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ASSENDER DebbieDee     
ASSINDER DebbieDee    Herefordshire & Warwickshire 
ATTWELL DebbieDee    Somerset 
ATWELL DebbieDee    somerset 
AUSENDER DebbieDee    Warwickshire 
BADMAN DebbieDee  England, Somerset , Weston-super-Mare area   
BRISTER DebbieDee    Somerset 
BROOKES DebbieDee    Sutton Coldfield 
BURBERRY DebbieDee    Warwickshire pre 1780 
BURBURY DebbieDee    Warwickshire 
BURGE DebbieDee    Somerset 
BURROUGH DebbieDee    Clayhidon, DEV 
BURROUGHS DebbieDee    Clayhidon, DEV 
CARROLL DebbieDee    Ireland & Wigan? 
CATHOLICK DebbieDee    Somerset 
CHAMBERLAIN DebbieDee  England, Lincolnshire , Epworth  Shipham & Worle SOM from c1815 onwar 
CHURCHILL DebbieDee    Somerset 
CLAPP DebbieDee    Upottery, Devon 
CLOSE DebbieDee    Lea, Herefordshire & Forest of Dean 
COLE DebbieDee    Somerset 
COLES DebbieDee    Worle, Somerset 
CORFIELD DebbieDee    Weston-super-Mare, Somerset 
CREED DebbieDee    Somerset 
CURRY DebbieDee    Banwell, Hutton, WsM & Worle, Somerset 
DONES DebbieDee     
DUNNING DebbieDee  England, Middlesex , Chelsea   
DURRANT DebbieDee  England, Middlesex , St Pancras   
DYKE DebbieDee    Dorset 
EDMONDS DebbieDee    Fivehead, Somerset 
FRY DebbieDee    Hutton, SOM, before 1789 
GEE DebbieDee    Long Ashton, SOM 
GREATREX DebbieDee    Weymouth, Dorset 
GREATREX DebbieDee    Sutton Coldfield 
GRIFFEN DebbieDee  England, Surrey   Susannah born Lambeth c1833 
GRIFFIN DebbieDee  England, Surrey   Susannah born Lambeth c1833 
HAFEY DebbieDee  England, Middlesex , Fulham  From Ireland to Fulham c1845 
HARES DebbieDee    Somerset 
HARSE DebbieDee  England, Somerset , Badgworth, Pill, Wedmore,   
HAVERFIELD DebbieDee    Somerset 
HEAPHY DebbieDee  England, Middlesex , Fulham  From Ireland c1845 
HEWISH DebbieDee    Wellington, Somerset 
HOOPER DebbieDee    East Coker, SOM and Southampton 
HURSE DebbieDee    Newport, MON & Weston-s-Mare, SOM 
HURST DebbieDee  England, Somerset   Somerset 
IRELAND DebbieDee    Somerset 
JAMES DebbieDee  Wales, Glamorgan , Aberavon  Aberavon before 1881 
JOBBINS DebbieDee    Dursley, Gloucestershire 
JONES DebbieDee    Weston-super-Mare, Somerset 
KILMINSTER DebbieDee    Gloucestershire 
KNIGHT DebbieDee    Somerset pre 1800 
KNIGHT DebbieDee    Dorset 
LAPTHORN DebbieDee    Wellington, Somerset 
LAPTHORNE DebbieDee    Wellington, Somerset 
NORTH DebbieDee    Fivehead & Buckland St Mary, SOM 
OSSITER DebbieDee    Warwickshire 
PAYNE DebbieDee    Somerset 
PHELPS DebbieDee    Gloucestershire 
POOLE DebbieDee    Dursley, Glos 
PORTER DebbieDee    Banwell, Somerset 
POTTER DebbieDee    Wellington, Somerset 
PRATLETT DebbieDee    Kewstoke and Worle, Somerset 
PREAN DebbieDee    Somerset 
PRICE DebbieDee    Breconshire 
PRICHARD DebbieDee    HEF 
PRITCHARD DebbieDee    Linton, HEF 
RANDELL DebbieDee    Huntspill and Weston-s-Mare, Somerset 
RAYLANDS DebbieDee    Somerset 
REES DebbieDee    Margam, Glamorgan & Monmouthshire 
RENDALL DebbieDee    Huntspill and Weston-s-Mare, Somerset 
RENDELL DebbieDee    Devon and Somerset 
SNOOK DebbieDee    Wellington, Somerset 
SPARKS DebbieDee    Somerset 
STABBINS DebbieDee    Somerset 
STEPHENS DebbieDee    Ilton, Somerset 
STEVENS DebbieDee    Ilton, Somerset 
STUCKEY DebbieDee     
TAYLOR DebbieDee    Weston-s-Mare, Somerset 
TYNE DebbieDee     
WALTERS DebbieDee    Chepstow, MON & Somerset 
WATERS DebbieDee    Chepstow, MON & Somerset 
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