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Record #2451
Name :
: Margarethe HIRSCH (1890 - )
  aka : Margarethe HENNE (NEE HIRSCH) (anglicised name)

: Hermann Hirsch
: Margaret Kellermann
BMD and other details
Date of Birth
: 1890 (unknown)

Marriage (1)
: 8 Apr 1912
Marriage (2)

Date of Death
: (unknown)
Abode (1) : Country of Origin / NotesEngland, London, Canning Town
Abode (2)England, London, Canning Town

12 Halleville Road
1901 Census
Abode (3)
Abode (4)
NotesMarriage 8 April 1912 to ID 2450 Gottlob Henne at St Pauls German Church, Whitechapel.
Witnesses Karl Henne and Hermann Hirsch. Brother Hermann married Margarete Kellermann.
Sister to ID 2453 Sophie Hirsch. 
ContributorsCreated : limehouse79

Last Updated : 2019-07-15 19:10:31 / limehouse79

Family History ResearchersRootsChatters with family connections to Margarethe HIRSCH:

limehouse79 , OliverEvans

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IDName"aka" (anglicised)DOBPlace of birth, originAbode(s)Family links
2553 HIRSCH, Christiana HermineEHRLER (NEE HIRSCH) 1864 D__, BWU, Oberstettin   
27801 HIRSCH, ElisabethHAAG (NEE HIRSCH) 1878 D__, BWU, Dörrenzimmern ENG, NTT, Nottingham limehouse79  
2354 HIRSCH, EmmaSTOLZENBERG (NEE HIRSCH) 1861 D__,     , Oberstettin   
348 HIRSCH, Johann Georg MichaelHIRSCH 1848 D__, BWU, Herrentierbach ENG, LAN, Liverpool  
2451 HIRSCH, MargaretheHENNE (NEE HIRSCH) 1890 ENG, LND, Canning Town ENG, LND, Canning Town limehouse79 , OliverEvans  
2453 HIRSCH, SophieHENNE (NEE HIRSCH) 1893 ENG, LND, Canning Town ENG, LND, Canning Town
ENG, LND, Southgate 
limehouse79 , OliverEvans