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ACHINOCHY MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
ACHYNACHY MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
ALLSTON MaggieBarron  England, Essex , West Bergholt, Colchester   
ALSTON MaggieBarron  England, Essex , West Bergholt, Colchester   
ARTHUR MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all   
ARTHUR MaggieBarron  Scotland, Fife , all   
ATTEY MaggieBarron  England, Berkshire , all   
ATTEY MaggieBarron  England, Surrey , all   
AUCHOINACHY MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
BARRON MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , All, mostly Boyndie & Pennan   
BISSON MaggieBarron  Indep. British Islands, Jersey, CI , all   
BOA MaggieBarron  Scotland, Roxburgh , all   
BRADLEY MaggieBarron  Scotland, Perth , all, Errol especially   
BROWN MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all   
CANDLISH MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all   
CLARKE MaggieBarron  England, Dorset , all, Bridgport area especially   
CLARKE MaggieBarron  Indep. British Islands, Jersey, CI , all, St-Helier in Particular   
CLERK MaggieBarron  Scotland, Berwick , all   
CLERK MaggieBarron  Scotland, Midlothian , all, especially Edinburgh   
CRICHTON MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all   
DOW MaggieBarron  Scotland  emigrated to Canada circa 1800 
DRAGHILL MaggieBarron  Scotland, Roxburgh , all   
DRAUYHALL MaggieBarron  Scotland, Roxburgh , all   
DRUMMOND MaggieBarron  Scotland, Fife , all   
EVERITT MaggieBarron  England, Essex , all, Stanway especially   
FAIRBAIRN MaggieBarron  Scotland, Berwick , all   
FAIRBAIRN MaggieBarron  Scotland, Midlothian , all   
FAIRRIE MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all   
FALLE MaggieBarron  Indep. British Islands, Jersey, CI , all   
FRASER MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
FRIER MaggieBarron  Scotland, Roxburgh , all   
GALBRAITH MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all   
GORDON MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
GRANT MaggieBarron  Scotland, Inverness , Glenmoristan  emigrated to US, then Canada. UEL famili 
GRAY MaggieBarron  Scotland, Fife , all   
HAMILTON MaggieBarron  Scotland, Midlothian , Edinburgh   
HATTIE MaggieBarron  England, Berkshire , all   
HATTY MaggieBarron  England, Berkshire , all   
HATTY MaggieBarron  England, Surrey , all   
HISLOP MaggieBarron  Scotland, Roxburgh , all   
HOLM MaggieBarron  Scotland, Roxburgh , all   
HUNTER MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all   
HYSLOP MaggieBarron  Scotland, Roxburgh , all   
JOHNSTON MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
KEITH MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
LARBALESTIER MaggieBarron  Indep. British Islands, Jersey, CI , all   
LINDSAY MaggieBarron  Scotland, Berwick , all   
MACCHATTIE MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
MACGREGOR MaggieBarron  Scotland, Argyll , Islay   
MACHATTIE MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
MACKAY MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
MANSON MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all, Monkton especially   
MARR MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
MCCANDLISH MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all   
MCCUAIG MaggieBarron  Scotland, Argyll , Islay   
MCEWAN MaggieBarron  Scotland, Argyll , Islay   
MCHATTIE MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
MCKAY MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
MCLEOD MaggieBarron  Scotland, Argyll , Islay   
MUIR MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all   
MUNRO MaggieBarron  Scotland, Inverness , all   
MURDOCK MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all   
MYRTONE MaggieBarron  Scotland, Fife , all   
PONTANE MaggieBarron  Scotland, Roxburgh , all   
REID MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all, especially Boyndie and Cullen   
ROSS MaggieBarron  Scotland, Inverness , Glenmoristan  emigrated to US then Canada. UEL Familie 
SEIVWRIGHT MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
SHIEL MaggieBarron  Scotland, Berwick , all   
SHIELLS MaggieBarron  Scotland, Berwick , all   
SHIELLS MaggieBarron  Scotland  emigrated to Canada circa 1830 
SHIELS MaggieBarron  Scotland, Berwick , all   
SHIELS MaggieBarron  Scotland, Midlothian    
SIVEWRIGHT MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
SMAILE MaggieBarron  Scotland, Roxburgh , all   
SMITH MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all   
TAIT MaggieBarron  Scotland, Berwick , all   
TAIT MaggieBarron  Scotland, Midlothian , all   
TAYLOR MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
TENNANT MaggieBarron  Scotland, Banff , all   
TENNANT MaggieBarron  Scotland, Ayr , all   
THOMSON MaggieBarron  Scotland, Roxburgh , all   
TURNBULL MaggieBarron  Scotland, Roxburgh , all   
TURNBULL MaggieBarron  Scotland, Lanark , all   
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