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ALLIN higreen  England, , lincolnshire  elizabeth mar thomas rowat, pinchbeck 
ANGUS higreen  England, , bywell,co.durham  henry 
BADGER higreen  England, , sheffield/hathersage  joseph m elizabeth hill 1734 
BARNES higreen  England, , ecclesfield, yorks  joseph 1680 
BATHIE higreen  India, , all   
BEAL higreen  England, , shilbottle, northumberland  john 1715 
BENTLEY higreen  England, , ecclesfield, yorks  james c1650 
BIRKINSHAW higreen  England, , wortley/ecclesfield, yorks  joseph 1693 
BLAKELOCK higreen  England, , whickham, co durham  john 1643 
BOTT higreen  England, , gnosall, staffordshire  william c 1650 
BRADLEY higreen  England, , matlock/chesterfield, derbyshire  john c 1730 
BUTLER higreen  England, , darlaston, staffordshire  thomas c 1654 
CALTON higreen  England, , chesterfield, derbyshire  thomas c 1730 
CHARLTON higreen  England, , stamfordham/ponteland, northumberland  cuthbert c 1650 
CLEATHERO higreen  England, , thrybergh/ecclesfield, yorkshire  william c 1700 
COLVILLE higreen  , any  edward c 1645 
CORNELIUS higreen  India, , any   
CRUDDAS higreen  England, , rothbury, northumberland  john 1710 
DAWSON higreen  England, , stanhope, co durham  joseph 1750 
DICKINSON higreen  England, , co durham  simon, witton-le-wear 1614 
DOBSON higreen  England, , corbridge, northumberland  robert 1700 
DOWNS higreen  England, , ecclesfield, yorks   
DOWNS higreen  England, , ecclesfield, yorkshire  john 1740 
DUNN higreen  England, , whalton, northumberland  thomas 1670 
FAIRLEY higreen  England, , earsdon, northumberland  william 1715 
FEATHERSTONE higreen  England, , stanhope, co durham  thomas 1720 
FELTON higreen  England, , bilston/walsall, staffordshire  william 1679 
FENWICK higreen  England, , stamfordham/corbridge, northumberland  ralph 1650 
FISHER higreen  England, , norton, derbyshire  john 1775 
FORMAN higreen  England, , sutton st james, lincolnshire  mark 1740 
FOULSTONE higreen  England, , wath on dearne, yorkshire  george 1770 
FOX higreen  England, , pinchbeck, lincolnshire  william 1743 
FOX higreen  England, , bradfield, yorkshire  william 1800 
GAWKE higreen  England, , halifax, yorkshire  john 1770 
GIBBISON higreen  England, , longhoughton, northumberland  george 1650 
GREEN higreen  England, , pinchbeck,lincolnshire  christopher c 1747 
GREEN higreen  England, , alnwick, northumberland  william 1671 
HARRISON higreen  England, whickham, co.durham  robert 1611 
HENDERSON higreen  England, chester le street, co.durham  thomas 1700 
HESLOP higreen  England, longhoughton, northumberland  violet 1750 
HEWITSON higreen  England, stanhope, co.durham  william 1728 
HOBSON higreen  England, ecclesfield, yorkshire  john 1700 
HODGSON higreen  England, stanhope, co.durham  joseph 1671 
HODGYETH higreen  England, tipton, staffordshire  sarah 1740 
HUTCHINSON higreen  England, chollerton/corbridge, northumberland  thomas 1674 
IRVING higreen  Scotland, bonshaw, perthshire  william 1568 
JEWETT higreen  England, bywell, co.durham  abraham 1615 
JOHNSON higreen  England, bedlington, northumberland  mark 1660 
JOHNSON higreen  England, long sutton, lincolnshire  elizabeth 1715 
JOPLIN higreen  England, newcastle on tyne, northumberland  andrew 1637 
KING higreen  England, newcastle-on-tyne, northumberland  alexander 1740 
LUMBLEY higreen  England, corbridge, northumberland  bartholomew 1650 
MALLAM higreen  England, newburn/ponteland, northumberland  richard 1640 
MITCHELL higreen  England, brancepeth, co.durham  thomas 1680 
MITTON higreen  England, Lancashire , rochdale  richard/charlotte 1814 
NORRIS higreen  England, spalding, lincolnshire  james 1706 
OXLEY higreen  England, tanfield/lanchester, co.durham  george 1692 
PEARSON higreen  England, bedlington, northumberland  jacob 1654 
PEARSON higreen  England, , newcastle on tyne, northumberland  james 1800 
PLATTS higreen  England, ecclesfield/silkstone , yorkshire  francis 1693 
REAVELEY higreen  England, whickham, co.durham  william 1623 
REVEL higreen  England, gateshead, co durham  john 1726 
RICHARDSON higreen  England, chester le street, co.durham  thomas 1700 
ROLLO higreen  India, , any  andrew 1824 
ROWAT higreen  England, pinchbeck, lincolnshire  thomas 1700 
ROYSTON higreen  England, jump/sheffield, yorkshire  jane 1771 
SAMPLE higreen  England, eglingham, northumberland  ralph 1680 
SELBY higreen  England, ryton, co.durham  jane 1700 
SHELDON higreen  England, tipton, staffordshire  thomas 1690 
SHOTTEN higreen  England, bothal/corbridge, northumberland  ralph 1700 
SIMPSON higreen  England, dronfield, derbyshire  joseph 1681 
SPRAGGON higreen  England, whalton, northumberland  thomas 1620 
SUTTON higreen  England, gnosall, staffordshire  thomas 1720 
SYKES higreen  England, dronfield, derbyshire  francis 1691 
TATE higreen  England, shilbottle, northumberland  robert 1760 
TEMPEST higreen  England, stella/ryton, co durham  nicholas 1760 
THOMPSON higreen  England, sheffield, yorkshire  cornelius 1730 
WAINE higreen  England, coal aston/chesterfield, derbyshire  cornelius 1700 
WALKER higreen  England, whickham, co.durham  thomas 1658 
WALKER higreen  England, spalding, lincolnshire  edward 1710 
WALTON higreen  England, horbury/wortley, yorkshire  joseph 1750 
WATSON higreen  England, hurbeck/lanchester, co.durham  william 1680 
WILKINSON higreen  England, newcastle on tyne, northumberland  thomas 1780 
WILLIAMS higreen  England, , west bromwich/gnosall, staffordshire  thomas 1720 
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