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BROWN Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright   Often recorded as Broun 
BURGESS Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright    
BURGESS Gadget  Scotland, Dumfries-shire    
CARSON Gadget  Ireland,    
CARSON Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright    
CARSON Gadget  Scotland, Wigtown    
CASH Gadget  England, Shropshire , St Martins   
CASH Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire , Chirk-Halton   
COLTART Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright    
CURETON Gadget  England, Ginshill, Shropshire   
DAVIES Gadget  England, Shropshire    
DEVERIS Gadget  England, Shropshire   
EDWARDS Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
ELLIS Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire , Coedpoeth   
ELLIS Gadget  Wales, Montgomeryshire , Llangynog   
EVANS Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
EVANS Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
EVANS Gadget  Wales, Montgomeryshire    
EVANS Gadget  England, Shropshire , St Martins   
EVANS Gadget  England, Shropshire    
EVENDEN Gadget  England, Kent    
EVERENDEN Gadget  England, Kent    
FRYER Gadget  England, Shropshire    
GRIFFITHS Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
GRIFFITHS Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
GRIFFITHS Gadget  England, Shropshire , Whittington - Ebnall   
HAINING Gadget  Scotland, Dumfries-shire    
HAISON Gadget  Wales, Flintshire , Hanmer   
HANMER Gadget  United States of America, Pennsylvania   and then spreading westwards and south 
HUGHES Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
HUMPHREY Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
JOHNSTOUN Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright    
JONES Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
JONES Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
JONES Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
JONES Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
JONES Gadget  Wales, Merionethshire , Corwen/Glyndyfrdwy   
JONES Gadget  Wales, Merionethshire , Gwyddelwern   
JONES Gadget  Wales, Merionethshire , Llanycil (Bala)   
JONES Gadget  Wales, Montgomeryshire , Llangynog   
JONES Gadget  Wales, Montgomeryshire , Llangynog   
JONES Gadget  England, Shropshire    
JONES Gadget  England, Shropshire    
JONES Gadget  England, Shropshire    
JONES Gadget  England, Shropshire    
LEE Gadget  Wales, Flintshire , Hanmer   
LEE Gadget  England, Shropshire , Selattyn-St Martins   
MATES Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire , Chirk   
MATES Gadget  England, Staffordshire   also moved to Co Durham and some to USA 
MATES Gadget  England, Shropshire , St Martins, Duddleston, Ellesmere   
MATES Gadget  England, Cheshire , wybunbury  also many variations in spelling 
MCCREA Gadget  Scotland, Wigtown    
MCCREE Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright    
MCKEOWN Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright    
MCNISH Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright    
MCTAGGART Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright    
MORGAN Gadget  England, Shropshire , Wrockwardine area   
OWEN Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
OWEN Gadget  Wales, Montgomeryshire , Llangynog   
PARISH Gadget  England, Shropshire , Wrochwardine - Bridgenorth  Moved to Denbighshire and some to Co. Durham and USA 
PARRISH Gadget  England, Shropshire , Wrockwardine - Bridgenorth   
PARRY Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire , Chirk/Ruabon/St Martins parish borders   
PEACOCK Gadget  England, London , Camden - Mornington Cres area   
PHENNA Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire  Various alternative spellings - Fenna , etc, 
PHENNA Gadget  England, Shropshire  Various alternative spellings - Fenna , etc, 
PORTER Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright    
PRICE Gadget  England, Shropshire    
PULESTON Gadget  Wales, Flintshire , Bangor on Dee  late 17th century and before 
RICHARDS Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire   
RICHARDS Gadget  England, Warwickshire    
ROBERTS Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire , Llansilin   
ROGERS Gadget  England, Shropshire , Kinnerley - Oswestry   
SANDLAND Gadget  Wales, Montgomeryshire    
SANDLAND Gadget  England, Shropshire    
SANDLAND Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
SMITH Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright    
SPALDING Gadget  Scotland, Dumfries-shire    
SPALDING Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright    
SPALDING Gadget  Ireland,    
STOKES Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire , Chirk   
STOKES Gadget  England, Staffordshire    
STOKES Gadget  England, Shropshire    
STOKES Gadget  England, Shropshire , St Martins   
STOKES Gadget  England, Yorkshire , West Riding - Normanton   
TAYLOR Gadget  England, Shropshire   
WALKINGTON Gadget  England, Shropshire , Wrockwardine   
WATRET Gadget  Scotland, Dumfries-shire    
WHITNALL Gadget  Wales, Flintshire    
WILLIAMS Gadget  Wales, Denbighshire    
WILSON Gadget  Scotland, Dumfries-shire    
WILSON Gadget  Scotland, Kirkcudbright    
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