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ADAMS marchbank  England, , Surrey, Lambeth  John, Henry, William 
ALEXANDER marchbank  Ireland, , Northern Ireland  Ellen Jane 
ARCHER marchbank  England, , Alnwick NBL  Elizabeth 
AUBREY marchbank  England, , Aston Ingham GLS  George 
BAKER marchbank  Australia, , NSW & QLD  Anthony Raymond 
BALL marchbank  England, , Okehampton DEV   
BATY marchbank  New Zealand, , BOP  John 
BAXTER marchbank  Ireland, , Northern Ireland   
BENNETT marchbank  New Zealand, , Oxford NCY  William - Station Master 
BEST marchbank  England, , Lambeth, Surrey  John 
BETTRIDGE marchbank  England, , Alderbury WIL  Maria. (various spelling) 
BIFFIN marchbank  England, , WIL  Martha 
BODGER marchbank  New Zealand, , Christchurch CBY   
BOSWELL marchbank  England, , Ware HRT  Sarah 
BOSWORTH marchbank  England, , Ratcliffe-on Soar NTT  Ann 
BRAUNE marchbank  England, , Ashchurch GLS  Margery 
BUNTING marchbank  Ireland, , Northern Ireland  ALLAN 
CARLISLE marchbank  Ireland, , Clough & Ballynahinch DOW  William: (various spelling) 
CLIFT marchbank  England, , GLS  Samuel 
CLOSE marchbank  England, , Minchinhampton GLS  Susanna 
CORNTHWAITE marchbank  England, , Troutbeck WES  Thomas 
COWENS marchbank  England, , Alnwick NBL  John, James: (various spelling) 
CRASTON marchbank  England, , Kirkby Lonsdale WES  various spelling 
CROMIE marchbank  Ireland, , DOW  Mary 
CUNNINGHAM marchbank  Scotland, , Latheron, CAI  Alexander 
DADDS marchbank  England, , Wartleigh DEV  JOHN 
DAVIS marchbank  England, , Stroud GLS  John George 
DAVIS marchbank  England, , Tarvin CHS  Kitty/Catherine 
DURANTEL marchbank  France,   Claudine 
ELLIS marchbank  England, , Tarvin CHS  George,George, William 
ELLIS marchbank  England, , Rochdale LAN  George, George, William 
EVERRETT marchbank  England, , Islington MDX  Benjamin: (various spelling) 
GARTERY marchbank  England, , WIL  John, James, John 
GARTERY marchbank  New Zealand,    
GARTERY marchbank  Australia,    
HADLER marchbank  New Zealand, , Christchurch CBY   
HARRIS marchbank  England, , Earl's Skilton LEI  William, George, William 
HEINISCH marchbank  Germany,   Henry 
HEINISCH marchbank  New Zealand, , North Canterbury  Henry, Henry 
HENRY marchbank  Ireland, , Northern Ireland   
HILL marchbank  England, , Redhill SRY  Hannah 
HIRON marchbank  England, , GLS  Samuel Franklin 
HITCHCOX marchbank  England, , Chipping Campden GLS  Anne 
HITCHINGS marchbank  England, , Stroud GLS  various spelling 
HITCHINGS marchbank  England, , Minchinhampton GLS  various spelling 
HITCHINGS marchbank  England, , Aston, Birmingham WAR  various spelling 
HITCHINGS marchbank  New Zealand, , Christchurch CBY  various spelling 
HODGES marchbank  England, , Randwick GLS  Martha 
HOLMES marchbank  England, , Chipping Campden GLS  Elizabeth, Henry, Richard, John, Richard 
HOLMES ALIAS TAYLOR marchbank  England, Chipping Campden GLS   
HURST marchbank  England, , LEI  John - Victualler 
IZOD marchbank  England, , Chipping Campden GLS   
JACK marchbank  Scotland,   James 
JOHNSON marchbank  England, , Redhill SRY  Richard 
JUNG marchbank  Germany,   George Conrad 
JUNG marchbank  England, , Whitechapel MDX  anglicised to YOUNG. George Conrad 
KATES marchbank  England, SRY  Charles Frederick 
KEEN marchbank  England, , Chipping Campden GLS  various spelling 
KEYTE marchbank  England, , Chipping Campden GLS  various spelling 
KNIGHT marchbank  England, , LEI  Mary 
KNOLL marchbank  France, , Noumea, New Caledonia  Eugenie 
