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ANDREW junegirl  England, , Saddleworth  Sarah married Michael Bottomley 1734 
BALL junegirl  England,   Elizabeth married William Thornley 1775 
BARDSLEY junegirl  England, Oldham  Mary ann married James Cocker pre 1834 
BERRY junegirl  England, , Alkrington  John married Elizabeth ??? 
BERRY junegirl  England, , Lancashire possibly Middleton  Andrew married Hannah Taylor 1806 
BLENKINSOP junegirl  England, , Barnard Castle Durham  Thomas married Margaret Metcalfe 
BOOTH junegirl  England, Ashton under lyne, Lees  James married Lucy Wilson 1846 
BOOTH junegirl  England, , Ashton under lyne, Saddleworth  Mary married Charles Bottomley 1868 
BOTTOMLEY junegirl  England, Saddleworth  Michael married Sarah Andrew 1734 
BOTTOMLEY junegirl  England, , Saddleworth  John married Alice Radcliffe 1773 
BOTTOMLEY junegirl  England, , Saddleworth  John married Nanny lees 1804 
BOTTOMLEY junegirl  England, , Saddleworth  John married Mary Lilley 1829 
BOTTOMLEY junegirl  England, , Ashton under lyne, Saddleworth  Charles married Mary Booth 1868 
BOTTOMLEY junegirl  England, , Saddleworth  David married Isabella Ward 1897 
BROWN junegirl  England, , Lincolnshire Louth/Thorne areas ?  Charles married Mary Chambers 
BROWN junegirl  England, , Lincolnshire Louth/Thorne areas ?  Mary married John Ledger 
CHAMBERS junegirl  England, , Lincolnshire Louth/Thorne areas ?  Mary married Charles Brown 
COCKER junegirl  England, Chadderton, Saddleworth  James married Mary ann Bardsley pre 1834 
COCKER junegirl  England, , Saddleworth  Sarah ann married John Ward 1870 
COCKER junegirl  England, , Oldham  James married Mally Warrington 1813 
FLOUNDER junegirl  England, , possibly Hull  Mary married John Todd 1789 
GRAVES junegirl  England, , Lincolnshire Louth/Thorne areas ?  John married Ann ??? pre 1824 
GRIFFITS junegirl  England, , Hereford  Elizabeth married Samuel Probert 1778 
JONES junegirl  England, , Lincolnshire Louth/Thorne areas ?  Mary married Thomas Ledger 
JONES junegirl  England, , Hereford  Mary married Peter Powell 1801 
LEDGER junegirl  England, , Lincolnshire Louth/Thorne areas ?  Thomas married Mary Jones 
LEDGER junegirl  England, , Lincolnshire Louth/Thorne areas ?  John married Mary Brown 
LEES junegirl  England, , Mottram Cheshire  George married Salley Mellor 1772 
LEES junegirl  England, , Saddleworth  Nanny married John Bottomley 1804 
LILLEY junegirl  England, Saddleworth  David married Mary Lawton 
LILLEY junegirl  England, , Saddleworth, Mottram  Nimrod married Hannah Rowley 1810 
LILLEY junegirl  England, , Saddleworth  Mary married John Bottomley 1829 
MARAR junegirl  England, , Prestwich  Alice married Joseph Thornley 1799 
MEADMORE junegirl  Denmark, , Hereford  Elizabeth married Peter Powell 1765 
MEGSON junegirl  England, , Hull  John married Sarah Todd 1814 
MELLOR junegirl  England, , Mottram Cheshire  Sally married George Lees 1772 
METCALFE junegirl  England, , Barnard Castle Durham  Margaret married Thomas Blenkinsop 
POWELL junegirl  England, , Hereford  Peter married Elizabeth Meadmore 1765 
POWELL junegirl  England, , Hereford  Peter married Mary Jones 1801 
PROBERT junegirl  England, , Hereford  Samuel married Elizabeth Griffits 1778 
PROBERT junegirl  England, , Hereford  Ann married John Seabourne 1807 
RADCLIFFE junegirl  England, , Saddleworth  Alice married John Bottomley in 1773 
ROWLEY junegirl  England, , Saddleworth, Mottram  Hannah married Nimrod Lilley 1810 
SEABOURNE junegirl  England, , Hereford  John married Ann Probert 1807 
TAYLOR junegirl  England, , Lancashire possibly Middleton  Hannah married Andrew Berry 1806 
THORNLEY junegirl  England,   William married Elizabeth Ball 1775 
THORNLEY junegirl  England, , Prestwich  Joseph married Alice Marar 1799 
TODD junegirl  England, , possibly Hull  John married Mary Flounder 1789 
TODD junegirl  England, , Hull  Sarah married John Megson 1814 
WARD junegirl  England, Saddleworth  John married Sarah ann Cocker 1870 
WARD junegirl  England, , Saddleworth  Isabella married David Bottomley 1897 
WARRINGTON junegirl  England, , Oldham  Mally married James Cocker 1813 
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