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ARDINGTON aitnax    Gribthorpe Yorkshire 
ASPINALL aitnax    Newburgh Lancashire 
BALLS aitnax  England, Suffolk , Beccles Suffolk   
BALLS aitnax  England, Norfolk , Kirby Cane   
BARKER aitnax  Cleckheaton West Yorkshire   
BARLOW aitnax  Entwistle Lancashire  All 
BARLOW aitnax  Tottington Lancashire  All 
BARLOW aitnax  Edgworth Lancashire  All 
BARLOW aitnax  Blackburn Lancashire  Doctor James 
BARLOW aitnax  England, Cheshire , Runcorn  pawnbroker 
BARNES aitnax  England, Norfolk   Great Yarmouth Norfolk 1865 
BARNES aitnax  England, Durham   Sunderland Durham 
BENTLEY aitnax  England, Yorkshire   Ricall Yorkshire 
BOGGIS aitnax    Kirby Cane /Ellingham Norfolk 
BONNEY aitnax  England, Norfolk , Gorleston  all 
BRACKSTONE aitnax  Hartlepool Durham  All 
BRADNUM aitnax    Beccles Suffolk 
BROWNELL aitnax  England, Sheffield   
BUCKLEY aitnax  Swinton Lancashire  1870-1890 
BUCKLEY aitnax  Pendleton Salford Lancashire  Thomas William 1871 
BUCKLEY aitnax  Oldham Lancashire  Thomas William 1901 Census 
BURFORD aitnax  England, Lancashire , Whalley   
BUTLER aitnax    Darlaston Staffordshire 
BUTLER aitnax    Hartlepool County Durham 
CALDWELL aitnax  Hartlepool Durham  all 
CALDWELL aitnax  Cornforth Durham  All 
CARBERRY aitnax  England, Durham , Hartlepool   
CARRICK aitnax  England, Durham , Millfield Sunderland  All 
CHAPLIN aitnax  England, Norfolk , Geldeston  All 
CLARKE aitnax    Hulme Manchester 
CORNER aitnax    Monkhesleden Durham 
CORNER aitnax    Castle Eden Durham 
CORRIGAN aitnax  England, Durham , Hartlepool  aft 1876 tp resent 
CROFT aitnax  England, Yorkshire   Naburn Yorkshire 
CROFT aitnax  England, Yorkshire , Warthill Stockton On The Forrest   
CROSSLEY aitnax  England, Lancashire   Failsworth Lancashire 
CROSSLEY aitnax  England, Lancashire , Ashton Under Lyne  1800,S 
DANIELS aitnax    Cleckheaton Yorkshire 
DANIELS aitnax    Liversedge Yorkshire 
DAVIS aitnax  England, Yorkshire , Riccall Yorkshire   
DENNISON aitnax  Manchester  All 
DENT aitnax  England, , Hartlepool Co Durham   
DENT aitnax  England, , Lowestoft Suffolk   
DODGSON aitnax  Hartlepool Durham  All 
DONOVAN aitnax  England, Durham , Hartlepool  after1870 
DUNN aitnax  England, Northumberland , Cambo Wallington   
DUNN aitnax  England, Durham , Hartlepool Co Durham   
EGGLESTONE aitnax    Quarrington Hill Durham 
ELLIOTT aitnax    Rotherham Yorks all pree 1900 
ELLIOTT aitnax    Eccleshall Bierlow Sheffield 1880 
ELLIOTT aitnax    Brightside Sheffield 1886- 1888 
ELLIOTT aitnax    Hartlepool 
ELLIOTT aitnax  Ireland, Caledon Tyrone  1800-1866 
ENTWISTLE aitnax  Turton Lancashire  Sheldon 
FAIRBROTHER aitnax  England, Lancashire , Blackburn   
FAIRBROTHER aitnax  England, Lancashire , Tottington   
FIELD aitnax  England, Yorkshire , Stillington   
FISK aitnax    Lowestoft Suffolk all 
FISK aitnax    Ellingham Norfolk 
FISK aitnax    Pancras London 
FISK aitnax    Kirby Cane Norfolk 
FISK aitnax    Lavenham Suffolk 
FISK aitnax    Geldeston Norfolk All 
FISK aitnax  Lowestoft Suffolk - Australia  Amos Richard Emigration early 1920,s 
FISK aitnax  England, Suffolk , Weston  All 
FISK aitnax  England, Suffolk , Metfield  Early 1700,s 
FISK aitnax  England, Suffolk , Linstead Magna  Early 1700,s 
FISK aitnax  England, Durham , Thornaby On Tees  after 1891 
FRANCES aitnax  England, Durham , Sunderland   
FRANCIS aitnax  England, Durham , Stockton On Tees Co Durham   
GARWOOD aitnax  England, Norfolk , Gorleston  all 
GASCOIGNE aitnax  England, Durham , West Hartlepool   
GOOCH aitnax    Woodton Norfolk 
GRAY aitnax  Sheffield  1840-1880 
GREENSIT aitnax    Yorkshire 
GRIMSTON aitnax  England, Yorkshire , Rufforth   
HASLAM aitnax  Bolton Lancashire  Butchers of Bolton Lancashire 
HENLEY aitnax  England, Sussex   Cuckfield Sussex 
