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BALIFF coelynne  England, Nottinghamshire   Before 1730 
BEADLES coelynne  Wales, Montgomeryshire   Before 1840 
BECK coelynne  England, Cambridgeshire   before 1850 
BLITHMAN coelynne  England, Nottinghamshire , North Wheatly  Before 1750 
BRANDRAM coelynne  England, Lincolnshire , Morton  Before 1790 
BRELSFORD coelynne  England, Cheshire , Disley  Before 1840 
BURTON coelynne  England, Cheshire , Disley  Before 1790 
CALLAGHAN coelynne  England, Cheshire , Birkenhead  before 1905 
COOP coelynne  England, Nottinghamshire   Before 1800 
CORNISH coelynne  England, Cambridgeshire , Chatteris, North Witchford, Doddington   
CORNISH coelynne  England, Cambridgeshire , Meldreth  Before 1810 
DICKERSON coelynne  England, Cambridgeshire   Before 1820 
FORD coelynne  England, Cheshire , Disley  Before 1770 
GENTLE coelynne  England, Cambridgeshire , Orwell  Before 1810 
GIBSON coelynne  England, Lincolnshire , Blyton  Before 1750 
HOMES coelynne     
HOUSE coelynne  England, Nottinghamshire    
HOUSE coelynne  England, Somerset , Bishops Lydeard  Before 1800 
HOWARD coelynne  England, Cheshire , Disley   
HUDSON coelynne     
HUNT coelynne  England, Cheshire , Birkenhead, Northwich  pre 1920 
JOHNSON coelynne  England, Cheshire , Disley  Before 1780 
JONES coelynne  England, Cheshire , Kingsley  Before 1840 
KATE coelynne  England, Somerset   Before1660 
LIGHTFOOT coelynne  England, Cheshire , Frodsham  Before 1770 
MANN coelynne  England, Cheshire , Birkenhead, Preston   
MANN coelynne  England, Kent , Faversham  Before 1900 
MINSHALL coelynne  England, Cheshire , Stockport  Before 1700 
MITCHINSON coelynne  England, Yorkshire   Before 1810 
PACK coelynne  England, Cambridgeshire , Chatteris,Doddington   
PARDO coelynne  England, Cheshire , Frodsham  Before 1790 
POULTER coelynne    Before 1800 
POWNALL coelynne  England, Cheshire   Before 1730 
PULPREMAN coelynne  England, Lincolnshire   Before 1780 
RANDLE coelynne  England, Cheshire , Kingsley, Runcorn, Frodsham  before 1920 
ROBERTS coelynne  England, Cheshire    
ROUSE coelynne  England, Kent , Faversham  Before 1810 
SEARS coelynne  Chatteris  Before 1770 
SHEEN coelynne  Ireland,   Before 1830 
SHUTTLEWORTH coelynne  England, Cheshire   Before 1750 
STEEMSON coelynne  England, Nottinghamshire   before 1820 
THOMAS coelynne  England, Essex    
THOMAS coelynne  England, Lincolnshire , Gainsborough  Before 1780 
THOMAS coelynne  England, Nottinghamshire , Cottam  Before 1810 
TIMM coelynne  England, Nottinghamshire , Laneham  Before 1710 
TOMBERLINE coelynne  England, Cheshire , Wimblington  Before 1820 
TOMBLESON coelynne  England, Cambridgeshire   Before 1850 
TUCKER coelynne  England, Somerset , Bishops Lydeard  Before 1690 
TURNER coelynne  England, Nottinghamshire , North Leverton  Before 1780 
WARD coelynne  Orwell  Before 1780 
WHITEHEAD coelynne  England, Cambridgeshire   Before 1790 
WINN coelynne  England, Lincolnshire   Before 1880 
WOOD coelynne  England, Lincolnshire   Before 1780 
WOODLIFFE coelynne  England, Lincolnshire , Heapham  Before 1780 
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