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APSLEY amandataylor  England, Kent , Folkestone   
ASHDOWN amandataylor  England, Kent , West Malling, Wrotham & Otford  1765 onwards 
ASHDOWN amandataylor  England, London , Marylebone, Lewisham & Willesden MDX  1860s onwards. Also Australia 1850s+ 
ASHER amandataylor  England, Nottinghamshire , Nottingham  1800s. Also NSW Australia 1837 onwards 
BALL amandataylor  England, London , 1830s  Islington; St. Leonard's, Shoreditch MDX 
BEARD amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , Chipping Norton  1700s 
BELL amandataylor  England, Lancashire , Liverpool  Abt 1762 
BELSON amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , Aston Rowant & Kingston Blount  Abt 1525+ 
BOTTEN amandataylor  England, Kent , Pembury  1700s 
BOWDEN amandataylor  England, Kent , Benenden  1740+. Also Australia 1838 onwards 
BRUTON amandataylor  England, Gloucestershire , Bristol  Abt 1780 - Abt 1872 
CHAMBERS amandataylor  England, London , Holborn  1762 
CHOWN amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , 1658+  Aston Rowant 
CHOWNES amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , Aston Rowant  1600s 
CHOWNS amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , 1600+  Aston Rowant 
COLLIE amandataylor  Scotland, Inverness , Duthil and Rothiemurchus  1750+. Also NSW & VIC Australia 
COLLIE amandataylor  Scotland, Morayshire , Fochabers  1700s 
DIMMOCK amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , Chinnor  1700+ 
DORRELL amandataylor  England, Buckinghamshire , Haversham  Abt 1670+ 
DORRILL amandataylor  England, Buckinghamshire , Haversham  Abt 1670+ 
DUTTON amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire   1500s 
DYTTON amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , Crowell & Lew, near Bampton  1500s 
EZZEY amandataylor  All of Australia  1792+ 
EZZY amandataylor  All of Australia  1792+ onwards 
FLOYD amandataylor  England, Staffordshire , Uttoxeter  1700s 
FRANKLIN amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , Aston Rowant  1700s 
GELBART amandataylor  England, Cornwall , 1600+  Mullion 
GILBERT amandataylor  England, Cornwall , Mullion  1600+ 
GODFREY amandataylor  England, Kent , Rolvenden  Abt 1780+ 
GOLDING amandataylor  England, Berkshire , Beenham  1700s 
HARRISON amandataylor  England, London , London  Mary born 1774;transported to Australia 
HEIGHT amandataylor  England, Kent , Folkestone  1800s 
HIGHT amandataylor  England, Kent , Folkestone   
HISSEY amandataylor  England, Berkshire , Beenham, Hampstead Norris & Beedon  1650+ 
HIZZY amandataylor  England, Berkshire , Beenham, Hampstead Norris & Beedon  1650+ 
HOLMES amandataylor  Scotland, Renfrew , Abbey (Paisley)  ca 1800 
HOPE amandataylor  England, Kent , Benenden  1700s 
HUGGILL amandataylor  England, Buckinghamshire , Blewberry  1700 
HYSSIE amandataylor  England, Berkshire , Beenham, Hampstead Norris & Beedon  1650+ 
HYSSY amandataylor  England, Berkshire , Beenham, Hampstead Norris & Beedon  1650+ 
HYSSYE amandataylor  England, Berkshire , Beenham, Hampstead Norris & Beedon  1650+ 
JELBART amandataylor  England, Cornwall , 1600+  Mullion 
KEEN amandataylor  England, London , Islington; St. Leonard's, Shoreditch MDX  1830s 
KEEN amandataylor  England, Cornwall , Penzance  1860s onwards 
KEEN amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , Chipping Norton  about 1713 
KEWN amandataylor  Indep. British Islands, Isle of Man   Abt 1785 
KEWN amandataylor  1800-present day  Liverpool 
KEWN amandataylor  England, Cornwall , all areas  1800-present day 
LAMB amandataylor  England, Durham , Staindrop  1600s onwards 
LAW amandataylor  England, Surrey , Bermondsey   
LAWS amandataylor  England, Surrey , Bermondsey   
LAWS amandataylor  England, Kent , Northfleet  And NSW Australia 1840s+ onwards 
LINDSAY amandataylor  Scotland, Fife , Largo\Ceres & Kettle  ca 1775 onwards 
MACINTOSH amandataylor  Scotland, Inverness , Duthill With Rothiemurchas  1750+ 
