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BUCHANAN Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Callander Parish  Mary, born circa 1669-85 md. John Fisher 
BUCHANAN Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Callander Parish  Katherine, born circa 1705 md. John King 
BURCH Chevalier  England, Cumberland , Penrith  Oliver buried 15 April 1642 m A.Readhead 
CAMPBELL Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Killin Parish  Janet, born circa 1730 md. Finlay Clark 
CARTER Chevalier  England, Middlesex , London  Maj. Thomas, b. c. 1600 to Va. bef. 1624 
CLARK Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Killin Parish  Donald, b. c. 1690 md Catherine Sinclair 
DAVIES Chevalier  Wales, Glamorgan   Anne, born circa 1785 md. Evan Lewis 
DAVIS Chevalier  Wales, Glamorgan   Winifred, b. c. 1790 d. 1828 md. J. Pugh 
DEMENT Chevalier  England, Devon   George, born circa 1640 md. Marie 
DENNIS Chevalier  England, Dorset , Weymouth  John TENNIS (or DENNIS) living 1629 
FERGUSON Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Kilmadock Parish  Patrick, born 1620s 
FERGUSON Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Kilmadock Parish  Janet, born c. 1715 md Patrick MacGregor 
FISHER Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Miln of Ruskie, Port of Menteith Parish  John, Krk.Ses.Clk liv. 1735 m M.Buchanan 
GIBSON Chevalier  Scotland, Clackmannan , Alloa  Thomas, b.c 1776 d. b. 1851 m. H.Stewart 
GRESHAM Chevalier  England, Middlesex , London  John, born c. 1613 d. Feb. 1655/56 Va. 
HENSLEY Chevalier  England, Middlesex , London  Robert, merchant b.c. 1615 d.c. 1695 Va. 
HUGHES Chevalier  Wales, Glamorgan   Winifred, born circa 1765 md. John Pugh 
JENKINS Chevalier  Wales, Glamorgan , Vale of Neath  John Rosser Jenkins,c.1811-44 m. A.Lewis 
KILGOUR Chevalier  Scotland, Clackmannan   Alexander, b.c 1797 d. Canada m I.Gibson 
KING Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Kilmadock Parish  Andrew, born c. 1670 md. Janet Ferguson 
LEWIS Chevalier  Wales, Glamorgan   David, born circa 1750 md. Ruth 
MACEWAN Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Killin Parish  Christian, b. c. 1710 md Donald MacLaren 
MACFARLANE Chevalier  Scotland, Stirling , Drymen Parish  Agnes, md. 1731 Malcolm MacFarlane 
MACFARLANE Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Aberfoyle Parish  Malcolm in Boninty farm, md. 1731 Agnes 
MACFARLANE Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Port of Menteith  Jennell, born circa 1665 md. John Simmie 
MACFARLANE Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Aberfoyle Parish  Janet, b. c. 1740 in Ledard md. John M'F 
MACGREGOR Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Balquhidder Parish later Kilmadock Par.  Patrick (or Peter) b. c. 1670 clan cadet 
MACINTYRE Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Killin Parish  John in Craig, b. c. 1705 md I.M'Vourigh 
MACKENDRICK Chevalier  Scotland, Stirling , Drymen Parish  John, b. c. 1722 md. Margaret MacNicol 
MACLAREN Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Killin Parish  John in Craig, b. c. 1710 md. Ann Walker 
MACLAREN Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Killin Parish  Donald in Craig, b. c. 1705 md C. M'Ewan 
MACLAREN Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Killin Parish  Janet, born circa 1690 md. John Walker 
MACLAUGHLAN Chevalier  Scotland, Stirling , Kippen  Isabel, b. c. 1700 md. James MacNicol 
MACLAY Chevalier  Scotland, Stirling , Drymen Parish  David in Kepculloch, c. 1710 md J.Miller 
MACNAB Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Killin Parish  Alexander in Acharn b.c. 1740 md J.Clark 
MACNICOL Chevalier  Scotland, Stirling , Kippen  James, b. c. 1690 md Isabel MacLaughlan 
MACQUEEN Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Kilmadock Parish  John in Heads, b. c. 1725 md. J. Stewart 
MACVOURIGH Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Killin Parish  Isabel, born c. 1710 md. John MacIntyre 
MILLER Chevalier  Scotland, Stirling , Drymen Parish  Jean, born circa 1725 md. David MacLay 
PUGH Chevalier  Wales, Glamorgan   John, born c. 1760 md. Winifred Hughes 
READHEAD Chevalier  England, Cumberland , Penrith  Alice, buried 26 March 1660 md. O. Burch 
SANDS Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Port of Menteith  Robert, Kirk Ses. Elder liv. 1699 md Ann 
SIMMIE Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Port of Menteith  John, b. c. 1660 md Jennell MacFarlane 
SINCLAIR Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Killin Parish  Catherine, born c. 1690 md. Donald Clark 
STEWART Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Muthill Parish  John, b. c. 1740 md 1766 moved to Alloa 
STEWART Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Kilmadock Parish  Janet, b. c. 1730 in Annat m. J. M'Queen 
STEWART Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Kilmadock Parish  Margaret, born c. 1660 md. John Ferguson 
TENNIS Chevalier  England, Dorset , Weymouth  John TENNIS (or DENNIS) living 1629 
WALKER Chevalier  Scotland, Perth , Killin Parish  John, born circa 1685 md. Janet MacLaren 
WILLIAMS Chevalier  Wales, Glamorgan   Thomas, born c. 1790, iron manufacturer 
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