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Record #311
Name :
: Johann Friedrich HAPPOLD (1830 - 1898)
  aka : John Frederick HAPPOLD (anglicised name)

: Charles Conrad HAPPOLD (Innkeeper)
BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 3 Jul 1830   Notes : in Gelbingen Source: see below

Marriage (1)
: 30 Nov 1858   Spouse/Notes : to Catharina Barbara (Babette) JAAG Source: West Yorkshire Marriages and Banns
Marriage (2)
: 20 Jan 1879   Spouse/Notes : to Francis Esther PRESTON Source: Lancashire Marriages and Banns

Date of Death
: 3 Aug 1898   Notes : in Lancaster Source: UK Will Probate
Abode (1) : Country of Origin / NotesGermany, Baden-Württemberg, Gelbingen

Source - see below
Abode (2)England, Yorkshire, Bradford

Married in Bradford 1858
Abode (3)England, Lancashire, Lancaster

10 Penny Street - 1861 UK Census
119 Penny Street - 1871 UK Census
14 Penny Street - 1886 Barretts UK Directory
22 Penny Street - 1898 UK Will Probate
Abode (4)
NotesDOB: Jul 3, 1830 in Gelbingen Source: see below
DOD: Aug 3, 1898 in Lancaster Source: UK Will Probate
Marriage1: Nov 30, 1858 to Catharina Barbara (Babette) JAAG (b. Jan 12, 1834, Kocherstetten) at Bradford, YKS Source: West Yorkshire Marriages and Banns.
Children: Henry, Emma, Bertha, Albert Conrad, Frederick
Marriage2: Jan 20, 1879 to Francis Esther PRESTON Source: Lancashire Marriages and Banns

PB Links:
Brother-in-law of Magdalena JAAG MÖGERLE, Catharina Christiane JAAG STEEG, Johann Heinrich STEEG and Georg MÖGERLE (MOGERLEY)
1861 Census Employees: JohannGeorg OBERBACH, Margaret KLENK
1871 Census Employees: Andreas ROSA, George Scheuermann, Lene ZIEPSER, Margaretta Scheuermann, Hana ROTHEL 
SourcesSue Gibbons p. 33
John R. Andrews. in Mitteilungsblatt of AGFHS, Issue 48/1999, p.19f. and issue 51
ContributorsCreated : Histres

Additional Editors : arky101

Additional Contributions from : limehouse79

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Readers Comments24.04.20 limehouse79 :
1871 Census - assistant is IS 27898 Katherine Magdalene ZISSLER

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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
1832 BACH, Johann LeonhardBACH 1865 D__, BWU, Sonnhofen ENG, YKS, Bradford
ENG,     , Lancaster
ENG,     , Lancaster 
25149 BAUER, AdolphBOWER 1848 D__,      ENG, YKS, Hipperholme with Brighouse and Bowling
ENG, LAN, Lancaster
USA, UT_, Salt Lake City 
24815 BÜRKLEIN, Georg FriedrichBURKLEN 1847 D__, BWU ENG, YKS, Huddersfield
ENG, LAN, Lancaster 
296 HÄFFNER, Maria MagdalenaMÖGERLE (NEE HÄFFNER) 1866 D__, BWU, Hohebach ENG, LAN, Nelson
ENG, LAN, Lancaster 
311 HAPPOLD, Johann FriedrichHAPPOLD 1830 D__, BWU, Gelbingen ENG, YKS, Bradford
ENG, LAN, Lancaster 
389 JAAG, Catharina BarbaraHAPPOLD (NEE JAAG) 1834 D__, BWU, Kocherstetten  ENG, LAN, Lancaster  
24696 KRAMER, Frederick 1873 D__,      ENG, LAN, Lancaster  
2140 KUHNLE, Johann GeorgKUHNLE 1852 D__, BWU, Dörrenzimmern ENG, LAN, Lancaster  
24740 MICHELBACH, John Frederick 1851 D__, BWU, Oehringen ENG, LAN, Lancaster
ENG, LAN, Ulverston
ENG, LAN, Ulverston 
584 MÖGERLE, FrederickMOGERLEY 1863 D__,      ENG, LAN, Nelson
ENG, LAN, Lancaster 
2401 OBERBACH, Johann GeorgOBERBACH OR OBERBACK 1830 D__, BWU, Adelmannsfelden ENG, LAN, Lancaster
ENG, NTT, Nottingham 
24749 RAPPOLD, Frederick 1831 D__,      ENG, LAN, Lancaster  
24747 ROGER, Christian 1869 D__,      ENG, LAN, Lancaster
ENG, YKS, Cleckheaton
ENG, YKS, Cleckheaton 
27862 SCHELLENBERG, Friedericke Marie 1868 ENG, YKS, Leeds ENG, YKS, Leeds
ENG, YKS, Driffield
ENG, LAN, Lancaster 
1766 SPEIDEL, Johann Gottlieb 1863 D__, BWU, Niedernhall ENG, LAN, Lancaster
ENG, LAN, Lancaster
IRL, DUB, Dublin North Docks 
limehouse79 , ireneannette2003  
24697 SPEIDEL, LenaKRAMER (NEE SPEIDEL) 1872 D__,      ENG, LAN, Lancaster ireneannette2003  
1687 WAHL, Christian FriederichWALL 1871 D__, BWU, Hohebach ENG, CUL, Carlisle
ENG, LAN, Lancaster 
johnbhoy , amandacornwell