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ADDICOTT Watermusic  England, Somerset , Blagdon  1800 t0 1860 
AMOR Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  Pre-1800 
APSEY Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  18th century 
BACALA Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  All & variants 
BACCALER Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  All & variants 
BACKALLER Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  All & variants 
BACKHOLER Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  All & variants 
BACKOLLER Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  All & variants 
BILLOWS Watermusic  England, London , Marylebone  Pre-1830 
BILLOWS Watermusic  England, Hampshire   before 1830 
BISHOP Watermusic  England, Dorset , Bridport  William c. 1700 and m.Elizabeth c.1720 
BLACKALLER Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  All & variants 
BLACKOLLER Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  All & variants 
BLESSLEY Watermusic  England, Middlesex , London, St. George Han  Sarah 1795 
CLARKE Watermusic  England, Surrey , Reading  1800 to 1830 
COX Watermusic  England, Somerset , Evercreech  1780-1850 
DARE Watermusic  England, Devon , Upottery  circa 1700 
DENING Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  Pre-1800 
DOWN Watermusic  England, Cornwall , Blazey  1800 to 1830 
DOWN Watermusic  England, Kent , Sheerness   
EDMONDS Watermusic  Wales, Monmouthshire   Pre-1850 
EDMUNDS Watermusic  Wales, Monmouthshire , Skenfrith  Monmouth pre-1850 
EDMUNDS Watermusic  England, Somerset , Lopen  Benjamin c.1784 
ELLETT Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  All & variants 
ELLIOT Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  All & variants 
ELLOT Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  All & variants 
ELLOTT Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  All & variants 
FRY Watermusic  England, Dorset   & Devon before 1800 - All 
FRY Watermusic  England, Devon , Membury   
FRY Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock   
FRY Watermusic  England, Somerset , Evercreech  1780-1850 
FRY Watermusic  England, Somerset , Winsham  Robert 1696 & son, Henry c.1730 
FRY Watermusic  England, Dorset   Henry c.1707 & son, Henry c.1730 
FRY Watermusic  England, Devon   Henry c.1707 & son, Henry c.1730 
FRY Watermusic  England, Somerset , Polsham, Wells  George c.1806 
GOLLOP Watermusic  England, Somerset , Burton Bradstock  Pre 1800 
GOUGH Watermusic  England, Herefordhire , Bromyard  George Albert 1863 
GOUGH Watermusic  England, Somerset , Frome c.1840   
HARSE Watermusic  England, Somerset , Winscombe  18th century 
HAWKINS Watermusic  England, Somerset , Cannington  Jane c.1632, married 1656 
HILL Watermusic  England, Somerset , Blagdon  All - William, Blagdon/Butcombe 1768 
HITCHINGS Watermusic  Wales, Monmouthshire , Llanvihangel Ystern Lewin  before 1850 
HOSKINS Watermusic  England, Dorset , Bridport  & Beaminster Pre-1840 
LANE Watermusic  England, Dorset   Susannah c.1727 
LEA Watermusic  England, Dorset , Bridport  c.1799 
LEE Watermusic  England, Dorset , Bridport  John c.1700 m. Mary? c.1720 
LYSTER Watermusic  England, Somerset , Blagdon, Axbridge  Ann Lyster c.1823 
MABB Watermusic  England, Dorset , Bridport  John, c.1725 
MATHEWS Watermusic  England, Hampshire , Basingstoke  pre-1850 
MATTHEWS Watermusic  England, Hampshire , Basingstoke area  Pre-1850 
MICHEL Watermusic  England, Devon , Membury  Devon, Dorset pre-1770 
MITCHEL Watermusic  England, Devon , Membury  All 
MITCHELL Watermusic  England, Devon , Membury  All 
PARRIS Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock   
PHILLIPS Watermusic  England, Devon , Thorncombe  Margaret c.1750 
RICHARDS Watermusic  England, Somerset   & Dorset pre-1800. Joan 1600 Cannington 
ROWE Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  c.1670 
SEAWARD Watermusic  England, Devon , Chardstock  John, m.Martha Speede 1702 
SELLWOOD Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  Pre-1800 
SEWARD Watermusic  England, Devon , Chardstock  John, m. Martha Speede 1702 
STEVENS Watermusic  England, Devon , Membury   
TEAP Watermusic  England, Devon , Cotleigh   
TEEK Watermusic  England, Somerset , Polsham, Wells  Robert c.1825 
TERRY Watermusic  England, Dorset , Chardstock  18th century 
WEBSTER Watermusic  England, Norfolk , Stow Bedon  c.1800 
WILLSON Watermusic  England, Somerset , Blagdon  Ann c.1823 
WILSON Watermusic  England, Somerset , Blagdon  Ann c.1823 
WOODWARD Watermusic  England, Dorset , Bridport  Pre-1800 
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