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ALDERTON Dendron  England, , Fakenham, Norfolk  Brickmaking, 1800's 
ALEXANDER Dendron  England, , Norfolk  Alice Alexander, b.1756 
BACON Dendron  England, , Norfolk  early 1800's 
BARKER Dendron  England, , Norfolk  late 1700's , early 1800's 
BREED Dendron  England, , Norwich, Norfolk  shoe trade 
BREED Dendron  England, , Norfolk  Joseph Breed, b.1814, Weaver 
BRIGHTWELL Dendron  England, , Norfolk  Elizabeth Brightwell b.1806 
BROADBANK Dendron  England, , Norfolk  Elizabeth Broadbank, 1700's 
CHALDERS Dendron  England, , Norwich, Norfolk  Rebecca Chalders (Shalders?) b 1802 
CRISP Dendron  England, , Norfolk  late 1700's , early 1800's 
EASTER Dendron  England, , Norfolk  Elizabeth Easter b 1788 
FISH Dendron  England, , Norfolk  Mary Fish b.1710 
GRINT Dendron  England, , Norfolk  shoe trade, early 1800's 
GRINT Dendron  England, , Norwich, Norfolk  1700's 
GRUTCHFIELD Dendron  England, , Norfolk  late 1700's , early 1800's 
HARVEY Dendron  England, , Norwich, Norfolk  late 1700's , early 1800's 
HARVEY Dendron  England, , Norfolk  Richard Harvey, b. 1802 painter glazier 
HOWARD Dendron  England, , Norfolk  Sarah Howard b.1813 
JUMP Dendron  England, , Wisbech, Cambridgeshire  early 1800's 
JUMP Dendron  England, , Lancashire  William Jump, attorney b. 1700's? 
KIDD Dendron  England, , Norfolk  mid 1800's 
KIDD Dendron  England, , Norfolk  Robert Kidd b.1801, silk dyer 
LAIRD Dendron  Scotland, , Coalburn, Lanarkshire   
MARKHAM Dendron  England, , Norfolk  late 1700's , early 1800's 
NURSE Dendron  England, , Norfolk  farming Norfolk or Suffolk mid 1700's 
OLLEY Dendron  England, , Norwich, Norfolk  shoe trade, mid 1800's 
OLLEY Dendron  England, , Norfolk  wool worker, late 1600's, 1700's 
OWEN Dendron  England, , Isle of Wight  1700's 
PENTNEY Dendron  England, , Norfolk  early 1800's 
POTTER Dendron  England, , Norfolk  Workhouse master, mid 1800's 
POTTER Dendron  England, , Yarmouth, Norfolk  1700's 
RANT Dendron  England, , Norfolk  Alice Rant b. 1682 
RISBY Dendron  England, , Norfolk  Mary Risby mid 1700's 
ROPER Dendron  England, , Norfolk  farming Thetford area 1700's 
TOLL Dendron  England, , Norfolk  shoe trade, mid 1800's 
TOLL Dendron  England, , Norfolk  John Toll b. 1744 
VEITCH Dendron  Scotland, , Lanarkshire  farming mid 1800's 
WARREN Dendron  England, , Norfolk  early 1800's 
WARREN Dendron  England, , Norfolk  early 1800's 
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