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AKERS jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Butcherly Green   
ANDREWS jericho  England, Wiltshire , Chippendale, Southbroom, Bishop Canning   
ANDREWS jericho  New Zealand  Nelson/ Christchurch/Ashburton 
ANDREWS jericho  England, Bradford, Oxford, Twerton   
ASHBY jericho  England, Norfolk , Norwich   
BAILEY jericho  England, Berkshire , Hurst   
BAKER jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Hertford   
BALLARD jericho  England, Gloucestershire , Kingswood By Wooton   
BARBER jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Bishop Stortford   
BARCLAY jericho  Scotland, Angus (ex Forfarshire) , Dundee   
BATEMAN jericho  England, , Hertford,Hertfordshire   
BEANT jericho  England, Berkshire , Wokingham   
BEARDMORE jericho  England, Essex , Canning Town   
BECKETT jericho  England, Norfolk , Norwich   
BEDFORD jericho  England, Somerset , Weston Bath   
BENJAMIN jericho  England, London , Paddington   
BILLSON jericho  England, Leicestershire , Leicester   
BILSBURROW jericho  Australia  Hawthorn 
BLAND jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Butcherley Green/Ware/Baldock   
BROOKMAN jericho  England, Middlesex , Enfield Middlesex   
BROWN jericho  England, Yorkshire    
BROWN jericho  New Zealand  Dunstan / Goodwood 
BRYANT jericho  England, Berkshire , Hurst / Wokingham   
BULLARD jericho  England, Somerset , New Zealand  Nelson 
BUNTING jericho  England, Essex , Woodford   
BUNTON jericho  England, Essex , Woodford   
BURFORD jericho  England, Somerset , Kingsbury Episcopi   
BURGE jericho  England, , Somerset,Baltonsborough  about 1810 
CABLE jericho  England, Essex , Essex   
CHIFFINS jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Hertford   
CHRISTIE jericho  Scotland, , Edinburgh   
CLACK jericho  England, Wiltshire , Wiltshire   
COLE jericho  England, Middlesex , ENFIELD   
COLE jericho  England, Bedfordshire , Tibrook   
COLE jericho  England, Essex , Waltham Abbey   
CORDES jericho  Ireland,    
CURTIS jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Bishop Stortford   
DAY jericho  England, Essex , Elsenham   
DAY jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Bishop Stortford   
DELLOW jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Albury   
DENT jericho  England, , Habergham, Lancashire   
DEWAR jericho  Scotland, Perth / Foss / Dundee / Angus   
DEWAR jericho  NEW ZEALAND  Nelson / Palmerston North 
EDEN jericho  New Zealand  Nelson 
FITZGERALD jericho  Ireland, , County Waterford   
FOREHAN jericho  Ireland, , Rathkeale   
FOREHEN jericho  Ireland, Limerick , Coolcappa, Rathkeale   
FOX jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Little Hadham   
GALE jericho  England, Somerset , MARTOCK   
GILBERT jericho  England, Essex , Essex   
GLOVER jericho  New Zealand, , Havelock-Marlborough Area   
GLOVER jericho  England, Somerset , Martock   
GRANGER jericho  New Zealand  Nelson 
GRANGER jericho  England, Kent , Kent   
GREENWOOD jericho  New Zealand  Nelson / Hastings 
GUIVER jericho  England, Middlesex , Enfield   
HALE jericho  England, Gloucestershire , Kingswood By Wooton   
HAM jericho  England, Wiltshire , Wiltshire   
HARRIS jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Thornley   
HARRIS jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Little Hadham   
HEDGES jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Hertfordshire   
HILL jericho  England, Wiltshire , Wiltshire   
HINSON jericho  England, Essex , Essex   
HOY jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Bishop Stortford   
JEFFS jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Hertfordshire   
JESSOP jericho  New Zealand  Nelson 
JONES jericho  England, WEST HAM, ESSEX  AFTER 1900 
KEANE jericho  Ireland, , County Waterford   
KIELY jericho  Ireland, Waterford , Old Parish, Ballymacart   
LEAHY jericho  Ireland, Waterford , Old Parish, Ballymacart   
MARTIN jericho  England, Essex , Stanstead   
MASTERS jericho  England, , Somerset,Pilton,Martock   
MCCARTHY jericho  Ireland, Waterford , County Waterford  Old Parish: Ballymacart 
MCCARTHY jericho  Ireland, , County Waterford   
MCCARTHY jericho  USA   
MCCARTHY jericho  New Zealand  North Otago / South Canterbury 
MCGUIRE jericho  Ireland, , Fermanagh, Cork   
MEADUS jericho  England, Hampshire , Gosport   