HOLD aitnax  England, Durham , Sunderland  All 
HOLDAM aitnax  England, Yorkshire   or HOLDEN, Tong Bradford Yorkshire 
HOLDEN aitnax  England, Yorkshire , Tong Bradford  or HOLDAM 
JACKSON aitnax    Monkhesleden Durham 
JACKSON aitnax  England, Durham , Sunderland   
JEFFRIES aitnax  Hartlepool Co Durham   
JEFFRIES aitnax  England, Middlesex , London Poplar   
KNOWLSON aitnax    Wheldrake Yorkshire 
KNOWLSON aitnax  England, Yorkshire , Stillington   
LANCASTER aitnax  England, Northumberland , Percy Main   
LANGTON aitnax    Newburgh Lancashire 
LAYN aitnax  England, Norfolk , Seething  c 1830 
LAYN aitnax  England, Norfolk , Woodton  any 
LAYN aitnax  England, Norfolk , Kirby Cane  any 
LAYN aitnax  England, Norfolk , Alburgh  all 
LONGBOTTOM aitnax  England, Yorkshire , Keighley   
LOUGH aitnax    Monkhesleden Durham 
LOWTHER aitnax  Great Yarmouth Norfolk  all 
LOWTHER aitnax  Gorleston Norfrolk  All 
LOYNES aitnax    Woodton Norfolk 
LOYNES aitnax    Heckingham Norfolk 
LOYNES aitnax    Tong Bradford Yorkshire 
LOYNES aitnax    Saxlingham Norfolk 
MAGRATH aitnax    Wigan Lancashire All 
MCKENZIE aitnax  England, Durham , Hartlepool   
MCMAHON aitnax    Clonmel Ireland 
MORGAN aitnax    Pittington Durham 
MORTON aitnax  England, Yorkshire , Sheffield   
MULVEY aitnax    Ireland 
MUSGRAVE aitnax  England, Embleton Wynyard Hall County Durham   
NEARY aitnax    Buckley Mold Flintshire 
O'DONOVAN aitnax  England, Durham , Hartlepool   
OLLERTON aitnax    Newburgh Ormskirk Lancashire All 
OWEN aitnax  Eccleshall Bierlow Sheffield  All 
PALLISTER aitnax  England, , Hartlepool   
PARNABY aitnax  England, Durham , Sadberge  all 
PEARSON aitnax    Pendleton Salford Lancashire 
POTTS aitnax  England, , Stranton Hartlepool  All 
READ aitnax    Gorleston Suffolk all 
READ aitnax    Hartlepool Durham All 
RICHMOND aitnax  Aycliffe Durham  all 
ROBINSON aitnax  England, Durham , Stranton  1600,2and 1700,s 
ROSE aitnax    Gorleston Norfolk 
SHAUL aitnax    Gorleston Norfolk 
SHOTTON aitnax  Girling Yorkshire  Robert 
SILVERSIDES aitnax    Ricall Yorkshire 
SILVERSIDES aitnax  England, Yorkshire , Todmorden  any 
SMITH aitnax  England, Yorkshire , Yarm  1820,s 
SPURGEON aitnax    Lowestoft 
SPURGEON aitnax  England, Norfolk , Gorleston  all 
STAFFORD aitnax  England, Ulgham Northumberland   
STAFFORD aitnax  England, Morpeth Northumberland   
STAFFORD aitnax  England, Northumberland , Edlingham   
STAFFORD aitnax  England, Northumberland , Ingram   
STEWART aitnax  England, Durham , Wolviston   
STEWART aitnax  England, Durham , Grindon   
SWANWICK aitnax  England, Lancashire , Manchester   
TAFFS aitnax  England, Norfolk , Kirby Cane  All 
TAYLOR aitnax  Entwistle Lancashire  All 
THREADGOLD aitnax  England, Durham , Stockton On Tees  after 1840 onwards 
TOMLINSON aitnax    Escrick Yorkshire 
TOMLINSON aitnax    Wolviston County Durham 
TOMLINSON aitnax  England, Yorkshire , Riccall  All 
TREADGOLD aitnax  England, Durham , Stockton On Tees  after 1840 onwards 
TRUNDLEY aitnax  Hartlepool Durham   
TURNER aitnax  Bury Lancashire  all 
TURNER aitnax  Bolton Lancashire  All 
VERITY aitnax  England, Lancashire , Manchester   
WALKER aitnax    Norton Durham from 1830 - present 
WALKER aitnax    Bishop Middleham Co Durham 
WALKER aitnax    Hartlepool Durham 
WALKER aitnax    Billingham Durham 
WALKER aitnax    Ferryhill Durham 
WALKER aitnax    Cornforth Durham 
WALKER aitnax  England, Durham , Trimdon   
WALKER aitnax  England, Durham , Fishburn  1880,s 
WALKER aitnax  England, Durham , Hawthorn   
WILD aitnax    or WILDE; Stockton On Tees County DUR 
WILDE aitnax    or WILD; Stockton On Tees County Durham 
WILLOUGHBY aitnax    Cleckheaton Yorkshire 
WOODS aitnax    Gorleston 
WORSLEY aitnax  Chadderton  1850-1920 
YEWDELL aitnax    sunderland all 
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