 1836 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, YKS, Kingston upon Hull
D__, BWU, Künzelsau 
2133 GLOCK, Johann AndreasGLOCK 1794 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND, Deptford
ENG, LND, Holborn
D__, BWU, Niederstetten 
2137 GLOCK, Johann Christian PhillipGLOCK 1822 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND, Westminister
ENG, LND, Greenwich
ENG, LND, Deptford 
2136 GLOCK, Johann GeorgGLOCK 1802 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND, Southwark
ENG, LND, Southwark
ENG, LND, Deptford 
2134 GLOCK, Johann JakobGLOCK 1798 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND, Deptford
ENG, LND, Deptford
ENG, LND, Norwood, Croydon 
1953 GLOCK, Johann Jakob AndreasGLOCK 1834 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND, Woolrich
ENG, LND, Woolrich
ENG, LND, Woolrich 
2135 GLOCK, Johann PhillippGLOCK 1800 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND, Deptford trevorswaine  
2138 GLOCK, Martin JakobGLOCK 1828 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND, Greenwich
ENG, LND, Greenwich 
2500 GRUNER, Georg Heinrich 1839 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND, Whitechapel
ENG, LND, Whitechapel
ENG, LND, Stepney 
27664 HOPF, Georg Heinrich 1798 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND, Whitechapel
ENG, SSX, Chichester
ENG, SSX, Rumboldswyke 
28593 LINDER, Johann Andreas Leonhardt 1853 D__, BWU, Niederstetten SCT, SEL, Galashiels
ENG, DUR, Monkwearmouth 
27978 REINDEL, BarbaraGRUBER (NEE REINDEL) 1873 D__, BWU, Niederstetten SCT, MLN, Leith  
27941 REINDEL, George 1865 D__, BWU, Niederstetten SCT, MLN, Edinburgh
SCT, MLN, Edinburgh 
27975 REINDEL, SophieEGNER (NEE REINDEL) 1871 D__, BWU, Niederstetten SCT, MLN, Leith
SCT, MLN, Leith
SCT, MLN, Leith 
24750 SCHMIDT, John Andrew 1877 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND, Bermondsey  
28225 SCHMIDT, Leonard Andrew JuliusSMITH 1882 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, DUR, South Shields
ENG, DUR, South Shields 
775 SCHUMM, Georg AndreasSHUM 1750 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, SOM, Bath  
2145 SCHUMM, Georg FriedrichSHUM 1754 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, SOM, Bath  
2146 SCHUMM, Johan Georg JakobSHUM 1816 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND
ENG, LND, Islington, Middlesex 
2144 SCHUMM, Johann CasparSHUM 1760 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND, St Clements Danes, Westminister  
774 SCHUMM, Johann JakobSHUM 1745 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, SOM, Bath  
776 SCHUMM, Johann MichaelSHUM 1758 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, SOM, Bath  
2143 SCHUMM, WilhelmSHUM 1803 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND, Finsbury, Middlesex  
777 SCHUMM, Yerrick (Jörg)SHUM 1763 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, SOM, Bath  
2239 STREITBERGER, Georg Johann J 1860 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, ESS, Leyton  
24689 STREITBERGER, LenaLEIM (NEE STREITBERGER) 1878 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, LND  
2391 WALTHER, Johann Georg Wilhelm 1853 D__, BWU, Niederstetten ENG, DUR, Sunderland
ENG, NBL, North Shields 
926 WEIGEL, KatharinaKÜMMERER (NEE WEIGEL)  D__, BWU, Niederstetten   
927 WEIGEL, MarieKÜMMERER (NEE WEIGEL)  D__, BWU, Niederstetten SCT, MLN, Musselburgh
SCT, MLN, Edinburgh 
IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
Surnames starting with:   A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  33 Entries