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ARCHER fanakerpan24    from Bedford area unknown 
ARNOLD fanakerpan24    bedford 
ASPITALL fanakerpan24    bedford 
ATHERTON fanakerpan24    liverpool 
BALL fanakerpan24    bedford 1800's 
BANKS fanakerpan24    from Bluntisham,Hunts 
BARKER fanakerpan24    BEDFORD 
BARLOW fanakerpan24    ravensden,bedford 
BARRATT fanakerpan24  England, Bedfordshire   bedford 
BIRNAGE fanakerpan24  England, Bedfordshire , Northill  or BURNAGE, Northill,Bedford 
BOURNE fanakerpan24    stafford,liverpool and glasgow 
BRADSHAW fanakerpan24    bedford maybe? 
BREWER fanakerpan24    bedford 
BRIERCLIFFE fanakerpan24    liverpool,Tyldesley and bolton,Lancs 
BROOKS fanakerpan24    Biggleswade,Bedford 
BURNAGE fanakerpan24  England, Bedfordshire   or BIRNAGE, Northill,Bedford 
BURROWS fanakerpan24    biggleswade,bedford 
CARDER fanakerpan24    or CARTER, from Hail Weston,Hunts 
CARTER fanakerpan24  England, Huntingdonshire   or CARDER, from Hail Weston,Hunts 
CHAPMAN fanakerpan24    everton,bedford 
COLBERT fanakerpan24  England, Bedfordshire   Eaton Socon,Bedford 
CURRAN fanakerpan24    liverpool,ireland and scotland 
DEW fanakerpan24    Biggleswade,Bedford 
DOYLE fanakerpan24    aldershot,county wexford and liverpool 
DUFFY fanakerpan24    liverpool and ireland 
DUGGAN fanakerpan24    ireland 
EAKINS fanakerpan24  England, Huntingdonshire , Great Staughton  or EKINS, Great Staughton,Hunts 
EKINS fanakerpan24  England, Huntingdonshire , Great Staughton  or EAKINS, Great Staughton,Hunts 
EMMINGS fanakerpan24    bedford 
FARRELL fanakerpan24    liverpool 
FARRELL fanakerpan24    liverpool 
FOX fanakerpan24    bedford 
GEAR fanakerpan24    Bedford 
GREEN fanakerpan24    BEDFORD 
GREGG fanakerpan24    liverpool 
GRINDLEY fanakerpan24    liverpool 
HAMMOND fanakerpan24    suffolk and bedford 
JARVIS fanakerpan24    bedford 
KING fanakerpan24    Hail Weston and Buckden,Hunts 
LAWLER fanakerpan24    LIVERPOOL 
LEACH fanakerpan24    Bedford 
LODOVICK fanakerpan24    or LUDOVICK; BDF where from originally ? 
LOVELL fanakerpan24    BEDFORD 
LUDOVICK fanakerpan24    or LODOVICK; BDF, where from originally? 
MASON fanakerpan24    Brampton,Hunts 
MILTON fanakerpan24    BEDFORD 
MITCHELL fanakerpan24    Kimbolton,Hunts 
MUNRO fanakerpan24    LIVERPOOL 
PAGE fanakerpan24    Ravensden,Great Barford, Bedford 
PAGE fanakerpan24    from Hail Weston,Huntingdon and Cambs 
PORTER fanakerpan24    Riseley,Bedford 
PRESTON fanakerpan24    BEDFORD 
ROBINSON fanakerpan24    liverpool 
RUTLAND fanakerpan24    upper gravenhurst,Bedford 
SLATER fanakerpan24    Kempston,Bedford 
SUMMERFIELD fanakerpan24    BEDFORD 
SUMMERLIN fanakerpan24  England, Bedfordshire , Stagsden   
WATT fanakerpan24  Scotland, , Glasgow   
WELLS fanakerpan24    BEDFORD 
WHARTON fanakerpan24    from Carlton and Biggleswade,Bedford 
WHITMEE fanakerpan24    Bedford or Huntingdon 
WILLOWS fanakerpan24    BEDFORD 
WOODS fanakerpan24    BEDFORD 
YARROW fanakerpan24    BEDFORD 
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