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Record #27731
Name :
: Philipp Anton HAGMAIER (1797 - 1869)
  aka : Philip Anthony HAGMAIER (anglicised name)

: Ludwig Ulrich HAGMAIER
: Maria Agnes KUNCKELIN
BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 14 Oct 1797   Notes : Württemberg Births, Marriages and Burials

Marriage (1)
: 21 Feb 1825   Spouse/Notes : Mary STOLL at St Dunstan, Stepney
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: 28 Jul 1869   Notes : Probate
Abode (1) : Country of Origin / NotesGermany, Baden-Württemberg, Pfullingen
Abode (2)England, London, St George in the East

1841 Census
Ratcliff Highway
Abode (3)England, London, St George in the East

1851 Census
64 St George's Street
Abode (4)England, Essex, Leyton

1861 Census
4 Alpha Cottages
NotesMarriage to Mary STOLL - Mary baptised 17 July 1803 at St Mary's, Whitechapel buried 30 Jan 1839 St George in the East.
PB Links - brother of Ludwig Ulrich and Johann Martin HAGMAIER.
Children Mary Ann c1826 - 1908 (married John Martin Hagmaier 15 Nov 1873 at St Andrews, Holborn), Louisa Bridget 1827 (married James Hornig 28 June 1853, witnesses John Martin and Mary Ann Hagmaier), Philip Henry 1829-1908 (married 13 July 1858 to Mary Ann Paddon at St George in the East), John George 1831 - 1856 (buried 14 Jan at Norwood Cemetery, Lambeth), Louis 1833 - 29 Oct 1892 (married 1868 Mile End to Jane Elizabeth Howes), Agnes 22 Mar 1837 - 1838 and Agnes 8 Jan 1839 - m1892 (married John Hagmaier, son of Ludwig Ulrich Hagmaier and Mary Ann Tanner)
Probate - Philip of Lea Bridge Road, Leyton but late of 5 Nightingale Road, Lower Clapton granted to Mary Ann Hagmaier, daughter of 5 Nightingale Road and William Thomas Bennett, London Road, Bromley, Kent, insurance agent. 
ContributorsCreated : 2018-09-03 17:37:34 / limehouse79

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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
27895 BOZENHARDT, Friedrich Ludwig 1867 D__, BWU, Pfullingen ENG, ESS, West Ham  
2317 DOLD, AgnesLOHR (NEE DOLD) 1868 D__, BWU, Pfullingen   
2283 GUTBROD, Ludwig  D__, BWU, Pfullingen   
27733 HAGMAIER, Johann MartinHAGMAIER 1820 D__, BWU, Pfullingen ENG, LND, Mile End
ENG, LND, Poplar
ENG, LND, Poplar 
27732 HAGMAIER, Ludwig UlrichHAGMAIER 1812 D__, BWU, Pfullingen ENG, LND, Mile End
ENG, LND, Mile End
ENG, LND, Mile End 
27731 HAGMAIER, Philipp AntonHAGMAIER 1797 D__, BWU, Pfullingen ENG, LND, St George in the East
ENG, LND, St George in the East
ENG, ESS, Leyton 
28017 MUCKENFUSS, JohannesEDWARDS 1861 D__, BWU, Pfullingen ENG, LND, Mile End Old Town
ENG, ESS, Walthamstow 
2192 REIFF, Johannes 1863 D__, BWU, Pfullingen ENG, LND, Bethnal Green
ENG, LND, Lambeth
ENG, LND, Battersea 
2219 RILLING, Carl RobertCHARLES ROBERT RILLING 1864 D__, BWU, Pfullingen ENG, LND
28202 VOTTELER, Louise CarolineWALTHER (NEE VOTTELER) 1847 D__, BWU, Pfullingen ENG, LND, Mile End Old Town
ENG, LND, Mile End Old Town
ENG, LND, Mile End Old Town