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  Surname Summary (This table is updated automatically after Midnight, U.K. Time)

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ALLAKER kena  England, Essex    
ALLOBY kena  England, Staffordshire , leek   
ANDERSON kena  Scotland, Dumfries-shire    
ARMSTRONG kena  England, Cumberland    
ARMSTRONG kena  England, Northumberland    
BAKER kena  England, Durham    
BARNETT kena  England, Staffordshire    
BARNS kena  England, Essex    
BEATTIE kena  Scotland, Roxburgh    
BELL kena  England, Cumberland    
BIDDLECOMBE kena  England, Dorset    
BIDDLECOMBE kena  England, Somerset    
BONNEY kena  England, Devon    
BOON kena  England, Dorset , thorncombe   
BOWDEN kena  England, Devon    
BOWERING kena     
BOWYER kena  England, Staffordshire    
BRINDLEY kena  England, Staffordshire , norton in the moors   
BUSHBY kena  England, Northumberland    
CHARLTON kena  England, Northumberland    
CLOWES kena  England, Staffordshire    
CORDON kena  England, Staffordshire , onecote   
CREEDY kena  England, Devon    
CUNNINGHAM kena  England, Cumberland    
DALE kena  England, Staffordshire    
DAWSON kena  England, Staffordshire , norton in the moors?   
EATON kena  England, Staffordshire    
ELGIE kena  England, Yorkshire    
ELLIOT kena  Scotland, Roxburgh    
ELLIOT kena  England, Cumberland    
ELLIOTT kena  England, Northumberland    
EWART kena  England, Cumberland    
FERGUSON kena  England, Cumberland , kirkandrews on esk   
FISHER kena  England, Staffordshire    
FITCH kena  England, Essex    
FORSTER kena  England, Cumberland    
FOX kena  England, Staffordshire    
FULCHER kena  England, Essex    
GALLIMORE kena  England, Cheshire , sandbach/betchton   
GARNER kena     
GILLESBY kena  England, Cumberland    
GOLDSTRAW kena  England, Staffordshire , cheddleton?   
GRAEME kena  England, Cumberland , kirkandrews on esk   
GRAHAM kena  Scotland, Dumfries-shire    
GREEN kena  England, Shropshire    
GROOM kena  England, Essex    
HALL kena  England, Northumberland    
HAMBLETON kena  England, Staffordshire    
HANNABUS kena  England, Devon    
HARDY kena  England, Northumberland    
HARLOW kena  England, Staffordshire    
HARRISON kena  England, Staffordshire , alstonefield?   
HASSEL kena  England, Staffordshire    
HEDLEY kena  England, Northumberland    
HEPPELL kena  England, Northumberland , corbridge   
HEWISH kena     
HUESS kena     
HUGHES kena  Wales, Flintshire    
HUISH kena     
HUNT kena  England, Cheshire    
JEFFREY kena  England, Dorset , thorncombe?   
JOHNSON kena  England, Northumberland , ovingham   
KELNER kena  England, Devon   late 1600's and before 
KENNEDY kena  England, Northumberland    
KENNEDY kena  England, Cumberland    
LAWSON kena  Scotland, Roxburgh    
LOWNDES kena  England, Cheshire    
MAIN kena  England, Cumberland , kirkandrews on esk   
MATTHEWS kena  England, Devon    
MEAKIN kena  England, Staffordshire    
MINTO kena  England, Durham , medomsley   
MOULT kena  England, Lancashire    
MULLINS kena  England, Cheshire    
NATTRASS kena  England, Cumberland , alston   
NICHOL kena  kirkandrews on esk   
NICHOL kena  Scotland, Roxburgh    
NICHOLLS kena  England, Staffordshire    
NIXON kena  England, Cumberland    
PEARSON kena  England, Cumberland    
PENDLETON kena  England, Lancashire , middleton   
PICKFORD kena  England, Staffordshire    
POTT kena  Scotland, Roxburgh    
QUEARY kena  England, Essex    
RAE kena  Scotland, Roxburgh    
RAMSEY kena  England, Yorkshire    
REAY kena  England, Cumberland    
RICHARDSON kena  England, Cumberland    
RODGER kena  Scotland, Peebles    
ROUTLEDGE kena  England, Cumberland    
ROYLE kena  England, Cheshire , macclesfield?   
SALTER kena  England, Devon    
SCOTT kena  Scotland, Roxburgh    
SIMPSON kena  England, Cheshire , sandbach?   
STEEPLE kena  England, Derbyshire    
STEVENSON kena  England, Staffordshire , cheddleton   
STOKOE kena  England, Northumberland    
STORY kena  England, Cumberland    
SUTTON kena  England, Staffordshire , norton in the moors?   
SWEETMORE kena  England, Staffordshire    
TELFORD kena  England, Cumberland    
THOMPSON kena  England, Durham    
TRAFFORD kena  England, Staffordshire , leek   
WALKER kena  England, Staffordshire    
WILDING kena  England, Cheshire , sandbach?   
WILLIAMS kena  England, Devon    
WILSHAW kena  England, Staffordshire    
WILSON kena  Scotland, Roxburgh    
WINSBOROUGH kena  England, Devon    
WOODCOCK kena  England, Lancashire , manchester?   
WRIGHT kena  England, Cumberland    
WRIGLEY kena  England, Lancashire , middleton   
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