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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
1051 FISHER, Maria Magdalena 1857 D__,      USA, NY_, New York
ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, CHS, Birkenhead 
1110 FUNK, Eva Rosina 1866 D__, BWU, Belsenberg ENG, YKS, Rotherham
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
1114 FUNK, Friedrich 1867 D__, BWU, Belsenberg ENG, DUR, Durham RichardFunk  
1109 FUNK, Johann Georg Michael 1864 D__, BWU, Belsenberg ENG, YKS, Sheffield
ENG,     , Sheffield 
RichardFunk , Ericsson41  
1116 FUNK, Johann Michael 1859 D__, BWU, Belsenberg ENG,      RichardFunk  
1113 FUNK, Johann Wilhelm 1880 D__, BWU, Belsenberg ENG, LAN, Manchester
ENG, YKS, Sheffield 
1117 FUNK, Maria 1865 D__,      ENG, YKS, Sheffield RichardFunk  
1112 FUNK, Maria Barbara 1874 D__, BWU, Belsenberg ENG, YKS, Sheffield
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
1111 FUNK, Michael Friedrich 1870 D__, BWU, Belsenberg ENG, YKS, Sheffield RichardFunk  
1115 FUNK, Michael Heinrich 1856 D__, BWU, Belsenberg ENG,      RichardFunk  
2078 GULLMANN, FriedrichGLOVER 1864 D__,      ENG, LAN, Liverpool RichardFunk  
1212 HOHENREIN, Georg Friedrich 1832 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, YKS, Hull RichardFunk  
1235 HUB, Andreas Georg 1859 D__,      ENG, DUR, Sunderland
ENG, DUR, Hartlepool
   ,     , South Shields T 
1231 HUB, Andreas Karl 1863 D__,      ENG, NBL, Tynemouth RichardFunk  
1236 HUB, August 1868 D__,      ENG, DUR, Hartlepool RichardFunk  
1233 HUB, Christian 1879 D__,      ENG, DUR, South Shields RichardFunk  
1230 HUB, Gottlieb 1874 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, NBL, Tynemouth RichardFunk  
1237 HUB, Henry 1870 D__, BWU, Künzelsau ENG, DUR, South Shields
ENG, NBL, Bedlington 
1232 HUB, Johann Georg 1861 D__,      ENG, YKS, Middlesborough
ENG, DUR, Westoe
ENG, DUR, South Shields 
1238 HUB, Leonhard Henry 1863 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, YKS, Rotherham
ENG, LAN, Manchester 
1234 HUB, Margaret 1869 D__,      ENG, DUR, Westoe RichardFunk  
1253 KANTENWEIN, Andreas Leonhard Michael 1865 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, LIN, Boston RichardFunk  
1251 KANTENWEIN, Eva Katharina Fredericka Rosin 1858 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, LIN, Peterborough RichardFunk  
1259 KANTENWEIN, Eva Maria Frederike Magdalena 1849 D__,      ENG, YKS, Bradford
ENG, YKS, Keighley 
1257 KANTENWEIN, Georg 1881 D__,      ENG, LIN, Peterborough RichardFunk  
1247 KANTENWEIN, Georg Michael Christoph 1869 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, YKS, Sheffield
ENG, YKS, Rotherham
USA, NJ_, New Jersey 
1248 KANTENWEIN, Georg Peter Friedrich 1871 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, YKS, Sheffield
1255 KANTENWEIN, Johann Friedrich 1868 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, LIN, Boston RichardFunk  
1256 KANTENWEIN, Johann Georg Andreas 1870 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, LIN, Boston RichardFunk  
1244 KANTENWEIN, Johann Leonhard 1860 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, LAN, Barrow area RichardFunk  
1249 KANTENWEIN, Karolina Magdalena 1873 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, YKS, Sheffield
ENG, YKS, Rotherham 
1252 KANTENWEIN, Katharina Fredericka Rosina 1862 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, LIN, Peterborough RichardFunk  
1250 KANTENWEIN, Katharina Karolina 1875 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, YKS, Sheffield RichardFunk  
1258 KANTENWEIN, Magdalena  D__,      ENG,     , Easington, Durham RichardFunk  
1254 KANTENWEIN, Rosina Katharina Fredericka 1866 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, NFK, Wisbech RichardFunk  
1245 KANTENWEIN, Sofia Margaretha 1864 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, YKS, Sheffield
ENG, LIN, Grimsby 
1246 KANTENWEIN, Sophia Margaretha 1865 D__, BWU, Morsbach ENG, YKS, Sheffield RichardFunk , Ericsson41  
1402 OTTERBACH, Johann Simon 1851 D__, BWU, Rüblingen ENG, YKS, Sheffield
ENG, YKS, Rotherham 
1404 OTTERBACH, Magdalena Helena 1845 D__,      ENG, YKS, Leeds
ENG, MLN, Leith 
1403 OTTERBACH, Magdalena Margaretha 1839 D__, BWU, Rüblingen ENG, YKS, Sheffield RichardFunk  
2050 REICHTERD, Marie  1894 D__, BWU ENG, LAN, Manchester RichardFunk  
1449 SAMMET, ChristianSUMNER 1874 D__, BWU, Hößlinsülz ENG, LAN, Manchester RichardFunk  
1533 STIER, Charles 1868 D__,      ENG, YKS, Sheffield RichardFunk  
1531 STIER, Johann Friedrich 1871 D__, BWU, Nitzenhausen ENG, YKS, Sheffield RichardFunk  
1532 STIER, Karl 1874 D__,      ENG, DUR, Westoe RichardFunk  
2079 WELLER, Magdalena 1864 D__,      ENG, LAN, Liverpool RichardFunk  
IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
Surnames starting with:   A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  46 Entries