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Record #2174
Name :
: Ludwig Wilhelm WIRTH (1889 - 1937)
  aka : William Louis (anglicised name)

: Wilhelm Ludwig WIRTH
: Anna Maria LOESCH
BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: Q2 1889 (unknown)

Marriage (1)
: 26 May 1912
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: Q2 1937 (unknown)
Abode (1) : Country of Origin / NotesEngland, London, Southwark

Source - Q2 1889 UK BMD Index
Abode (2)England, London, Southwark

82 London Road - 1896-1910 UK London Tax Records
Abode (3)England, London, Wandsworth

2 Norfolk House Road - 1991 UK Census (as William Louis)
Abode (4)
NotesDOB: Q2 1889 Source: UK BMD Index.
DOD: Q2 1937, Battersea Source: UK BMD Index
Marriage: May 26, 1912 to ID 2362 Frieda HENNE, of Hollenbach, aged 26 Source: St Pauls German Church, Whitechapel Marriage Records

Note: The tax records for 82 London Road remained in the name of his father, but do show continuous shop (residence?) at this location after the 1898 death of his father.

PB Links:
Son of PB ID:2169 WIRTH, Wilhelm Ludwig and PB ID:2167 LOESCH, Anna Marie. Brother in law of ID 2448 Friedrich HENNE and ID 2447 Mathilde HENNE. 
ContributorsCreated : limehouse79

Last Updated : 2015-05-13 16:55:35 / limehouse79

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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
2483 BREUTNER, Georg MichaelBREUTNER 1846 D__, BWU, Klein Hirschbach ENG, LND, Tower Hamlets
ENG, LND, Wandsworth 
1720 BURKERT, Christian Friedrich 1883 D__, BWU, Niedernhall ENG, LND, Limehouse
ENG, LND, Wandsworth 
24411 FAUPEL, Christian 1865 D__,      ENG, LND, Wandsworth
ENG, SRY, Merton
ENG, SRY, Merton 
2362 HENNE, FriedaWIRTH (NEE HENNE) 1886 D__, BWU, Hollenbach ENG, LND, Wandsworth
ENG, LND, Southwark 
2167 LOESCH, Anna MariaWIRTH (NEE LOESCH) 1855 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, LND, Southwark
ENG, LND, Wandsworth 
24751 SCHNEIDER, Frederick 1861 D__,      ENG, LND, Bethnal Green
ENG, LND, Hackney
ENG, LND, Wandsworth 
2174 WIRTH, Ludwig Wilhelm 1889 ENG, LND, Southwark ENG, LND, Southwark
ENG, LND, Wandsworth