MACKENZIE amandataylor  England, Staffordshire , Uttoxeter  1700s 
MCCREA amandataylor  Scotland,   about 1780 - 1850 
MCINTOSH amandataylor  Scotland, Inverness , Duthill With Rothiemurchas  1750+ 
MCKEE amandataylor  Scotland, Lanark , Glasgow  Robert, Abt 1800 
MCKEE amandataylor  Scotland, Lanark , Glasgow  1830 
MCKIE amandataylor  Scotland, Lanark , Glasgow  Robert, Abt 1800 
MCKIE amandataylor  Scotland, Lanark , Glasgow  1830 
MINTER amandataylor  England, Kent , Folkestone   
MOFFAT amandataylor  Scotland, Lanark , New Monkland  about 1830s+ 
NARROWAY amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , Thame, Weston & Aston Rowant  Abt 1725+ 
PAYE amandataylor  England, Kent , Folkestone   
POLLAWYN amandataylor  England, Cornwall , Landewednac  Abt 1660 
PORCH amandataylor  England, Gloucestershire , Redland, Bristol  Abt 1810 
PORTCH amandataylor  England, Gloucestershire , Redland, Bristol  Abt 1810 
POTTS amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , Aston Rowant  Abt 1563+ 
QUAYLE amandataylor  England, Lancashire , Liverpool  Abt 1760+ 
RATLEY amandataylor  England, Buckinghamshire , Haversham  1788+ 
RITCHIE amandataylor  England, Lancashire , Glasgow  Mary Anne born about 1800 
ROBINSON amandataylor  England, Yorkshire , Parish of Bolton Percy near York  Abt 1754 of Palathorpe Farm 
ROBINSON amandataylor  England, Yorkshire , Hudswell  Abt 1754 
SADLER amandataylor  England, London , London & Bethnal Green, London  Abt 1785 to 1830 
SCHOLES amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , Lewknor  Abt 1510+ 
SCOT amandataylor  Scotland, Fife , Kettle  ca 1775 
SMITH amandataylor  England, Warwickshire , Birmingham  George brn 1777 transported to Australia 
SMITH amandataylor  England, Kent , Meopham, North Aylesford  born 1860s; family of James, son of John 
SMITH amandataylor  England, Kent , Meopham, North Aylesford  Alice 1869, dau of William, son of John. 
SMITH amandataylor  England, Kent , Birling  Abt 1775; William, Elizabeth & famil 
TAPLEY amandataylor  England, Kent , Folkestone   
TAYLOR amandataylor  England, Gloucestershire , Bristol  William, Musician Abt 1750 
TAYLOR amandataylor  England, Gloucestershire , Bristol  William, Musician Abt 1808 
TAYLOR amandataylor  England, Gloucestershire , Bristol  William Frederick; Composer of Music 
TAYLOR amandataylor  England, London , Paddington, Battersea, New Wandsworth  1867-1900 
TAYLOR amandataylor  England, Middlesex , London, Paddington, Battersea  1867 - 1900 
TAYLOR amandataylor  Scotland, Renfrew , Abbey (Paisley)  Alexander ca 1800; Hairdresser 
TAYLOR amandataylor  Scotland, Lanark , Airdrie  Robert (1820) Robert (1858) & Willia 
TAYLOR amandataylor  Scotland, Renfrew , Abbey (Paisley)  Robert (1820) 
TAYLOR amandataylor  Scotland, Argyll , Campbeltown  Jane born Jul 1855, later of Lanarkshire 
TAYLOR amandataylor  Scotland, Lanark , Glasgow & New Monkland  William born 3 Feb 1853 (of 124 High St) 
THRIFT amandataylor  England, Kent , Rolvenden  Abt 1780 
TUCKER amandataylor  England, Berkshire , Stanford In The Vale  1600s onwards 
VIALS amandataylor  England, Buckinghamshire , Haversham  1700s 
WATSON amandataylor  England, Northumberland   1700s 
WEBSTER amandataylor  Scotland, Angus (ex Forfarshire) , Dundee & Coupar Angus  Abt 1765+ 
WHITE amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , Aston Rowant  1640+ 
WILLEY amandataylor  England, Cornwall , Mullion  Abt 1660+ 
WILLIAMSON amandataylor  Scotland, Lanark , New Monkland  about 1830+ 
WILLIAMSON amandataylor  Scotland, Stirling , Lymerigg, Slamannan  1860 
WILLIAMSON amandataylor  Scotland, Lanark , New Monkland  John born Apr 1867(of 31 Flowerhill St.) 
WILLY amandataylor  England, Cornwall , Mullion  Abt 1660+ 
WITNEY amandataylor  England, Oxfordshire , Chinnor  ca 1800+ 
WITNEY amandataylor  England, Berkshire , Blewberry  1740+ 
WITNEY amandataylor  England, Buckinghamshire , Great Missenden  1701 
YOUNG amandataylor  England, Kent , Benenden  1700s 
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