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CANNELL Aceh  Indep. British Islands, Isle of Man , Tromode Quarterland  pre 1800 
CARDER Aceh  England, , Ickleton, Cambridgeshire  Pre 1860 
COLE Aceh  England, , Warwickshire / Oxfordshire border  Pre 1850 
CROFT Aceh  England, Bradford Yks, Darlington  Pre 1850 
CULLMER Aceh  England, , London E, N & SE  1830 - 1900 
CULLMER Aceh  England, , East Kent  Pre 1850 
CULLMER Aceh  Australia, , Melbourne, Victoria  1880 - present 
CULLMER Aceh  United States of America, , New York,  From 1853, mainly in Brooklyn 
CULMER Aceh  England, , London E, N & SE  1830-1900 
CULMER Aceh  England, , East Kent  Pre 1850 
CULMER Aceh  Australia, , Fryers Creek, Victoria  1850 - 1917 
CULMER Aceh  Australia, , All areas  1880 - present 
FABB Aceh  England, , Cambridge  Pre 1800 
GOFF Aceh  England, , East London  Pre 1850 
HALE Aceh  England, , Brighton, Sussex  Pre 1850 
HALE Aceh  England, , London N & City  1840 - 1900 
HARDING Aceh  England, , East London  Post 1850 
HARDING Aceh  England, , Somerset, Bath area  Pre 1850 
HAYWARD Aceh  England, , Dover, Kent  Pre 1800 
HAYWOOD Aceh  England, , Dover, Kent  Pre 1800 
HINDLE Aceh  England, , South Yorkshire  1800 - 1900 
HOLMES Aceh  England, , Bradford Yks area  1800-1900 
JOHNSON Aceh  England, , East London  Pre 1900 
KEWLEY Aceh  England, , Liverpool, Lancs, Bradford, Yorks  1835 - 1910 
KEWLEY Aceh  Indep. British Islands, Isle of Man , Ballanard Quarterland  Pre 1850 
KIPPS Aceh  England, , East Kent  Pre 1750 
MARTIN Aceh  England, , London, Hoxton / Kingsland  Pre 1850 
OSBORN Aceh  England, , London: Hoxton, Islington, Clerkenwell  Pre 1900 
PARTINGTON Aceh  England, , Lancashire  Pre 1810 
RILEY Aceh  England, , London:Spit'fields, Bishopsgate, Aldgate  Pre 1900 
WILSON Aceh  England, , St John's, London  Pre 1800 
WILSON Aceh  England, , Cambridge  1800 - 1860 
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