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IDNameSub-GroupDOBPlace of birthAbode(s)Family links
2024 CAMPBELL, AgnesTinker 1851 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Kirkcolm
SCT, AYR, Kirkmichael 
2022 CAMPBELL, CharlesTinker 1842 SCT, WIG, Mochrum SCT, WIG, Kirkcolm
SCT, WIG, Whithorn
SCT, WIG, Mochrum 
2014 CAMPBELL, JohnTinker 1821 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Old Luce
SCT, KKD, Millburn Street 
2015 CAMPBELL, RachelTinker 1795 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Old Luce Joycie  
2020 CAMPBELL, StewartTinker 1834 SCT, ARL, Southend SCT, WIG, Old Luce
SCT, WIG, Leswalt
SCT, AYR, Kilmarnock 
2013 CAMPBELL, WilliamTinker 1821 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Old Luce
SCT, WIG, Kirkcolm
SCT, AYR, Kirkmichael 
25188 COLGUT, Alog  1877 ENG, ESS, Palistow  ENG, ESS  
25186 COLGUT, Farrance  1874 ENG, ESS, Plaistow  ENG, ESS  
25184 COLGUT, John Tinker  1856 ENG,     ,  ENG, ESS  
25189 COLGUT, John  1879 ENG, ESS, Plaistow  ENG, ESS  
25185 COLGUT, Louisa  1857 ENG,     ,  ENG, ESS  
25190 COLGUT, Matilda  1880 ENG, ESS, Plaistow  ENG, ESS  
25187 COLGUT, Samaon  1876 ENG, ESS, Plaistow  ENG, ESS