MOLES jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Hertfordshire   
MOODY jericho  England, Hampshire , Wellow   
MORGAN jericho  Wales, Monmouthshire , TREDEGAR   
MORRISSY jericho  Ireland, Cork , Rathcormac   
MORRISSY jericho  New Zealand, , Kakanui, Awamoa, Awamoko   
MULLENS jericho  England, Wiltshire , Wiltshire   
NAISH jericho  Ireland, , Limerick  Rathkeale 
NASH jericho  Ireland, Limerick , Rathkeale Limerick   
NASH jericho  New Zealand  Dunedin / Oamaru 
NATHAN jericho  England, London , Whitechapel,Stepney,Shoreditch  Jewish descent 
NEWTH jericho  New Zealand  Nelson 
NISBETT jericho  New Zealand  Nelson 
ORLEDGE jericho  England, Somerset,Pilton,Martock  abt 1750 
PALMER jericho  England, Hampshire , Wellow   
PAVITT jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Sawbridgeworth   
PEAD jericho  England, Wiltshire , Hilperton   
PITTMAN jericho  England, , Martock, Somerset   
PLIM jericho  England, Middlesex , Hounslow   
PORCH jericho  England, , South Petherton  pre 1750 
POWELL jericho  England, Middlesex , Stains   
PRAIN jericho  Scotland, , Perth / Dundee / Angus   
PRAIN jericho  New Zealand  Clutha Otago/ Dunedin 
PRAIN jericho  South Africa  Durban / Pretoria 
PRAUNINGER jericho  , London  most likely German 
PRIDDLE jericho  England, , Martock, Somerset   
RANCE jericho  England, London , Stepney,Spitalfields,Whitechapel   
RANCE jericho  England, Essex , West Ham   
RANCE jericho  England, Middlesex    
RICHARDSON jericho  New Zealand  Nelson 
RICHARDSON jericho  Scotland,    
ROBINS jericho  England, Somerset , Martock   
ROSS jericho  Scotland,    
ROSS jericho  New Zealand  North Otago 
ROSS jericho  Scotland, , Edinburgh   
RYAN jericho  Ireland, Waterford , Old Parish, Ballymacart   
SABAN jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Hertford   
SANDO jericho  NORWAY Romsdalen  New Zealand 
SCOTT jericho  Scotland, Angus (ex Forfarshire) , Dundee   
SCULLY jericho  Ireland, , Cork   
SEAGRIE jericho  England, Berkshire , Finchampstead  All Variables 
SEARLES jericho  England, Essex , Felsted/West Ham/Canning Town/Plaistow   
SEARLES jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Bishop Stortford   
SEARLES jericho  England, London , Marylebone / Bishopgate / Hackney   
SEARLES jericho  England, Middlesex , Kilburn / Enfield   
SEARLES jericho  NEW ZEALAND  Wellington/Oamaru/Christchurch/Ashburton 
SEARLES jericho  England, Kent , Bromley   
SHORTER jericho  England, Berkshire , Wokingham   
SHORTER jericho  Australia  NSW/Victoria 
SHORTER jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Bishop Storford   
SHUMAKE jericho  England, Somerset , Martock   
SIBLEY jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Little Hadham / Albury   
SNOW jericho  England, , Bishop Cannings, Wiltshire   
STANFORD jericho  England, Norfolk , Norfolk   
STANFORD jericho  England, Essex , Essex   
STOCK jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Bishop Stortford   
STREET jericho  England, Middlesex , Enfield   
STREET jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Hertford   
TAYLOR jericho  England, Somerset , Martock   
TRINDLE jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Herts  Any variable 
TRUNDLE jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Herts  Any variable 
TRUSTUM jericho  England, Somerset , Martock   
TWIGG jericho  England, Norfolk , Norfolk   
VAISEY jericho  England, Gloucestershire , Kingswood,Wotton Under Edge   
VAISEY jericho  Australia New South Wales   
VAN LUME jericho  England, Northumberland , Newcastle upon Tyne   
WALSH jericho  England, Kent , Bromley   
WARREN jericho  England, , WEST HAM, ESSEX  AFTER 1900 
WATTS jericho  England, Berkshire , Wokingham   
WENBORN jericho  Australia  NSW 
WESS jericho  England, Hertfordshire    
WESTBROOK jericho  England, Berkshire , Wokingham   
WESTON jericho  England, Wiltshire , Wiltshire   
WHEY jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Albury   
WHILEY jericho  New Zealand  Nelson 
WIDOWS jericho  England, Wiltshire   Any Variable 
WILTON jericho  England, , Martock, Somerset   
WINN jericho  England, London , Stepney  before 1760 
WOOTON jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Hertfordshire   
WRIGHT jericho  England, Essex , Deaden   
YARDLEY jericho  England, Hertfordshire , Herts   
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