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IDNameSub-GroupDOBPlace of birthAbode(s)Family links
25248 TAYLOR, Ada  1874 ENG, ESS, Chingford ENG, ESS  
25246 TAYLOR, Alice  1873 ENG, MDX, Stepney ENG, ESS  
25247 TAYLOR, Emma  1874 ENG, ESS, Epping ENG, ESS  
25242 TAYLOR, George  1829 ENG, ESS, Chingford ENG, ESS  
25243 TAYLOR, Lydia  1831 ENG, KEN, Maidstone ENG, ESS  
25245 TAYLOR, Rose  1867 ENG, MDX, Stepney ENG, ESS  
25244 TAYLOR, Worcester  1862 ENG, ESS, Chingford ENG, ESS  
1890 TOWNSEND, FrancisTraveller 1851 SCT,     , Aberdeen  ladybird  
1891 TOWNSEND, MatildaTraveller 1855 SCT,     , Aberdeen  ladybird  
2007 TOWNSLEY, AgnesTinker 1831 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Old Luce Joycie  
1894 TOWNSLEY, AlexanderTraveller 1837 SCT,     , Arran, Bute  ladybird  
1895 TOWNSLEY, AlexanderTraveller 1867 SCT,     , Glasgow  ladybird  
1896 TOWNSLEY, Alexander 1879   ladybird  
2004 TOWNSLEY, AnnTinker 1821 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Old Luce
SCT, KKD, Millburn Street 
2005 TOWNSLEY, CharlesTinker 1825 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Old Luce
SCT, WIG, Whithorn 
1897 TOWNSLEY, ChristinaTraveller 1855 SCT,       ladybird  
1898 TOWNSLEY, ChristinaTraveller 1874 SCT,     , Glasgow  ladybird  
1899 TOWNSLEY, Christina WilliamTraveller 1884 SCT,     , Rutherglen, Lanark USA,     , Ohio ladybird  
2009 TOWNSLEY, EasterTinker 1836 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Old Luce Joycie  
2002 TOWNSLEY, ElizabethTinker 1815 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Old Luce
SCT, WIG, Kirkcolm 
1900 TOWNSLEY, George McCollTraveller 1870 SCT,     , Glasgow  ladybird  
2008 TOWNSLEY, HelenTinker 1833 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Old Luce Joycie  
1901 TOWNSLEY, HughTraveller 1877 SCT,     , Glasgow  ladybird  
1902 TOWNSLEY, IsabellaTraveller 1862 SCT,     , Glasgow  ladybird  
1903 TOWNSLEY, James GillespieTraveller 1864 SCT,     , Glasgow  ladybird  
2001 TOWNSLEY, JaneTinker 1813 IRL, DOW SCT, WIG, Old Luce
SCT, WIG, Balmeg
SCT, WIG, Whithorn 
1904 TOWNSLEY, JohnTraveller 1840 SCT,      SCT,     , New Monkland, Lanark ladybird  
2003 TOWNSLEY, JohnTinker 1819 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Old Luce Joycie  
2010 TOWNSLEY, JohnTinker 1792 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Old Luce Joycie  
1892 TOWNSLEY, MatildaTraveller 1866 SCT,     , Glasgow  ladybird  
2006 TOWNSLEY, RachaelTinker 1826 IRL,      SCT, WIG, Old Luce
SCT, SEL, Selkirk
SCT, FIF, Dysart 
1893 TOWNSLEY, RobertTraveller 1829 SCT,     , Ayrshire  ladybird  
IDNameSub-GroupDOBPlace of birthAbode(s)Family links
Surnames starting with:   A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  32 Entries