KNOLL marchbank  Australia, , NSW  Eugenie 
LEECH marchbank  England, , Chester CHS  Martha 
LEWIS marchbank  England, , Edmonton MDX  James - Lighterman & Publican 
LEWIS marchbank  England, , Stokesay SAL  James - migrated to NZ 1884 
LONG marchbank  Ireland, , Dinnanew DOW  James 
LUMBERT marchbank  England, , Chipping Campden GLS  Richard 
MADILL marchbank  Ireland, , DOW  Martha: various spelling 
MAJOR marchbank  Ireland, , DOW  Henry 
MALAQUIN marchbank  France, , Essonne, Ile -de-France  Waldemar, Olivier,Francois 
MALAQUIN marchbank  France, , Orleans, Centre  Waldemar, Olivier,Francois 
MALAQUIN marchbank  Australia,   All 
MALAQUIN marchbank  New Zealand,   All 
MARTIN marchbank  Ireland, , Downpatrick DOW  Robert m Martha M'DILL 
MATHER marchbank  Scotland, , St Vigeans or Arbroath  Betsy 
MCPHERSON marchbank  Scotland, , Insh INV  Robert - died Chipping Campden GLS 
MILLRAY marchbank  England, , WES  various spelling 
MILLRAY marchbank  England, , CUL  various spelling 
MILLRAY marchbank  England, , LAN  various spelling 
MILLRAY marchbank  New Zealand,   All: various spelling 
MONTILLET marchbank  France, , Ile - de - France  Jean 
NASH marchbank  England, , SRY  Robert 
OTT marchbank  Germany, , Wurtemburg  Frederich Johan 
OTT marchbank  England, , West Ham ESS  Frederich Johan 
PAGET marchbank  England, , Stanton Prior SOM  John: various spelling 
PAGET marchbank  New Zealand, , Oxford NCY  John: various spelling 
PAINE marchbank  England, , Chipping Campden GLS  Jane:various spelling: m Robert McPHERSO 
PALMER marchbank  England, , Okehampton DEV   
PARKINSON marchbank  England, , Kirkby Lonsdale WES  Joseph - printer,photographer, parish cl 
PECK marchbank  England, , Alderbury WIL  Jasper 
PEEBLES marchbank  Scotland, , Auchterhouse PER  Andrew 
PEET marchbank  England, , Mountsorrell LEI  Thomas 
PICKUP marchbank  England, , Bury LAN  John 
POLLARD marchbank  England, , Kirkby Lonsdale WES  Elizabeth 
POPEL marchbank  England, , Stanton Prior SOM   
REES marchbank  England,   Evan 
REILLY marchbank  Ireland, , Northern Ireland  Margaret 
ROBB marchbank  Scotland, , ANG  Rebecca 
ROBERTSON marchbank  Scotland, , St Vigeans or Arbroath  David 
ROBINSON marchbank  Ireland, , Downpatrick DOW  Jane 
ROWE marchbank  England, , LON  Samuel Henry 
ROWE marchbank  New Zealand, , Christchurch CBY  Samuel Henry 
ROWE marchbank  Australia, , NSW  Samuel Henry 
ROWE marchbank  New Zealand, , Dunedin  Samuel Henry 
ROWE marchbank  England, , LON  George - Ships Captain 
ROZZELL marchbank  England, , Leicester, LEI  Benjamin: (various spelling) 
SEED marchbank  England, , LAN  James 
SEYMOUR marchbank  England, , LON  Elizabeth m George ROWE 
SHAND marchbank  Scotland, , Latheron, CAI  James 
SHAND marchbank  New Zealand, , North Canterbury  James 
SHAND marchbank  Scotland, , Elgin MOR  William 
SMITH marchbank  Ireland, , Northern Ireland  William Cavan, Hamilton 
SMITH marchbank  New Zealand, , Cust NCY  Samuel,William Cavan,Hamilton 
SOULES marchbank  France, , Ile - de - France   
TAYLOR marchbank  England, , Ebrington GLS  Elizabeth,Thomas 
TOWELL marchbank  England, , Ashreigny DEV  Amy 
WILLIAMS marchbank  England, Islington MDX  John Herbert - victualler 
WILLIAMS marchbank  England, , Islington MDX  Herbert Benjamin 
WILLIAMS marchbank  New Zealand, , Christchurch CBY  Herbert Benjamin 
WINGROVE marchbank  England, , Westminster LON  Joseph: (various spelling) 
YATES marchbank  England, , Alderbury WIL   
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