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Record #2568
Name :
: Dorothea Magdalena FRANK (1813 - 1882)
  aka : Dorothea Magdalena WITTMANN NEE FRANK (anglicised name)

: Johann Martin FRANK (a farmer)
: Eva Katharina LAIDIG
BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 5 Feb 1813   Notes : at Neuenstadt, Source: Künzelsau’s Church Archive, Family Book III R – Z, p. 953 s

Marriage (1)
: 7 Jul 1844   Spouse/Notes : to Johann Andreas WITTMANN at Neuenstein, Württemberg Source: see below
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: 14 Dec 1882   Notes : at 7 Waterworks St., Source: UK Will Probate
Abode (1) : Country of Origin / NotesGermany, Baden-Württemberg, Neuenstadt

Source - see below
Abode (2)England, Yorkshire, Sculcoates-Hull

7 Waterworks Street - 1881 UK Census (residing with her son Johann Georg Friedrich WITTMAN)
Abode (3)
Abode (4)
NotesDOB: Feb 5, 1813 at Neuenstadt Source: see below
DOD: Dec 14, 1882 at 7 Waterworks St. Died of jaundice. Buried on 17th December 1882 in Springbank Churchyard Source: Family records, but verified by UK Will Probate also
Marriage: Jul 7, 1844 to Johann Andreas WITTMANN at Neuenstein, Württemberg Source: see below
Children: (all Pork Butchers) Johann Georg Friedrich WITTMANN, Johann Andreas WITTMAN, Maria Sophia Margaretha WITTMANN SCHELLENBERG, Maria Katharina WITTMAN DAGENBACH

Dorothea Magdalena (and husband Johann Andreas) either left Germany with the last child (Maria Katharina), or when all children had settled they emigrated to England. This occurred prior to Johann Andreas death in 1880 as this is registered in the UK BMD Index, and Dorothea Magdalena appears in the 1881 UK Census residing with her son Johann Georg Friedrich. 
SourcesKünzelsau’s Church Archive, Family Book III R – Z, p. 953 s
ContributorsCreated : arky101

Last Updated : 2015-06-16 15:10:17 / arky101

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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
196 FRANK, Albert E.  D__, BWU, Rüblingen   
197 FRANK, CarolineEBERT (NEE FRANK) 1864 D__, BWU, Döttingen ENG, LAN, Manchester  
27953 FRANK, Charles 1870 D__,      SCT, FIF, Dunfermline, Dunfermline
   ,     ,  
2568 FRANK, Dorothea MagdalenaWITTMANN NEE FRANK 1813 D__, BWU, Neuenstadt ENG, YKS, Sculcoates-Hull  
198 FRANK, Friedrich     
1100 FRANK, Friedrich 1857 D__,     , Rüblingen? ENG, YKS, Hull
ENG, LIN, Peterborough 
199 FRANK, George  D__, BWU, Siegelhof   
27949 FRANK, George 1851 D__,      SCT, MLN, Edinburgh St Giles
SCT, MLN, Musselburgh 
28112 FRANK, Jacob Ulrich  D__, BWU, Schwäbisch Hall   
200 FRANK, Johann Friedrich, 1824 D__, BWU, Rüblingen   
27947 FRANK, Leonard 1847 D__,      ENG, DUR, Darlington
SCT, MLN, Newington
SCT, MOR, Edinburgh 
27754 FRANK, Maria TheresaFAHRBACH (NEE FRANK) 1858 D__,      ENG, LND, Woolwich
ENG, LND, Camberwell
ENG, LND, Fulham 
24450 FRANK, MaryFREY (NEE FRANK) 1861 D__,