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Record #508
Name :
: Johann KUCH (1848 - )
  aka : John COOK (anglicised name)

: Johann Georg Kuch
: Maria Margaretha Haffner
BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 21 Jul 1848

Marriage (1)
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
Abode (1) : Country of Origin / NotesGermany, Baden-Württemberg, Blaufelden
Abode (2)England, South Shields

East Holborn
Abode (3)
Abode (4)
NotesHe is cousin to the Alkertshausen Kuchs. He married the widow Mary Dietrich, née ? (born 1846/47) in 1874. Her former husband was George Dietrich who was born in Blaufelden in 1841 and died in 1872. George Dietrich was Johann Kuch's cousin as Dietrich's mother was Maria Magdalena Barbara Kuch, a sister to Kuch's father. He had a step-son George Dietrich, born 1870. 
SourcesDorothy Ramser
ContributorsCreated : Histres

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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
27768 BRUCH, MaryCOOK 1846 D__,      ENG, DUR, South Shields 8, Holy Trinity
ENG, DUR, Westoe, Westoe
ENG, DUR, South Shields, St Thomas 
462 KOCH, JohannCOOK 1855 D__, BWU, Kälberbach ENG, LAN, Liverpool NikkiPinder  
2356 KOCH, JohannCOOK 1849 D__, PRE ENG, YKS, Middlesbrough  
508 KUCH, JohannCOOK 1848 D__, BWU, Blaufelden ENG,     , South Shields  
512 KUCH, Johann Michael GeorgCOOK 1867 D__, BWU, Alkertshausen ENG,     , Gateshead
ENG,     , Bradford
ENG,     , Newcastle-upon-Tyne