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ACOCKS Jumperman  England, Worcestershire , Blockley   
ADDISON Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , York  19/20c 
AITCHESON Jumperman  Scotland, Dumfries-shire , Moffat  18c 
ALDRED Jumperman  England, Suffolk , Huntingfield  18c 
ALLEN Jumperman  England, Devon , Plymouth   
AMBROSE Jumperman  England, Suffolk , Lavenham  19c 
AMES Jumperman  England, Middlesex , Bethnal Green  19c 
ANDREWS Jumperman  Holloway/Highbury/Leytonestone  Isaac,19/20c 
BALLS Jumperman  England, Suffolk , Wingfield  Jane,b 1550 m 1575 d 1613 
BARBER Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Topcroft/Seething  18/19c 
BARRETT Jumperman  England, Middlesex , Spitalfields/Bethnal Green/Hoxton  Samuel,18c 
BATES Jumperman  England, Lancashire , Liverpool  Thomas,18/19c 
BATES Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Hull  Robert (Mariner),18/19c 
BEE Jumperman  England, Suffolk , South Elmham/Rumburg  18/19c 
BELL Jumperman  England, Lancashire , Manchester/Eccles  John (Hairdresser),before 1871 
BEVAN Jumperman  England, London , Homerton/Enfield/Hackney  19/20c 
BIRD Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Seething,Heckingham,Woodton,Kirstead  19c 
BOLDING Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Swaffham area  18/19c 
BOND Jumperman  England, London , Hendon  Annie Elizabeth Late 19c 
BOURNE Jumperman  England, Worcestershire , Kidderminster/W Bromwich  Emma Rollings Mid 19c 
BRAY Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Huddersfield  Late 18c 
BYRNE Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Leeds  Patrick Joseph 20c 
CANT Jumperman  England, Essex , Coggeshall  19c 
CAYFORD Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Huddersfield  Late 18c,early 19c 
CHILVERS Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Hardley,Langley,Lakenham  18/19c 
COLLETT Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Leeds  Lavinia 19c 
COSSEY Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Rockland/Seething/Langley/Ashby  19/20c 
COTTON Jumperman  England, Suffolk , Wingfield  Ann/Annice 16c 
CRAWLEY Jumperman  England, Middlesex , Hackney,Islington  Walter & father Joseph 19c 
DANNATT Jumperman  England, Essex , Great Waltham/Rayleigh  18/19c 
DODD Jumperman  England, Essex , Finchingfield  18/19c 
DRAKE Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Seething  Walter Atmore 19/20c 
DURRANT Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Claxton,Loddon  19c 
EDGAR Jumperman  Scotland, Dumfries-shire , Moffat  18/19c 
ESHELBY Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Killinghall  18/19c 
FISK Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Loddon/Mutford/Kirby Cane,Ellingham  18/19c 
FLEMING Jumperman  Scotland, Dumfries-shire , Moffat  Jane Late 18c 
FLEURRIET Jumperman  England, Middlesex , Spitalfields/Bethnal Green  18/19c 
FLOWERS Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Freethorpe/Sisland  Robert,18/19c 
FREESTONE Jumperman  England, Suffolk , Wingfield/South Elmham  16c onwards 
FULLAR Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Rockland St Mary  Sarah,18/19c 
GARFORTH Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Wortley,Leeds  19c 
GARWOOD Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Loddon,Chedgrave  18/19c 
GOLLEDGE Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Doncaster  Henry,19/20c 
HARRIS Jumperman  England, London , Islington/St Pancras  Henry Elisha,19c 
HARTLEY Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Huddersfield  Richard,18/19c 
HASLER Jumperman  England, Essex , Gt Waltham/Wethersfield  18/19c 
HEATH Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , York  19c 
HENMAN Jumperman  England, London , Islington  19c 
HILLS Jumperman  England, Essex , Leyton  Mark,19c 
KEY Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , St Denis  19c 
KNAGGS Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , York  19/20c 
LANIGAN Jumperman  Paisley  James,19c 
LEGGOTT Jumperman  England, Norfolk   18/19c 
LESLIE Jumperman  England, Middlesex , Bethnal Green  Robert,before 1842 
LINSELL Jumperman  England, Essex , Wethersfield   
MERRELL Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , York  19/20c 
MUDD Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Masham/York  19c 
OLIVER Jumperman  England, Middlesex , Spitalfields  Samuel,18/19c 
PEASE Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Leeds  19/20c 
PITT Jumperman  England, London   Eleanor 19c 
RAWSON Jumperman  England, Lincolnshire , Barton-Upon-Humber  Thomas,after 1848 
RAYNER Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Leeds  18/19c 
ROBINSON Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Neatishead  18/19c 
ROTHWELL Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Elland/Halifax/Illingworth  17-19c 
RUST Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Swaffham  18/19c 
SADLER Jumperman  England, Middlesex , St Pancras  Thomas & father Richard 18/19c 
SCARLETT Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Leeds  19c 
SEAMAN Jumperman  England, Essex , Littlebury  19c 
SHARMAN Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Seething  19c 
SILVERWOOD Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Sculcoates,Hull  18/19c 
SIMONS Jumperman  England, Essex , Little Leighs  18/19c 
SMITH Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Seething  18c 
SOWTER Jumperman  England, Kent , Dover  19c 
SPURR Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Walton,Wakefield  19c 
SQUIRES Jumperman  England, Essex , Harlow  19c 
STANHOPE Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Leeds  19c 
STUBLEY Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Leeds  19/20c 
SWAN Jumperman  England, Cambridgeshire , St Benedicts,Cambridge  18/19c 
TOMLINSON Jumperman  England, Yorkshire , Hull,Beverley  18/19c 
TOOKE Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Hempnall  18c 
UTTING Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Seething  19c 
WARMAN Jumperman  England, Norfolk , Griston,Sprowston,East Dereham  18/19c 
WINTERBURN Jumperman  England, Lincolnshire , Louth  or WINTERBURNE; 19th C. 
WINTERBURNE Jumperman  England, Lincolnshire , Louth  or WINTERBURN; 19th C. 
WYATT Jumperman  England, Suffolk , South Elmham,Grundisburgh  17/18c 
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