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ACKERLEY Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester  1843+ 
APPLEBY Angel69  Manchester  1895 onwards 
BARNES Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester/Bury/Haslingden  1841 onwards 
BOOTH Angel69  England, Staffordshire , Wolverhampton, West Midlands  1860 to date 
BOTHAM Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester, Gorton  1821+ 
BRERETON Angel69  England, Lancashire , Salford  1854+ 
CLAYTON Angel69  England, Lancashire , Salford  Sarah Alice, 1850 onwards 
CLINTON Angel69  Salford, Harpurhey, Manchester  1876 to date 
CLINTON Angel69  Ireland,   1876 onwards 
CODD Angel69  England, Lancashire , Trafford, Manchester  Dora, Harold, 1955 onwards 
CONNOR Angel69  Ireland  1854+ 
CONWELL Angel69  Manchester, Rochdale, Levenshulme  1842 onwards 
COWIE Angel69  England, , Lancashire; Derbyshire  1875+ 
DAVENPORT Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester, Ardwick  1874+ 
DAVIES Angel69  England, Lancashire , Withington,Crumpsall, Styal, Barton  Jessie,Dora, Harry, Arthur, Peter, Simon 
FISHER Angel69  England, Lincolnshire   1894+ 
FLETCHER Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester   
FLETCHER Angel69  England, Yorkshire , Liversedge   
GODFREY Angel69  England, Kent , Gravesend  1915+ 
GODFREY Angel69  England, Wiltshire , Swindon  1945+ 
GREGORY Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester   
HALL Angel69  Salford, Harpurhey  1820 onwards 
HALL Angel69  England, Derbyshire   1820 onwards 
HARVEY Angel69  Chatham, Sheerness, Medway, Woolwich   
HARVEY Angel69  England, Cheshire    
HARVEY Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester   
HARVEY Angel69  England, Surrey , Kingston   
HARVEY Angel69  England, Sussex , Rye   
HARVEY Angel69  England, Yorkshire , Beverley, Halifax   
HINDLE Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester  1848 onwards 
HORAN Angel69  Ireland  1851+ 
HORAN Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester  1881+ 
HOWE Angel69  England, Hertfordshire   Pre 1806 
JONES Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester   
KAY Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester  Elsie 
KENNEDY Angel69  England, Lancashire   1877+ 
KING Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester, Rochdale   
LEWIS Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester, Swinton   
LILBOURNE Angel69  England, Kent    
LLOYD Angel69  England, Staffordshire , Wolverhampton   
LOMAS Angel69  England, Lancashire , Salford  1820 onwards 
LOMAX Angel69  England, Lancashire , Oldham   
LUCK Angel69  England, Kent , Margate, Gravesend   
LUCK Angel69  England, Sussex , Hastings   
MACDOWALL Angel69  England, Staffordshire , Wolverhampton, Birmingham  1886 to date 
MACDOWALL Angel69  England, Kent , Any  1919 to date 
MALPAS Angel69  England, Staffordshire , Wolverhampton   
MARSDEN Angel69  England, Lancashire , Rossendale  1850 onwards 
MASSEY Angel69  England, Lancashire , Salford   
MCDOWALL Angel69  Scotland, Lanark   pre 1860 to date 
MCDOWALL Angel69  England, Staffordshire , Wolverhampton, Birmingham  1886 to date 
MCDOWALL Angel69  England, Kent , Any  1919 to date 
MCGRATH Angel69  England, Kent    
MCTAGGART Angel69  Scotland, Ayr    
MILLEN Angel69  England, Kent    
MILSOM Angel69  England, Hertfordshire    
MORETON Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester  1834 onwards 
MORETON Angel69  England, Staffordshire   1834 onwards 
MORRIS Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester  Ronald, Minnie 1908 onwards 
MURRAT Angel69  England, London , London  Guy/Vance 
MURRET Angel69  England, London , London  Guy/Vance 
NAPPER Angel69  England, Kent , Gravesend   
NAPPER Angel69  England, Devon , Exeter   
NAPPER Angel69  England, London , Southwark   
NAPPER Angel69  England, Devon , Devonport   
NAPPER Angel69  England, Lancashire , Todmorden   
NAPPER Angel69  England, Lancashire , Oldham   
NAPPER Angel69  England, Yorkshire    
PARKER Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester   
PORRITT Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester  1889 onwards 
PRIEST Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester  1848 onwards 
PRIEST Angel69  Middlewich  1848 onwards 
PROBERT Angel69  England, Lancashire , Salford   
RIDDING Angel69  England, Hertfordshire    
RIDDING Angel69  England, London    
ROWBOTHAM Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester  Elsie c1910 onwards 
SCOTHERN Angel69  England, Yorkshire , Rotherham  1902 to date 
SHERIDAN Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester   
SHERIDAN Angel69  Ireland   
SMITH Angel69  England, Lancashire , Manchester  1860 onwards 
STANDING Angel69  England, Lancashire , Bury  1848 onwards 
SULLIVAN Angel69  England, Kent , All Hallows, Gravesend   
WOOD Angel69  England, Lincolnshire    
WOOD Angel69  England, Kent    
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